My question today: What would happen if people really did care about education as much as they pretend to?  What would happen if we taught ALL children how to read, write, think logically, critically, the arts, physical education, nutrition, math and the real scientific method? What would happen if we taught children real risk vs. reward?  What if we taught journalist to be objective and simply report the facts?  What if every child went to college and got a MD, PhD, or some other high degree?
     What would happen to our society?
     What would happen to the haves and have not’s?
     These questions rattle around in my head all the time.  Not because I don’t want it to happen.  I very much do.  I even think I know the solution to getting each and every child a unique individualized education that would help propel each and every child to the level of intelligence I know they are capable of.   I believe our society would be better off.  I believe that robots would take the place of many jobs and give people the freedom to explore.  <<<<  But this of course cannot happen, and I think, if each of you search out the answer you will finally understand why our education system is broken….It was designed to be.  Why?  Because who will clean the toilet bowels?  Who will shovel the shit? 
     Who will do the work?  Certainly some will.  I very much enjoy doing yard-work, but…THE BIG BUT…let’s say that I have a small business.  I have 5 people (to make it simple) one must get the customers (the salesman) one must keep the books, pay the bills, etc (the accountant) and the other three must do the physical labor.  Now each of the five are equally important…so should all five get paid the same?  Here in you might find the solution to our ills in society.   The salesman might argue that he should make the most because he brings in the customers.  The accountant will say they should make the most because he keeps the business in the red and complies with the numerous tax laws.  The three physical labors will say us, I mean they are doing the work. 
     So who makes the most?  In today’s world: Accountant average: 72,500.00.  Salesman: 64,670.00.  And the worker at 14.00 an hour or 29,120.00.
     NOW: What if they all went to school together, all are intelligent, and all are able to do each other’s job.  (Yes there will be a slight variation, stronger people, more manipulative, more apt toward numbers)  Would there be such a wage gap?  Nope.  And again, therein lies the problem. While we can see a difference of pay could be reached on some level, we surely would not be able to say one should make 1.00 an hour while the other only makes .50.
     Of course I have oversimplified it.  We would have to take into account of property ownership, if there would be a loan (bankers what should they make).  Taxes, etc…but sometimes you must start small in order to see the big picture.
     So I ask: Are you someone that truly wants to educate the public?  Are you ready for a complete change in society and social orders?  (We can do this without being Socialist, or Communists) 
     I am ready. 
     Let’s do it!  Let’s create a real revolution!  Let’s get educated!  Let us use the lost tools of learning.  Let us be brave, bold, and explore the world. 
     We shall explore this more and give hints on self-education. 
     But today, I just wanted to get you thinking.  I wanted to find out if you truly want an education revolution, or if you are just another mouth piece for the power structure that is our society. 
     I would like to leave you with the following as it relates to our society more now than ever before:
     You cannot translate newspeak.  Even the parties’ slogans are changing.  How will you say freedom is slavery when the word freedom no longer exists? Wisdom, Wisdom, this is the point.  The whole aim of newspeak is to narrow the range of thought.  In the end we will make thought crime impossible because there will be no words to express it.  When newspeak is perfect and compulsory there won’t be any need for control, the evolution will be complete.

     If you would like, this is a long one, please check out the video below. 

To be fair I must tell you that my daughter and I have a tradition of going to Disneynature since its inception.  And, well, this movie has the unfortunate slot of coming after Bears and Chimpanzee, which if you have watched either one you understand the emotional roller-coaster you go on while watching them.  If you haven't watched either one, I highly recommend them.
     Would I recommend this movie, sure, why not.  There is something magical about learning about our fellow brothers on this planet earth.  Yet I will say that personally there was something about it I didn't like, but I think it speaks more to human nature and not so much the movie.  It was, at times, like watching the worst in human kind.  From the cruelty toward the young monkeys to the inequality, even though they each did their part to survive.  What really rubbed me the wrong way was the narrator, not Tina Fey, she did great, it was what was written.  No, I don't think it was some plot to control our young peoples minds, it felt like they were reaching, trying to make us feel the same way we felt when we watched the beautiful and powerful momma bear struggling to find food so she could feed her babies (In the movie: Bears).
     All in all I think if you watch this movie, you might, if you are like me, see something inside those monkeys that mimics humans, and in this I felt a bit empty, and sad.  Or possibly it was just that I didn't like how the Upper Level Monkeys treated the Lower Level Babies <<<< Yep, that is it.  I have this strong drive to protect children, all children, and they didn't "hurt" the babies to "protect" the babies, they "hurt" the babies to be mean and show the Lower Babies their place. <<<<< But then again, it could have been the way it was edited, which is probably closer to the truth.  In the end, it was not as good as Bears or Chimpanzee, but it was worth a watch.  One female monkey, born to the lower level common folk, struggles to make her way in the societal structure only to be triumphant in the end. 

