It's the oldest trick in the book...and yet we fall for it time and time and time again. Divide and Conquer.  Destroy a country from within.
    Here is a list of the Divide and Conquer happening in America right now...I may not have all of them, but I think you will get the picture.
     Americans vs. Immigrants,Scientist vs. Creationist,One Religion vs. Another Religion
Parents rights vs. Medical Freedom, Student vs. Teachers, Teachers vs. Administration, Nurses vs. Doctors,
911 truthers vs. Official story believers, Black vs. White, Minority vs. Majority, Married vs. Unmarried, Vaccine vs. un vaccine, Vaccine vs. some not wanting certain vaccines, Medication vs. non-medication, Western Medicine vs. Eastern Medicine, US vs. (insert any number of countries), Democrats vs. Republicans, Liberals vs. Conservative, Monsanto vs. Family Farmers, Gay rights vs. Religious rights(?),
pro-second amendment vs. against second amendment, Educated vs. uneducated, Money vs. Science, CDC vs. Truth, Parents who don't want common core vs. those who do, 1% vs. 99 %, 3% vs. 97%, capitalism vs. socialism, on and on the list goes...
What can we do to stop this madness?
     Simple:  Realize we are one, while also understanding that each one of us are unique.  Without diversity we do not thrive, we do not grow, we die and become part of a collective madness. We are playing into the leaders as though we were children being lead away by the pied piper.
     Our rights are important, we stand up and fight for what we believe....Thus someone else has a right and will also stand up for what they believe...Can we not build a golden bridge and find out where the true corruption and hatred hurting this country is coming from? If we learn to respect everyone's freedom, then we too will have freedom.
     Lets start with a simple idea: Marriage rights.  First and for most the government should never have been in our bedrooms in the first place...but here it is we are living in a state where we get a "license" and get married so we are protected with certain rights...What does a married couple have that an unmarried couple doesn't have?
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Imagine if you will the following.  I was sitting in the parking lot of Maverick in Utah getting ready to leave, when I turned to the left.  If you know Layton, you know there is an Arctic Circle next to Maverick that has glass walls, so you can see inside.  I noticed this lady walking out of the "kiddy" area, leaving her baby.  Obviously this made me a looky-lu.  She had her son who was about 3, I think, and then, while she kept a keen eye on her baby sitting at the table, she helped the boy pee outside on the building.  Weird, to say the least. I get when you got to go you got to go, I get kids have small bladders, I get not wanting to have a baby out of your sight...but seriously...in broad daylight?  On the side of a building that sales food, on the side of a building that has a bathroom.  I don't know...what do you think?  Gross?  Okay? 

This picture was found in the commons place at just host, it is where we can find pictures that we can share without worrying about copyright laws. It was listed under "morality" ...interesting right?
    I have labored in my mind many different reasons as to why I should or should not be moral.  This is a common question asked in Philosophy classes and does exert a certain level of finding out what we, as human beings, believe.  Are morals a trick to keep the strong man from dominating the weak man, or is their something deeper, something intrinsic?  Even now as I type this blog, yet again, I feel utterly perplexed and downright confused.  I can see how being moral is not in my best interest; for morality has become such a complex notion that even the experts cannot agree upon what morality is.  Not to mention the bewilderment which comes with the knowledge of the numerous attempts to manipulate, and successfully so, the very meaning of morals, this of course is done simply to line the pockets of greedy, unscrupulous people.
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Its been shared on Tumblr so much that I don't know the source...If you do know..please comment.  I love this picture and it gives me hope and happiness so I wanted to share it. 
Both pictures curtsey of my friends on tumblr.  They are of the legend ... or rather creepypasta The Slender Man (or Slenderman). 
Raven, my daughter, will be turning ten in a few weeks, which means she is still caught in a world of both skepticism and belief. When we go on our walks everyday we talk about everything going on in her mind, from Pokemon to friends.  The other day she was telling me about the Slender Man creepypasta and for some reason it really "creeps" her out.
     For those that don't know Slender Man (or slenderman) he is a paranormal figure who has existed for many centuries.  He is known by other names
: Fear Dubh (The Dark Man), Takkenmann (Branch Man) or Der Grobmann/Der Grosse Mann (the Tall Man).
Slender Man is wrapped up in the very emotion of fear. His stories are full of mystery and though he almost kills children exclusively, no one knows his true objective.  He can be found in the woods, but pictures have circulated showing him slaking children in town.  What really gets Raven scared is that it is told...or warned...that Slender Man enjoys stalking people who become paranoid about his existence.  The more you Fear him...The more he desires to hunt you down. 
     Well...last night I tucked her into bed, and walked into my room.  I popped on Lost Girl on Netflix, and who should appear in the episode I was watching?  Slender Men, (he even noted he was called many names throughout history...one he added was the Pied Piper).  I was pretty excited, so I reversed it.  Got Raven, who was still awake.  Told her to sit down...I pushed play thinking she would be excited to see the Creepypasta character on a television show.  The two ladies on Lost Girl are walking down a hallway...and Slender Men comes up from behind them...His arms grow....Raven's Eyes grow.
Raven jumps up and said: "Thanks Mom, Now I am going to have nightmares." And promptly leaves the room very upset.
     Oops...I walked over to her room, the poor girl was in tears.  Apparently she is really, really, really afraid of Slender Man, and as she knows: The more you Fear him...The more likely he is to come and hunt you down.  I felt so bad.  Telling her it was just a story doesn't help.  So I had to pull out the big guns.....My own favorite fairytale.
Gargoyles.  I have a Gargoyle I keep in my living room, so I grabbed it and sat it on the table next to her bed. Then I told her that Gargoyles were created by the forces of good...and that evil fears them.  If anything evil is around the Gargoyle will come alive and eat the evil.  I also told her that Teddy bears were created by love and that love would create a shield around her while she slept (I placed her Teddy bears all around her room). Luckily she felt better...and fell asleep happy.  But man, I made a rookie mistake.  Its beautiful how children can believe in something so deeply that rationalization is gone...and yet sad when their mother scares them. I tried to think back to her age...and I suppose that I was most afraid of the Boogeyman Man...And the monster under the bed.  Though stories are great, it is best to understand what your child fears before you scare them to a point of not being able to sleep.
What were you afraid of?  
Well Folks, that is all I have for you today.  Have a beautiful day!!! 
xoxox Elicia

