Merda is Italian for Sh*&, thought I would sensor myself, just not in another language.
     As you know I am not afraid of an intellectual battle, especially when it is over: Who Owns Your Body, and Who Owns Your Child's Body.  To quickly answer both: I believe I own my body, I believe you own your body.  I believe a child owns their own body, however, the child is in the care of the parent, thus the adult should and does have the natural right to make decisions about the child's body...As in...they don't have a right to give a child a tattoo without the child's consent.  This of course is very easy to see....what isn't easy to see is Vaccination.  (Don't roll your eyes...this is not a pro or anti vaccine post)
     This post comes on the heels of a seemingly simple event. Facebook allows for you to rate pages you like.  I rated NVIC with five stars.  You would think I went to the Devil's own Website and gave him a five star rating...Seriously.  I was attacked...but what can I expect?  What should I expect.  Apparently I am a person who believes in fairies and I enjoy killing kids...What?  This isn't really that important...as I knew I would be attacked...But what caused me to post the HOLY SH*T phrase is the following:
     I simply said that I get my information from: Vaccine manufactures Websites, Clinical Trials, Medical Journals, and Cross reference with Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary. 
For those who do not know Taber's is one of the most trusted Medical Dictionaries.  Yet I was told...seriously...That My information from all of those I just mentioned, did not follow the Scientific method, and were not scientifically sound.  WHAT? Okay...Seriously...For some reason this person didn't think that The Vaccine Manufactures (which I might agree with) are scientifically sound...yet they trust them?  Huh?  They don't think that Taber's Cyclopedic medical Dictionary is scientifically sound? Huh?  ......   Then they followed it up with: Yes even the AMA agrees.   (Nope...the AMA likes Taber's Medical Dictionary)
     All Right then.  I don't know how to argue this, nor should I.  What I know is this:  I don't take the word of any ONE person, or a group of Bureaucrats. Everything I give or do not give my child I research.  Period.  The universe saw fit to give me two beautiful little girls and I plan on doing the VERY best for them.  I research the food they eat, the medicine they get, and the vaccines they get.  I have never told anyone NOT to vaccinate.  As a matter-of-fact, my children are FULLY vaccinated! It wasn't until an adverse event that I even thought about researching, thus the change in my attitude about simply doing what I am told.  And I most certainly do not go around spreading Polio, Measles, Mumps, Chickenpox, Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, Rubella, or any of the other disease.  I simply give and share information.
      I don't know about you...But if you are going to TROLL someone about scientific things...maybe you should...I don't know...Read the Scientific Data?  And an FYI to all the trolls... Why yes, I do believe in fairies, but that is because I am a fiction writer...and we tend to believe in the magical realms....and yet I do not rely on MAGIC when it comes to my children's health.  If my children are seriously sick, I do take them to the doctors.  If they need a medication, I way the pros and cons...and yes they have taken MEDICINE since I stopped vaccinating. 
       Thanks for listening....Have a great day People!!
  Remember...If you suddenly get trolled...You are not alone.  There are Trolling Groups on Facebook that Teach people how to TROLL.  This is just a way of diverting from the truth.  (I edited who posted for their privacy) :)

I got a letter from Davis County Education.  My heart begins thumping.  I open the letter and read: Dear Home School Parent, During the 2014 General Session of the Legislative Counsel Amendments were made to the Home School. A bill was passed that modifies the procedures for excusing students from the public school attendance. 
MY HEART STOPS!  Tears well up in my eyes! I am screaming inside, no! No! No! I read on....and burst into a torrent of tears, yes the floodgates open.  I thought they were taking away my right to teach my child.  I thought: No more laughing during language lessons, no more rolling of the eyes when I have Raven do her times tables.  No more confusion with grammar.  No more cool scientific experiments.  No more art.  No more reading strange fairy-tales and asking: What in the world did that mean?  No more.
      It is rare when I praise the government bodies, but today I want to thank Davis County Legislative body.  I want to thank Utah Lawmakers! (now I know that a lot of people are fighting to get married, and I am sorry that you have not won your battle yet)  But today...Today I am grateful!!!  I love teaching my child!  I love how our "school" time has brought us closer and I love watching her blossom like a rose!  Thank-you!!!!!!  Thank-you!!!  Thank-you!!!!  They made home-school easier by allowing for only one notarized affidavit instead of one every year.  And to the public who worries about home-school children...You don't need to worry.  Raven is excelling in Reading, Math, Science, Technology, History, Language Arts, Art, Physical Education...and even a foreign Language.  Thank you for allowing me to continue this wonderful journey of home-schooling.  I can't imagine it any other way. Today I feel that the government represented the people who voted them in.