Saturday and Sunday, before I was struck down with this horrid illness.  (Just kidding, it was short and I am now operating at 80%)...I was cleaning my back yard, and even though I was tired, my skin full of scratch marks, I was at peace with the world.  Something about yard work makes me calm.  But then, I had to drive to the local garden shop and had to deal with road rage people.
     Question: If you had god-like powers, would you do anything petty?

     To explain: the rules.  You have god-like powers, but let us pretend that in order to live on earth with meager humans you have to keep it hidden, and no matter how much you want to save the world, you can't you are bound by laws of the universe, laws greater than even you.  (Come on this is imagination time).  You are however allowed to use your magic, so to speak, but in a limited way.  You know, you save a dead dog hit by a careless driver.  You secretly heal the old woman down the street
, and every once in awhile, when you are tired, your yard is suddenly perfectly pruned.   So you get it right: These are the rules.
       Now we go back to the Question: Would you do anything petty? 
       I would.  This question comes to me every time I get cut off in traffic.  I took a right hand turn, had plenty of room, and I see a white sports car coming up going at least 60 mph in a 40 mph zone.  I turn on my blinker to get in the left lane because I have to turn left.  Well the same man who was closing in on me tried to get over, without his blinker, at the same moment I did, he jerks his car to the right, I quickly pull into the left, he then, because we can see inside a car which I believe some people forget, starts screaming at me.  He turns beat red and zips by, only to be stopped at the very next light, with me to the right.  He is still screaming, his anger out of control, and when the light changes he zips away.
       Now in my youth I may have been like this man, I may have lost my temper, started screaming and yelling like a two-year-old being denied that third cookie...but I have learned to remain calm: How: I imagine being God-like, I imagine that I pop out of my car and into their car and say: "Well that wasn't very nice what you just did.  You should learn to control your temper."  Then, after they are scared, I pop back into my car and happily drive away, knowing that the person would be confused. 
     I know this may seem like a silly question, but I think in life, sometimes you need to find creative ways to handle people that are angry.   In the end, I have come to understand that it takes two to argue.  When someone loses their temper with me I try to remain calm, after all, one day, that same man that loses his temper so easily is going to give himself a heart-attack.  Life can be beautiful if only we slow down and learn to cherish both the journey and the destination, not simply the destination.  :)
     As always, have a beautiful day!!!!  Elicia
  And thank you for stopping by.     

As you may or may not know I have many nieces and nephews that are in public school.  The last month all of these children have been busy getting ready for the SAGE test, better known as the Common Core test.  So I always ask: How is testing going?  And then I listen. 
     Every once in a while these young children are able to articulate things that make me go: Huh?  But I listen to them and then I assure them that we parents are doing everything we can to stop this horrible test.  They smile, but wonder why I care because after all I home school.  To this I reply:  You Matter to Me too!
Subject: Language Arts.  Topic: Opinion  Type: Persuasive Argument  Style: Essay  Grade: 5  Age: 10-11

Instructions: Please write a persuasive argument for your opinion on the following.

     (This is not exact, it comes from her memory, and then my memory, so it is now twice removed)
     Do you think Animals at the zoo should be let go or should the zoo keep them for awhile or should the zoo keep them forever? 

     She took the position of allowing the zoo to keep the animals for awhile and then to release them back into the wild.  She wrote a very good essay (I believe it, after all she was able to describe the test in great detail).  However, she got a very low score.  She was confused and angry and asked her teacher why? She said she always does well in Language Arts and now she got a really low score.  The teacher looked it over and informed her that they scored her lower because she should have chosen to fight to keep the animals at the zoo forever.  This brilliant little girl proceeded to tell me how ridiculous it was to ask her, her opinion but mark her down because she didn't pick the right opinion. 

     This is reminiscent of an earlier test question, back in the 80's I believe, that would ask children what it would take to join a subversive group: If your friends did, if your parents did....but didn't give the child a chance to say: No I would not join that group.

     Let's put it into a different context to help sound alarm bells or to at least allow people to really start questioning these types of questions that clearly want to understand not only the child's educational aptitude, but also their moral aptitude.  What if the question was like this:

     Please write a persuasive argument for the following question.
     The government is considering lowering the mandatory school age requirement to age three.  What age do you think a child should attend school for the first time?  (I Ask You The Same: Answer below in the comments)
     Let us then say your child answers six, and describes how important it is for a child to be with their mother and how a mother can teach the child.  And let us also say they bring up health issues, and mental health and they have a very persuasive argument.  Let us also say that they have perfect grammar and spelling, but get a really low score anyway.  Then, to top it all off the teacher relays to them that while their argument was sound, they were docked points for not taking the right position. The right position being: Children should start mandatory education as young as two.