Just when I thought the world could not go anymore insane...this happens. Kansas is attempting to pass a law to allow teachers to Spank Kids HARDER...that is right...not Spank...But spank Harder!!!  The law will allow parents to give permission to anyone to spank their kids: 10 times on the hand...Or a smack on the butt hard enough to leave a bruise.  So lovely...
As many may or may not know...I have been trapped in a great war against fruit-flies.  I have a few citrus plants, and at the beginning of summer I had a few bananas, store bought, that attracted these vial wicked creatures. During the winter they have found a home in my citrus plants.  I have done everything, only organic, to stop them.  They are winning.  Tonight, I think they sensed that I was laying the final trap, the grand finale so to speak.  I have lowered the temperature in the house, they can not breed at certain degrees, I have laid many fly traps, all organic, and they, sensing this final stand I am making, have bit me...Great!!!  If I, for some unforeseen, catch some weird disease, it will have been worth it if I win the war.
Ha...Ha...just kidding...no war...but seriously, got bit by a fruit-fly, and as the house fly carries so many diseases, I wonder how sick I am going to get! Everyone have a blessed day...and a restful sleep.

Originally posted on 08/13/2012.
In a world that tells us time and time again that the nice guy finishes last while also telling us that "what goes around comes around", one can get confused, and wind up screaming: "Well what is it? Do nice guys finish last or will the bad guy get it?"
      This mixed message is just one of the many conflicts one will find as they stroll down this road of life.  So how do you do it?  How can you fight injustice?  Should you just take it and hope that some invisible force called karma will help?  Or should you become some jerk and throw fireballs?  Or is there another way?

Even if it seems cloudy...let the Love rain down on you!!!  Happy Valentines Day!!
What is Valentine's Day?
The history of Valentine's Day is a tricky one to tackle as its roots are clouded by many wondrous fables.  It has been said that the actual holiday has deep roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia.  Lupercalia is the celebration of fertility which occurred annually on February 15th.  It wasn't until 496, under Pope Gelasius I, that the feast was changed to February 14th and said to be Saint Valentine's Day.  But which Saint was Valentine? Sadly this is a mystery, when one looks at the Catholic Encyclopedia, they will find three Christian saints by that very name.  (it is a lovely name isn't it) All three were martyred on February 14th, which only adds to the mystery.

Some scholars think the St. Valentine, to which the feast and day was for, belongs to a priest who lost favor of the Roman Emperor Claudius III around 270  (A relative of mine.  :) The legend explains that Claudius III prohibited marriage for all young men.  He wanted them to be soldiers, not husbands.  It was at this time that St. Valentine began to secretly wed people.  He was later taken to jail where he fell in love with the daughter of the jailer.  (Oh love so wonderful)  The legends ends with a letter he sent, which was signed:  From Your Valentine.  Oh so beautiful.  Whether it is true or not...it does make for a lovely story.

Everyone have a beautiful day.