"Is it normal to be sick? Many people think so, but it hasn’t always been this way. What was life like before we became dependent on modern pharmaceutical drugs, major medical centers, and health insurance? If we turn back the clock a hundred and fifty years, we will hardly find anything that looks like the modern medical system. Did previous generations live in the dark ages of medicine, or is the modern age of chronic degenerative illness and modern pharmaceutical drugs actually a dark age of medicine?"   * John P. Thomas
         I read this interesting article on HealthImpactNews, and thought I would share it. 
         Please read the article by going HERE: Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America.

Why aren't there enough hours in the day? I have been busy helping my oldest daughter graduate a year early.  She is down to the wire and with my help, I think she will do it.  This means less time for me.  My schedule is already overloaded, home-school, writing two books, building a walipni, gardening, not to mention normal Stay-at-home mom duties...Something has to give.
   So for the next two weeks I will probably only have time to post once a week :(   So let me leave you with this song...to think of whenever you miss my ramblings.  It is: "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister...WITH LYRICS....As the Lyrics are why I am posting it.

What do you think about the following Statement? "What if the only thing we really learn in school is…how to get through school? And what if, for too many of us, that is actually one of the most destructive things we can possibly learn?"

To Quote Brett From SchoolSucksproject: “In my 12 years of teaching, school sucks has been perhaps the most common phrase I’ve heard students use to describe their feelings about “public education” or more appropriately, compulsory schooling. Yet this seemingly bitter and reductive slogan is actually quite clever. School sucks is perhaps the most accurate and astute synopsis of the system I’ve ever heard. The 15,000-hour process of compulsory schooling has a dramatic effect on the mind of a child. When we first enter these institutions at age six, many of our best personal attributes are already in place. We are curious, innovative, unique, creative and hopeful in ways that we will rarely be able to replicate throughout the rest of our lives. But over time, school sucks those essential attributes out of too many of us…and replaces them with predictability, obedience and apathy. Unfortunately, for over a century this process has been referred to as “education.” It isn’t. Our aim is to reclaim that word, to take it back from those who wish to use institutionalized schools (at all levels) to mold impressionable minds into desirable and predictable finished products. Education is a journey by the individual, for the individual.” -Brett.... 
      If you would like to hear a sample of SchoolSucksProject you can go Here:
     I take the opportunity to ask every child I am around (even adults)  how school is going for them or what was their school experience like.  Why?  Because I have found, in general, that my experience was very different than a lot of peoples.  What about you?  Did you enjoy your public school experience?  If you are in school...do you like it?  And finally....What do you think about Home-school?  You can post your comment anonymously...Jan Smith...John Doe...etc.  Remember only a NAME and a COMMENT is needed...NOTHING ELSE.  Thanks.

That's all folks. 

Share what you know or have learned.  We need to before the internet is gone or becomes like television...controlled by a few.!!!
Ready for a quick tune up of the brain?  Well I read these tips (Mind Games) and thought I would pass them along.  They seem like practical things to do, but sometimes, in a fast-paced world, we forget to do some of the simple things.
     1. If something is bugging you, nagging you, and you can't get it out of your mind, find out what it is and deal with it.  Take action immediately to resolve the situation, rather than worrying about it.  Procrastination can lead to deterioration.
     2. Avoid the trap of being absolute.  Black and white or polar thinking patterns can lead to stress. Life is full of gray areas so filling your head with thoughts like: "I never...all people...it always..."  And beware of: all or nothing terms and generalization...They can trigger very negative thoughts.
     3. Expect the best or prepare yourself for the worst?
     4. Stop beating yourself up for not being "good" enough.  (Example given: did you stop going to the gym, running, or dare I say writing, because you didn't think you were "good" enough.  Remember: Practice will make you better!)
     5. When thinking about the past...Try to remember the good...let go of the bad.
     6. Don't let other people control your feelings.
     7. Motivate yourself: Take a look in the mirror and say something NICE!!!
     8. If you think negative things about others...let it go...they are not worth the time.
     9. Value your own thoughts.
     1o. Trust that you have the ability to change your life if you want to.
     11. Don't let the past rule you.  Learn from it and move on.
     12. Enjoy leisure activities without feeling guilt.  Its OKAY to take a nap.  Its okay to have a day where you do nothing.
     13. Learn how to handle criticism (We will try to get back to this one at another time)
     14. Appreciate your achievements.
     15.  Listen to your body.

