Chaos stood on the embankment, breathless in body and mind. Day after day, night after night, doomed time after doomed time, but he could not save eight-year old Raven Clayton. The anguish did not lessen, and now the sorrow was unbearable.  It morphed, grew, plaguing him and all those around him. Yet, here he stood, and here he would stay.  He made a promise a long time ago and though death is relentlessly stalking her with permission from a voracious force, Chaos will find a way around Raven's cruel fate and save her life.  
  Her daily headache rose up as she sat
enraptured in a newly formed, heartless mood. The atmosphere grew opaque as the supply of oxygen thinned.  She could hardly take in the air.  The light dimmed as she opened her eyes and rubbed her head. She was not going to allow her pain to drive her actions. She leaned over Chaos in order to grab the ibuprofen from the glove-box. She took two pills, swallowed them quickly and popped her neck.