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Was re-learning information about the expansion of the United States, and I figured out what was wrong with the mindset of the Men in Power.  Quote from information given to my high-school student.  "by 1840, the population of the U.S. increased to 20 million...New inventions improved the lives of Americans...we developed into a world power....This POWER made many Americans believe that the United States should expand its territory all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  They believed that the United States, as a world power, had the RIGHT to continue its growth.  Many felt this RIGHT was given to them by GOD.  this belief became known as Manifest Destiny.  It was the idea that westward movement was both necessary and GOOD in the EYES of GOD."

WOW....WOW...WOW...  It made me a little sick, and a lot sad.  It also gave me a new perspective on those who have power. 

So happy



I am super, super excited.  It is in these moments that I wish I was an artist to draw what my mind thinks.  In Devil on the Windowsill I figured out what Destiny will look like.  Oh....I can't wait...this is going to be so wonderful. ...I would tell you...But I think it will be best if I keep it hidden until Devil on the Windowsill but I might have an artist draw it and put it in the book.
In researching for a new book I am working on, I have been cataloging my characters from all my books and the year they took place.  I noticed something that I had not noticed before.  Running With Chaos is the Only book that I don't specify the year it took place.  There are hints...As in when Chaos is getting drunk at a bar and says that he hasn't seen his baby brother in 31 years...And SPOILER>>>SPOILER>>>>  and he died in war...which he doesn't say which war..but I know the was Vietnam.  So it does kind of give the year.
I thought:  Gee...Why didn't I specify the year.  I am so big on specifying the year of my books...Why did I hide it this time?   BUT...There is a huge problem.  If it was 31 YEARS...Then it had to be around 2006...CRAP...How can I keep integrity of Devil on The Windowsill if I suggested that Running with Chaos happened in 2006...What was I thinking.  AHHHH...Anyway.  I thought it should be 2012 in the very least.  This is disturbing to me and creates a problem for Devil on The windowsill.  BUT...the big BUT...Chaos was drunk...and time was different for his kind...No worries I will figure it out.  And I will commit the most hanus of acts...I will contradict myself ...No, No....I won't I will keep the integrity.  However...I wonder...what year, did you...the reader imagine when reading Running With CHaos?
Any hints....Will Help...I don't want to be another dush-writer that doesn't keep the integrity of their books. :)

Beijing (CNN) -- Xu Zhiyong, a high-profile Chinese activist accused of organizing protests against official corruption, has been convicted and sentenced to four years in prison, a Beijing court announced Sunday.
If you’re a reader, chances are there are a few books that stand out as having changed the way you thought about something. Far more than just a little escapism, books have the ability to change our lives, and as a new study shows—they can even change our brain chemistry.

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The three countries that visit my website most are three countries that don't have access to my books: Russia, China, and Ukraine. Interesting.  U.S.A. comes in a dismal 4th...shucks, I must be doing something wrong.  I will keep at it.  And I suppose I need to figure out a way to connect with the people in these other countries.  That is wonderful though...the fact that people so far away can reach me.  I think it is Wonderful...this World Wide Web...maybe one day we will all be able to freely travel and live at one with each other.
Okay...I am on google add me:  Here    :)