     Last Thought Of the Day:  During a typical day, which do you look out for: Miracles or Obstacles?  This is a tough one, especially when shit is always hitting the fan.  However difficult it might be, it is in our own best interest to take a moment to see the good out there...it helps us to move forward and stay focused.
     Hope you like this....Thanks for visiting.  Have a GRRReat Day!!!

I hear it all the time: You better wake up sheeple. (I hate this term, it helps reinforce ignorance)...But today I ask the asker: What if they do not know they are asleep?  What if they do not know how to awaken? And what if...What if you are not truly awake either?
   It is hard to know if you are on the right path, especially considering the fact that we, well most of us, were educated in the very system designed to keep us in line.  What if some of us were allowed to "freely" (I use this term with great reserve)think simply as a diversionary tactic.  "Keep the masses fighting and you will keep the masses under control"  Are you awake?  How can we know for sure?  I ask this question because I believe that even those who do not question authority truly believe they are well educated and informed and the reverse is true, simply questioning authority doesn't guarantee that you are awake...or not merely some sound plan constructed to contain the masses.
      So how can we do it?  We know that we have reached a fever-pitch and something is about to happen.  We must unite...but how do we unite when we can't agree on some of the most simple things like: Do you believe you Own your own Body? ....Yet I digress.  I propose the following, for the next little while we all go back to the very basics of learning.  We ask:
      Who, what, where, when, how, and the all important WHY?
       Example: You want to expose GeoEngineering.  ....You must first explore what it is...(ingredients and all)...  Basically you go down the list: What is it? Why is it used? How is it used? When was it used (is it used now)? Where is it used?  And who is using it.
       The why and who get a bit hard. But try...and have proof to back it up. ... AND...GULP...might I suggest you read both sides of the story...This is true for EVERY subject.
        You want to understand a disease...same processes....  For anyone that makes the blanket statement about vaccines: We are living longer than ever; start with that very statement and work on answering: Who, What, Where, When, HOW, and why. 
      Don't be blinded by what we have been taught.  We KNOW intrinsically that something is not right...so why not...Instead of looking and listening at all the noise...You really answer the question for yourself. I myself am working on it all the time....Working on my very toughest question of all:
     Am I just a construct of the structure our human history has had since before the time of the Egyptians?  Am I a necessary evil to keep the fighting alive or have I truly come to my own conclusions? 
      That is all....Though I do hope you take my challenge.  Thank You for visiting!!!!

