What are thoughts, or rather are thoughts merely a reaction of the senses?  Before we answer this question, let us review the senses as we humans think them to be: (I like the basic five: Sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound...but I have put together a longer list based off various articles)

  • Sight: could be thought of as two: color and brightness
  • Taste: sometimes argued to be five senses by itself because we have the ability to taste:sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami (umami is Japanese, it can be defined as savory or pleasant taste)
  • Touch: is distinct from pressure, temperature, pain, and itch
  • Pressure: I think this was separated after surgeries because when you have a surgery you don't feel touch or pain, but you oddly enough feel pressure, its a very odd sensation
  • Itch: your skin acting up
  • Thermoception: difference in hot and cold
  • Sound: detecting vibrations
  • Smell:(sorry I don't know how to describe smell)
  • Proprioception: Tells you where your body parts are relative to other body parts
  • Tension Sensors: found in the muscles
  • Nociception: basically pain (an overload of touch?)
  • Equilibrioception: keeping balance
  • Stertch Receptors: found in lungs, bladder, stomach and GI tract
  • Chemoreceptors: trigger area of the medulla in the brain, it helps detect hormones and drugs
  • Thirst: hydration
  • Hunger: eat
  • Magentoception: ability to detect magnetic fields.
  • Time:  HUH????  I found this listed amongst the senses...It is debated heavily...nevertheless I thought I would include it (Could be a thought in of itself)....(not to mention the fact that we could argue the sense of fear or love? Maybe? Maybe not.)

Back to the question at hand...If you were to have no sense, absolutely none, would you be capable of thought? 
How does one answer this question.  We all have senses, maybe not all, but we do, thus any conclusion we come up with is tainted by the very notion of having preconceived bias.

What do I think...Well
I think yes, even though many, many others say: No.

Why do I say yes, well I have not formulated a good rationally sound argument for this, but I am trying...and will continue to formulate it, in the mean time I thought I would share and ask you.  I suppose it is possible if I start in the womb, let us start when the brain develops, then put the child in a coma...as they say people in coma's don't have senses...but then again people have said they can still hear when they are in a coma, but we can take that away as well.  Could the person still think? Is thinking a sense?  I haven't really found an article stating that thinking is a sense, I found some interesting things on Sci.com and Through the Wormhole
....but nothing to really get me to a place where I can Logically and Rationally say that a person can think without sensations or without anything prior. 

So what do you think?  Does anyone out there agree with me, and more importantly do you have a rational and logical argument for it.  I suppose I could read some of Helen Keller's books...She of course didn't have sight and sound...but she had all the others...but at least...through reading her thoughts on life, I might get a better understanding of how life is without these senses and formulated a better argument than:  Well I believe I could think without sensations. 

As always have a beautiful day and thank you for joining me on my website.  :)

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Are ghosts real?  If so, what are they?  This question often comes to my mind.  Are they simply an apparition of the mind, just a way of the brain playing a little trick? I suppose this could be true.  I have watched many a documentary on ghosts, but never really seen concrete evidence; yet I believe they exist.  This brings us to a new thought: What are they?  Some people say they are demons others, lost souls...but what do you think? 
     I play with this one a lot, especially when I am writing books...If you have read Castigate My Sins or Soul Distortion or Running with Chaos, you know I have many different theories on ghosts.  Last night I was working on Devil on the Windowsill and working out some issues with the Soul Snatchers, and I thought...Gee...Could they be real?  Could there really be creatures walking around attempting to push your soul out of your body and steal it, the body, not the soul? 
     Nevertheless, regardless of them being real...they do pose an interesting take on the world.  I had one friend suggest they may live in alternate dimensions, and somehow the beings can be slightly seen in this dimension.  I have other friends warn me it is the Devil playing tricks on us, and some still that don't believe in ghosts at all. 
     What do you think?
     As always...Have a LOVELY DAY!!!!
     XXOO, Elicia