     Ah, this is the crux of the issue: Is education to free the mind to grow and learn, or is it to push a uniform code of little Ants that do as the Queen orders? (Those who follow me closely know I am talking about the Popular and Required Reading in 1st to 3rd Grade: Two Bad Ants.  Explain to me what they are teaching our children with this book?  My answer: Conformity, Stand in Line, and don't be CURIOUS.)

     The solution: First you must be able to answer the question, what is the purpose of Education?
From there we need to reform from bottom to top, as in, tear it all down and start over.  We need options.  And above all, we must understand that children ARE NOT ROBOTS.  They are NOT HUMAN CAPITAL.  And if we are not careful, we may turn an entire generation into people who not only hate to read (because now a lot of children hate reading, and why shouldn't they when they are made to read informational texts over and over again.  I love Stephen King, but I would hate him if I had to do a Close Reading session about it.  If you don't know what Close Reading is please see this short presentation on it here.)  But also who hate education all together.  If you don't believe this couldn't happen, I see it.  I saw it in my niece's eyes who once loved Language Arts, Who excelled at it, but is now confused by it and doesn't like it anymore.  This is not to mention our brilliant little Math lovers who had to switch over to new math, and are now failing and now think they are stupid. 

     What do you think?  Am I paranoid about the school system being corrupted by corporate entities who want kids to simply line up and do as they are told?

     Here is an article I wrote on some solutions to our current educational situation:A Child Not A Cog
or you can watch my presentation here
     As always, have a beautiful day.  Thanks for visiting my website and taking a few minutes to hear my

The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world?  I didn't know this was actually a poem, so I would like to share it with you first.

BLESSINGS on the hand of women! 
        Angels guard its strength and grace. 
      In the palace, cottage, hovel, 
          Oh, no matter where the place; 
      Would that never storms assailed it, 
          Rainbows ever gently curled, 
      For the hand that rocks the cradle 
          Is the hand that rules the world.


Infancy's the tender fountain, 
          Power may with beauty flow, 
          Mothers first to guide the streamlets, 
          From them souls unresting grow— 
          Grow on for the good or evil, 
          Sunshine streamed or evil hurled, 
          For the hand that rocks the cradle 
          Is the hand that rules the world.

         Woman, how divine your mission, 
         Here upon our natal sod; 
         Keep—oh, keep the young heart open 
          Always to the breath of God! 
         All true trophies of the ages 
          Are from mother-love impearled, 
        For the hand that rocks the cradle 
          Is the hand that rules the world.

          Blessings on the hand of women! 
          Fathers, sons, and daughters cry, 
         And the sacred song is mingled 
          With the worship in the sky— 
         Mingles where no tempest darkens, 
          Rainbows evermore are hurled; 
         For the hand that rocks the cradle 
          Is the hand that rules the world.

     The fact is, there are now many hands that rock the cradle.  Parents are forced to work long hours just to stay a float and the hand that rocks the cradle is usually a daycare and while some are great, many are not.  Most parents that have had to employ a daycare know this.  I honestly think that we could change the world in three-generations by figuring out how to create a society that has one person devoted to staying home with the child until that child is an adult.  By creating a society that teaches parents many different ways of parenting (As each child is unique and not simply a thing to be programmed).  Think about this: Do we teach stress management and communication to our children?  Maybe we should.  How hard is it to handle a crying baby, try to clean up a house, and jungle the stresses of the world: It's hard, even harder if you don't have the tools to first understand your emotions, then understand how to diffuse them.
     What can we do?  We start with us.  We start with our own family.  We reach out to our circle of friends.  We learn coping and helpful parenting tools.  I am a big fan of John Bradshaw if you Youtube his name you will find and endless source of information. 
     As a mother I have learned that the mother must not just be the sweet voice singing lullabies.   She must be strong, brave, and have an inner voice that she listens to.  And fathers, fathers must be allowed to love their children. They must be more than some looming figure that cracks the whip.  I honestly believe love is the key to raising children.
     In the end we are going to make mistakes, this is life, but that doesn't mean you throw your hands into the air and say; Well shit, this can't be fixed.  You continue to grow, learn, and educate your children, even into their adulthood.  If you make a mistake, don't be afraid to apologize to your children, but if you do, be sure that you correct whatever it is you are doing wrong. 
     That is all I have.  I would like to leave you with this quote:
You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around — and why his parents will always wave back. ~William D. Tammeus