"Your vision will become clear only when you look inside your being...Who looks outside, is led to imaginings. Who looks inside, awakens" C.G. Jung ...Interpretation: Do not slavishly accept pre-digested thoughts.  Learn to think for yourself. 
   From the Nevada Journal a speech given by Senator Ann O'Connell, she said: "How do we Americans begin to understand the problems we are experiencing today with our educational community and with our system of education?" ....She goes on to state that we can look to find the answer to these perplexing question by going back in history to Napoleon's defeat of the Prussian army in 1806.      Once you look into the history of the Prussian Educational system a startling revaluation comes to pass:  Are we teaching American Citizens or training Prussian Serfs? Answer: Training Prussian Serfs.
     To further quote the above speech: " The Prussian system may seem familiar to Americans in that it demanded compulsory attendance, national training for teachers, national testing for all students (important because it gave the government the ability to classify children for potential job training), national curriculum set for each grade, and mandatory kindergarten. MANDATORY KINDERGARTEN WAS NECESSARY BECAUSE IT SERVED TO BREAK THE INFLUENCE OF THE MOTHER OVER THE CHILD THUS MAKING THE CHILD MORE RESPONSIVE TO GOVERNMENT INFLUENCE."
     What is going on in the schools? What happened to the celebration of children's unique talents? And what happens if the entire structure of our schools breaks down?  It seems to be doing that right now.  Kids are being arrested for absurd things, thanks to Zero Tolerance Policies.  Parents are being arrested at school board meetings.  Children are crying and even wetting themselves during testing. Parents and children are frustrated over home work.
     The cost to American's can't be measured in just dollars.  While the economic cost is monumental: (source: Ed.gov) Total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the United States amounted to $638 billion in 2009-10, or about $12,743 per public school student. These expenditures include $11,184 per student in current expenditures for operation of schools; $1,182 for capital outlay (i.e., expenditures for property and for buildings and alterations completed by school district staff or contractors); and $376 for interest on school debt. Expenditures are reported in constant 2011-12 dollars, based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).... All the while the lack of results for the dollars we spend is catastrophic.  Why do I say catastrophic: Because it is not teaching people the critical intellectual skills which are crucial to making economic and political decisions for themselves.
      What is the answer....I mean, its hard not to agree that our schools are in need of help...Look at this email I got from Utahns Against Common Core: I know many of you have opted out of Common Core SAGE tests. However, if your child took the SAGE test and you have seen your own child or are aware of someone else’s child’s behavior affected negatively after taking the SAGE test, please contact me immediately. This will be completely confidential but we need to know exactly what’s happened with children around the state who have taken this test and exhibited any sort of troubling behavior. In New York, children cried, stabbed themselves, sucked their thumbs, vomited, and some were hospitalized. (Source to back up this claim for their information on kids in New York: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/nov/25/common-core-testing-makes-children-vomit/ )
     Seriously, why is this happening?  What do you think?  Is their some plot? Is this just the natural progression of a revolution?  Is that what is happening?  Did WE parents wake up and say: No more...without realizing that in order to change the School System we must change the ENTIRE system.  Why do I say this: Because this is nothing new.  It has been going on for years...the only difference is that when you add in Zero Tolerance, an Anti-Bully movement, and the Internet...you finally get people saying: Nope, no more...This isn't right!   Please Listen to the following presented by SchoolSucksPodcast and Written by John Taylor Gatto, 30-Year educator who quit after being nominated Teacher of The Year.

What is the answer: Each Parent Needs To Find their Own Answer.  My answer works for my children: I home school.  I will not sit here and lecture anyone on what they should or should not do...I believe in something very radical:  I believe (outside of a few outliers of abusers) Parents KNOW INTRINSICALLY what is BEST for THEIR CHILD!!
     One thing I will ask of you all is to let go of all the noise, let go of all the propoganda and ask yourself:  Is this School System Working for My Child? 
     Then ask:  What is best for my child?
      Let us pretend that you say you want to home-school, but you are scared....Don't be...there are many, many resources.  You would be surprised. 
     If you answer...I am not sure...Too much noise in my head...Then do something:  Watch both FOR and AGAINST Mandatory Schools...That at least will give you a bigger picture.  If you are looking for resources you can go to: http://schoolsucksproject.com/
    And a Pro-Common Core: http://www.corestandards.org/

     So Thought of The Day: Do you believe that we can Save our Public School System?  Do you Think our Public School system is doing the Right Thing with Common Core?  Do you think that its a good idea to start school at age of 4 (new push)  And that we should do away with Summer Vacation (New Push)?   If you are a young person, are you thinking of home-schooling your children?  If you are Against Home-Schooling....What is your Logical Argument against it? 
     As Always...Comments are welcome, just leave a first name (any-name) and a comment. :)
This is Strike Two In Facebook world.  Why am I being Censored now...The following offended people:
     "You either believe you OWN YOUR OWN BODY or you DON'T. If you believe in Mandatory Vaccination...You don't believe you OWN your OWN BODY!!! So if you believe in Mandatory vaccination...Who should Own your body? The government? The masses? Seriously...Who owns your body?"
       Seriously...If you believe in FORCING people to vaccinate...All thanks to your TAX DOLLARS....you thought it was free?  Think again?  So Who OWNS your body?  Who owns your child's body?  ....  I'll tell you who: the pharmaceutical companies...that is who.
      Next time someone tells you that you MUST vaccinate...Ask them this:  Who Owns their body?  Because if you believe in mandatory Vaccination...Even if they are 100% safe (which they are NOT!  Read the dam Insert)...and you believe in Mandatory Vaccination...You believe that YOU DON'T OWN YOUR OWN BODY!!! So my question to you...oh forcer's of yourwilll...Who owns your body?????  I want to know...If you believe in mandatory vaccination policy...Who should own your body...because YOU DON'T!!!!!  I'm not playing their games anymore.  You can say what you will...but unless your tell me who owns your body...I will not respond.