I'll tell you that my original thought of the day was simple anger and wanting to know why.  Why do so many people just blindly follow and believe what they are told?  Why am I trying to understand that they aren't dumb, they are just programmed?  Why am I attempting to understand how they are programmed?  Am I programmed?  Am I able to have free thought or is this moment and all that I believe just an illusion of free thought?  Am I just another Cog in the Machine, all be it a different Machine, a Machine that offers a counter-balance to the Machine currently in place (You know listen to authority at all cost, the doctor, teachers, and authorities are always right)
     But then a friend posted about Time Travel...And I breathed in, and felt a lot better.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by these thoughts and sometimes we all need a bit of a break...Right? 
     So Do you think Time Travel Is Possible?  You don't have to explanation WHY or WHY NOT...Just a simple answer...and maybe you could strike up a conversation with your loved one and say: "Hey, what do you think: Is time travel possible?"
     I honestly can't say 100% on this one, so I am going to cheat and give a percentage: 75% Yes, 25% No.  (I would hedge more on 99% Dimensional Traveling...rather than on Time travel)
What about you?   Please leave a comment below or like or share.  Thanks!!!!!!

Yes you read that right...I said Common Core is Doing One Thing Right.  What is it?  Well it has brought a much needed conversation home to the dinner table.  For too long we have ignored the growing problems in education, and now, thanks to some of the test questions and homework, parents are getting involved with their schools.  YES!!!  The more we talk about education, I think we will have a chance at finding some real solutions, solutions that can only come from teachers, parents, and students, not bloated bureaucrats that want to control and form your child into a machine. 
     What do you think about the following Question, what do you think its intent is?:  “How are books bad and why should we focus more on video games because you can control them unlike books? Books discriminate against those who cannot read well and they dictate what you should think.”
    My Thoughts will be found in the following video.  As always, I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.  :)  xoxox Elicia

I am happy to say that I have a Great group of Diverse Friends...from old to young, religious to atheistic, from democrats to republicans, from hard core Western Medicine to Eastern to Naturalistic....And while this, at times, is hard, it has been a joy and I feel I am becoming a more well rounded person. For too long I was under the notion that you can only have a friend that is like you 100%, and in the end, this is nearly impossible.  When you open your mind, and really listen without judgment (as long as they don't talk about killing, beating, raping etc...) It really helps in the journey of life.  Not to mention that it can also help you understand the world in a more broad spectrum.  So today I want to say THANK YOU to all my friends.  Sometimes we don't agree, but that's okay...In not agreeing we see that we are living in a Free Society (At least freedom of thought).  It is when we are silenced about are opinions (as long as we don't start name calling) is when we are truly lost. 
      Thought:  We learn more when we open our ears to all those who wish to speak to us.  I will listen, I may not agree, but I will hear you out.
      I am so glad to have each of you in my life!!!  XOXO  ELicia.

Sorry, I have been off line for a few days.  I have been busy thinking over a problem: Our present educational system.  I have been compiling information, and the more information I read, the more I question: Why?
     I asked myself: What is the most pressing issue that we are facing as human beings, I came up with three, which I believe if addressed, could solve a lot of problems.  These issues, in order of importance: GeoEngineering, Fiat Banking, and Compulsory Education While other things are very important: The corrosion of the American Constitution, the lose of rights, forced medication, vaccination, fluoride in the water, unable to collect rain water, taxes on solar panels, Monsanto, the break down of parent-child bonds, profit prison, abuse of powers, WWIII, and much more....We can only take on so many things.
     I believe through spreading information we can and will change the world, as it has been said: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.  The reason for this is simple, once someone becomes aware of the problem, they begin to search out the solution.  It starts with one person, and grows.
     You may think Education doesn't belong on the top three, and some out there probably rolled your eyes when I put GeoEngineering first (that's a conspiracy theory)  Really?  I have posted before about GeoEngineering, and will post again.....Tomorrow.
     How I know Education is in trouble:  This isn't as simple and will take much more than a simple sentence.  I will, over the course of a few posts, talk about Education and what is happening and how WE the people can STOP this madness  (We are Not Cogs in a Machine).
    Just wanted to give you all a heads up of things to come.  As always, keep your chin up, and speak up, don't be afraid.  You may be laughed at, but remember this....You are not alone. 
     My Thought of the Day:  What do you think is the Most Urgent thing Threatening Humanity Today?
Hugs and Kisses, Elicia.

