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would like to proudly introduce Fool of Death a modern day fable for this our darkest of hours.
Though this is only a story, a fairytale, a tableau of words and pictures, it is a way for Jesica and I to stand up to a world hell bent on silencing the freethinking mind.

Could you be fooled into creating your own death?
Inside the quiet hollow of the insane mind resides a
       glimpse, an understanding of the threadlike divide 
       separating that which is assumed to be real and that
       which is not.
With an air of coy secrecy, Fool of Death, seeks to answer:
      What distinguishes the doings of a madman and the
      purest of hearts?

Nathan’s fear smoothly transitioned to awe and wonder as he was swept up in the warm breeze and allowed the picturesque view to penetrate his normally stern face. Everything was somehow right.  The low sun shimmered in the backdrop of a silvery-white atmosphere, and was kissed with a warm, yellow-orange hue that saturated the upper edge of three-dimensional, dove-gray clouds and melted into the distant ominous haze.  A single tear glistened in his young eyes.  He was welcoming death with the same warmth and happiness he had whenever he was going home.  He shook his head, it was almost a shame.  So much beauty in the world and for what? 

For what?  Let us back up for a moment, what did I mean when I said, this our darkest hour.  I’ll answer with a question: Are we free to think, to form our own conclusions, or has the hive mentality usurped the last bastion of freedom: The mind.

The answer should be left up to you, and you alone, it should not be the decision of a handful of people pulling strings of the ignorant populist that will force you to conform. 

So today I invite you to join our journey of freedom of thought, of seeking hidden truths, of finding out what drives the madman by picking up a copy of Fool of Death.  We have combine three distinct yet powerful forms of art: Illustration, the picture that paints a thousand words. The story that allows you to vicariously live another life, and the poem that laments the failure of mankind.