For him power and glory are not enough, immortality is the only possibility.  His vanity consumes him, forcing his actions to capture, control, and twist her reality.  He will make her like him, in this he will not yield.  Welcome to Devin Sinclair's world...where each move is watched, carefully controlled, and trusting your eyes can be a fatal mistake.  She is alone, terrified of even her own deteriorating mind.  She must find the truth which hides in a book that reveals what really happened the few months she was held captive and locked into his game.

Devin was certain she was in a jeep, at least she thought it was a jeep.  It was hard to tell from the vantage point of the floorboard in the backseat.  Yet she was wrong.  She was standing, naked, in front of her peers.  She wanted to scream, run, but did not.  She coughed, looked down again, her clothes had magically reappeared.  She turned to the left, the school principal nodded his head for her to continue reading.

“Humanities food, dark-red blood streaks down the windowpane.
It's continuously dripping down; surely I have gone insane.
Their begging I pity, yet my gun is tempting me to give in.
This feeling so curious, though my heart no longer wants this sin.
The red blood is staining. On my hands it looks brown.
I try to stop the fire, only to take another step down.
I'm feeling a great sensation, my body aches for more.
Heaven is losing its salvation, as I close its last door.
The Devil is laughing; he thinks he's won the game.
He has not realized that we are one and the same.
Would you laugh if I told you that I am ready to die?
I have killed so many, yet no more do I morn; neither do I cry.

 A bright flash blinded Devin for a moment, her stomach roiled in pain.  Nothing seemed real.  The audience erupted in thunderous applause.  Devin swallowed in again.  Were they all mad?  Had they, just as she, gone insane?