Who has watched the original Total Recall?  My thought of the day is this:  If there was an outpost on Mars, would you go?
     I would, depending on the politics.  In the original they had to pay for air, which would be cut off if they didn't pay the outrageous prices. That is a terrifying prospect, having to pay for something that you absolutely need to survive (much like water and food...but you can grow your own food, wait a minute...wait a minute...you do need clean air...and water that doesn't have chlorine...like some of us don't have access to secondary water...and..and...and...)
     Okay...let's keep politics out of it, and pretend we live in a future that is different and that an outpost would be self governed and the people all worked together to supply the basic needs...With that...Would you live on a planet that had to be artificially controlled?  Kind of a scary thought, I would suppose it would be similar to living on a submarine...Has anyone out there lived on a submarine?  Was it scary?  Did you get use to it?
     I wonder...if you built a planet like that...If you planted enough trees, wouldn't that solve the problem of no-air?  Anyway...I am rambling.
      Question: Would you live on another planet?  My answer: Yes, why not, it might be a real adventure. :)  As always have a beautiful day. 

My goal: To raise a free thinking, well educated, unique child who has the ability to question, even when questioning is dangerous.   We know there is a problem in our educational system.  We must come to a solution, for the future is at hand and our children are depending on us to be strong and brave...We can change the coarse of mankind...We need only believe it...then act upon it. It is time to STEP UP!  Please watch the three videos...or read it by clicking read more. 
     XO Elicia Clegg

What is the purpose of fiction?  Why do we create?  Why do we listen to music?  Why do we stare at a picture for hours and then agree that it is worth a thousand words?
     Art is all around us, and yet...what is its purpose?
Please watch my video, for my answer....And please, let me know what you think.  As always have a great day...and remember you can join me:
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Think about the following quote and what it means to you before you read the rest of the blog, please. :)
     "Open the window that the lies may fly out." Is the awe inspiring quote on the back of Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales 1993 edition.
     (remember...Think about what it means to you)
     My mind swirled and delighted in the very thought. I began thinking, gee, we all need to read in order to open the windows in our minds, and once we open our minds we no longer are held captive from the lies of the world.

Dear me, I was so very wrong.  This statement comes from:

The Ditmarsch Tale of Wonders  (Das Diethmarsische Lügenmärchen)
     "I will tell you something. I saw two roasted fowls flying; they flew quickly and had their breasts turned to heaven and their backs to hell, and an anvil and a mill-stone swam across the Rhine prettily, slowly, and gently, and a frog sat on the ice at Whitsuntide and ate a ploughshare. Three fellows who wanted to catch a hare, went on crutches and stilts; one of them was deaf, the second blind, the third dumb, and the fourth could not stir a step. Do you want to know how it was done? First, the blind man saw the hare running across the field, the dumb one called to the lame one, and the lame one seized it by the neck.
     There were certain men who wished to sail on dry land, and they set their sails in the wind, and sailed away over great fields. Then they sailed over a high mountain, and there they were miserably drowned. A crab was chasing a hare which was running away at full speed, and high up on the roof lay a cow which had climbed up there. In that country the flies are as big as the goats are here.
     Open the window, that the lies may fly out."
     I get it, someone tells tall tales and are called on it...I liked my interpretation of the statement better.  What did you get from the quote?
  Everyone have a great day. 

     *Picture from Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales: Cinderella