I am a fairly intelligent woman.  I graduated Summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science, Major: Health Administration, minor: Chemistry, however, I know when I don't know something and am more than willing to "ask my doctor"
     Let me describe what happened today.  Deavan and I went to her 27 week appointment.  The doctor was in a hurry, a big C-section, thus the doctor was busy, which is fine, we understand, this is Utah and they are short handed.  This is not about that.  My daughter does her routine thing, they make you use the bathroom, etc.  I am sitting in the medical room waiting for her, and she is taking a very long time, at this point I am worried.  Deavan finally walks in with a confused look on her face.  She is saying: "They are telling me I have to get a Rhomgam shot."  "What? Why?"  "It's my blood type, my blood type?"
      When she says blood type I instantly know what she is talking about, "No, that is for women with Rh negative blood, we are positive." 
     She quickly looks it up, and the internet tells her what I just said, so needless to say we are both in a little bit of a confused state.  Much like that little girl in the picture. The doctor comes in, and is acting like we are denying the shot, we are not denying it, we tell her that Deavan is A positive, and the doctor asked how we knew, well she was in the NICU for 11 days, they told me positive blood, it's everywhere on her medical records, etc..etc..   And again this isn't what this is about. 
       What is this about:
       1.  When we were clearly confused, the solution seemed simple. Deavan will get the shot, we just want to confirm her blood type FIRST.  Clearly one person got the wrong blood type, so let us end the debate by simply testing her again.  This can be done quickly, and then she will get the shot.  No biggy, right?
     No, the doctor proceeds to argue with us over the blood type?  Why?  For five minutes she is trying to convince us that the second blood test, which her own office didn't even do, was right, and the pediatric test was wrong (We had her initial pregnancy blood test done at a different office).  A blood test is not dangerous to do, it isn't costly, it's timely, why argue? The doctor looks at the doctors watch, the doctor has to go, so (s)he relents, agrees to the test, and then is gone. And my daughter is left feeling hollow scared, and still didn't get to ask some questions she wanted to ask about the pregnancy.  (We felt betrayed, and sick in a way.  The doctor treated us like a child who couldn't be trusted, our memory was wrong, and we should trust the other doctor, even though it was a doctor who told us A+ blood in the first place, shut up and take our shot, don't ask questions, I've got somewhere else to be)
     2.  Upon research, this is something the doctor should have brought up in the first or second visit.  Unfortunately for us, our first doctor did not tell us, and the second possible assumed we knew.  Nevertheless, why didn't they bring it up the last visit? "Do you have any questions about the Rhogam shot before our next visit as that is when we should plan on taking it?"
     3.   I have noticed that doctors visits are down to about 10 minutes.  As we move toward the future, is this going to be dropped down to 5 minutes?   Is this medicine or is it cattle control, as we felt like cattle.

     Now I don't blame the doctor.  We liked the doctor, but this is my daughters first baby, and she has different problems than I did.  I don't have all the answers, and honestly, no one in my family is blood negative, thus we are completely in the dark over this one, and we expected our doctor to talk about it, especially because we have been blind sided.  Yesterday we thought she was A +, now they tell us she is O - and she has to do this, this and this...it's a bit to take...and even harder when the doctor doesn't have but 5 minutes to talk to us?  Doctors wonder why people turn to the internet?  Gee, where else can I get information?  Ugh. 
    Doctors, I know your job is hard, and you are busy, in this situation, if you don't have time, please give your patient another appointment where they can sit down and talk to you, especially when it is something this important.  Rhogam is blood, blood carries risk, not taking the blood carries great risk, in the very least we deserve a few minutes of your time.

Still on a writing break, however, this made me so mad that I had to share it with you all...lest you believe it is true.
     I was driving to the grocery store and happened upon a talk-radio station.  The voice wasn't familiar, thus I assume it was a stand-in.  Nevertheless, he was an idiot, and as you know, I don't think people are stupid, so he must have done something very wrong.  What was it?
     He was complaining that social media, you know the World Wide Web that has brought us closer (and further apart) the thing that gives free education, and a lot of bull$hit, is destroying us all.  And pray tell how?  Because losers are allowed to speak their voice, in fact every small, stupid, loser, crazy, nut job, is allowed to have a voice, and it makes it so...wait for it...no one can be popular very long.  What?  Popular?  After he has said that not being popular is destroying our world he prattles on about how Michael Jordan wouldn't have been popular in the age of information.  He of course justifies this by bringing up the popularity of the Canadian Prime Minister with a rating of I think (I'm just going off memory here) 56%...and he seems concerned and confused.  He said: How can the Canadian Prime Minister NOT be popular?  What does Canada even do?  It's not like they are America, the Superman of countries that has to go bail everyone out of trouble.   UGH!!!  At this point I had to turn off the radio, lest my mind turned to mush.
     One:  Everyone deserves a Voice.  Everyone Matters...Not just some pompous ass on the radio.  Two:  If people are unpopular, who cares, unless their politicians, and I think we all know why they aren't very popular.  One does not like someone that is fake and lies.   No one likes someone that constantly makes promises and does not keep them.  Three: What in the hell does popularity have to do with censorship?
Four: Google what the Prime Minister is doing to lose his rating.  and Five:  The Superman of countries?  Really?  Now I have just as much pride in the United States as the next person, but Superman?  I remember that Superman was helping to get rid of the Military Industrial Complex.  I remember watching Superman take nuclear weapons and throw them into the sun.  Superman would not drone children and call them collateral damage.  Superman was about freedom and justice, two things we have seen the politicians take away from us.
     So to all you: Losers, Crazy people, and the lot: Keep speaking up, obviously we are doing something right, if not, some jackass on the radio wouldn't be pissing and moaning about the ordinary man having a voice. 
      That is all.  Thanks.  XOXOX Elicia.