My carport and back deck have a semi-permeable membrane type roof which allows ice and snow to slide right off. We had all the roofs replaced about 2 years ago, I think it has only been that long, nevertheless...let me continue.
     A wind storm hit Utah late last night, and has been going on until about an hour ago (it's 12:07 pm) , when my nerve wracking morning began.  I hear a cracking noise, and go outside to see that part of the semi-permeable membrane has been blown off the hinges.  I think gee, I need some help, if I wait until Steve gets home another gust of wind could come and that membrane could destroy the main roof, we can't have that.  So I  call Steve, and soon enough Steve is fixing the problem.  The wind really starts to pick up and we both hear this type of explosion sound (seriously loud) just as the top of the tree in our front yard snaps off, explodes into pieces which fly right at Steve....BUT...It was so crazy, it was as if he had an invisible shield around him.  Bits fly above him, under him (he is on the ladder) to his left and right.  Needless to say I was terrified, but it was okay.  Reminding me, as if I need a reminder, that sometimes life can be unexpected, and a little luck (or maybe a lot) can save your life. 
     XOXOX  Elicia.