If anger was visible you would see it wafting off me like flames burning and consuming me from the inside out.  The question: Why do we only see a piece and rarely the whole? This stems from the "gun control" measures. People only see what they want to see, but not the whole.  I suppose I can blame this on natural bias.  My question is simple: Do you want the end of violence?  I sure do.  I would do just about anything to end violence, but as we know the world is not black and white, despite what the machine will tell you.  So do you want the end of Violence or Just Gun Violence? 
     Violence is brought about by the promotion of hatred and fear.  When a government seeks to further polarize a nation, I ask: Are we being set up for violence, for war, or the ever looming Genocide?  While people are arguing over the Right to Guns and Gun Control....I see what is really going on.  The further division of the United States People through hatred and fear.  And of course what better way to promote hatred and fear then to pass an executive order that will anger many while making many more cheer and shout: Yes, no more GUN violence;  while I am sitting here saying:  How about we find out the source of violence so we can end violence.   
      Food for thought, what really terrifies me.  You DO NOT NEED GUNS to commit violence.  You DO NOT NEED GUNS TO COMMIT GENOCIDE!!!!  Study: Armenian Genocide, Rwanda Genocide, and the Cambodian Genocide.  Sickening quote:  Bullets must not be wasted on these dogs. 
     While we argue about: Health Care reform,  Gun Control,  Education reform,  Refugees, cops, drugs, etc...  We are playing right into their hands.  (Whoever they are). 
     You cannot and will not end violence until you end or at least get to a different level, the hate and fear that is growing on this planet earth.  But HEY:  Your goal is to just end gun violence right?  You don't care about real violence, just gun violence, because if you did, you would be creating a world that is less hate filled.  I encourage everyone to learn the steps of genocide, they are very similar to the steps toward war.