I found this great Youtube Channel and wanted to share it with all my friends who have been injured by vaccines and those who do not buy into Forced Medication.  Whenever you are feeling stressed and alone, this guy has a way of making our battle feel a bit easier.  I'll share with you my favorite video you can find his Channel Here.
    My Incredible Opinion with Forrest Maready

Sharing because from what I can tell, though I need more information, Mike seemed to be protecting himself.  He looked scared to me. What do you think? (You can visit Project Veritas YouTube channel here.)
I don't know how this passed me by, as I have been against Electroconvulsive Therapy, ECT, for a very long time.  Remember: If you want to shock yourself, have had it!  I am against many Psycho Treatments because by and large they are forced upon people.  Children are medicated against their will, adults are coerced into it, and many people, who are trapped in the system, may risk this to find relief.  Call me crazy, but I think the brain is important.
     So what am I talking about?  Well today, as I did a quick scroll on my facebook feed, I noticed an advertisement for a Fisher Wallace Stimulator, formerly called the Liss Cranial Stimulator.  Which is a cranial electrotherapy stimulator that you can do all on your own.  I tried to find more information about it and the first thing I pulled up was a Petition to reclassify the medical device. You can find it: HERE
     I'm not going to make this a long blog as I have come out about ECT dangers in the past.  I will leave my Youtube Posts below.  In the meantime, as I have said and will say it again: WE ARE ON OUR OWN!!!!  Please research before taking any medication (Legal crap: Only you and your doctor can decide what is best for you, this should not be taken as medical advise)   ...  
                  The Common Victim of Forced ECT are Elderly Woman paid for by our Tax Dollars.  :(
     Side Effects:

  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • nausea
  • Mental Confusion
  • Acute Confusion lasting 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Short-term Memory loss
  • Memory loss of past events
  • Jaw Pain
  • Muscle aches

These are just the ones I can find on mainstream sites like WebMD and MayoClinic.  I would invite you to listen to Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist and long time advocate for reform.  Thanks for joining me today.  Dr. Peter Breggin cares about us so much all his information is online for free, 1000s of articles and documents, all scientifically based.  Please go to ECT Resources and READ!!!!!!!   If you are having other issues you can visit Breggin here.  Thanks!!!!!   * E 

Without freedom of speech we are in danger of creating a situation where everybody may disagree with something, but everybody also believes that everyone else does believe it so they say nothing, they do nothing, and a great atrocity occurs.  A simple example of this comes by way of a story most of Gen X and Baby-boomers are familiar with.  The Emperor Has No Clothes.  The story goes that everyone knew the emperor was naked, but were afraid because everyone else acted as though he did have clothes. This happens all to often in our world when we let "group think" take over the rational mind.  While the Emperor was simply humiliated, it illustrates the danger of suppressing speech.
     Think back to the Witch Trails.  Do you really believe everyone agreed with it?  How different might the world be if we had not killed hundreds of thousands of "witches"   ....   I could give a hundred of examples, but I am sure my readers already know most of them.
     Raven and I were reading a history lesson on the Christian Crusades.  A Viking had been converted to Christianity and went on these Crusades.  At a point, in the middle of a battle, women and children were being slaughtered but the Viking stood up and stopped the slaughter.  We all have it in us, the ability to stand up for what is right (and sometimes what is wrong), however, without FREEDOM of speech, all can be lost. All will be lost, and I will not be a part of the destruction of the ideals of freedom.
     I invite you to watch the youtube video below and also, when you have a minute, visit the following website to understand what is happening on College campuses around out great nation.  Our future leaders are learning that free speech is bad, segregation is good, and everyone should simply do as they are told.

This is why you must pick your partners carefully. Family Court is big business.  I've watched it help and harm families. I think the only rational solution is for kids to learn the gravity of having children and getting married.  Could you imagine if in high school they taught kids about Divorce and how Family Court could end up making their parental decisions for them? (Don't forget about the court case where three children were sent to Juvenile Jail for refusing to have lunch with their dad)
     Articles I found that might help:
     How to avoid a Divorce, According to Science
     How to Strengthen a Marriage Divorce
The best advice I can give is to be kind to one another.  Love is an active thing. Mostly, don't jump into marriage without first knowing the ramifications of what happens if it fails.  You can learn more about Divorce Court here:  Don't be left in the dark about Divorce.

I'm kind of weired out ...  What if I was wrong about Collective vs. Individualism?

Sometimes, to find the answer to the real problem, we might have to change the question itself.  If you've followed anything of mine you know how I cringe at the thought of The Greater Good, The Collective, Democracy, Socialism, Communism, ....  well you get it...

To me it came down to the philosophical ideas surround the notion of the individual's rights vs. the collective societal rights...The collective does not have a right, only the individual. After all, a forest is only a forest if it has trees... thus a society does not exist if the individual does not exist. (This idea, to me, has not changed)

Let me give you a quick idea of my thinking, before this morning.

Collective: Like chess.  Two invisible men (the dictator or corrupted individual) are moving all the pawn pieces (the collective) with one goal: Their side will win, and it doesn't matter which peace is sacrificed.

Teamwork: Baseball. The individual remains, they are not sacrificed ... but the goal remains, to win.

Individualism: Tennis, each player takes the field alone and does battle ...  to win.

A deeper example:

Collective: Spanish Inquisition, Genocide, Witch trails, basically in my mind.... a mass hysteria where the people seemingly lose their mother f-ing minds and will slaughter their brother if it means saving themselves.

Teamwork: Building things, bridges, roads, libraries, parks (I could not see teamwork on a large scale)

Individual: Einstein ... Visionaries ...   But never someone bad. (Well outside of Dictators, they have to be individuals but they feed off the collective.)

So what happened? Well, because I do want to keep this short and will have to give it some more thought let me put it like this:

Maybe it is not the collective that is the "bad" thing, the thing that drives genocide, and the like...but rather it is the motivation of the collective...similar to the individual.  We, those who have studied genocide, watched medical trends, studied history, and social studies, fear the collective for a very good reason, these terrible things are carried out by a collective enraptured with fear, but if you could have a collective based on love, one that loved the individual, you would have a freer more equitable society.

Maybe?  This is what I am trying to understand ....  Can the individual exist inside the collective?  The answer, as proposed to me earlier today, was yes...IF...and only IF the collective is based on LOVE not FEAR.

ME: Great, now I have to do some thinking.
Before today: NO!!!!!   After today: Yes, but probably not in this lifetime, or any lifetime on this planet. So...To summarize in one line...Before today I thought the collective only became the collective because they were driven by fear to be together...After today, I am not so sure anymore.

Not much progress right?  But as I said, I am just trying to understand this new line of thinking, this idea that maybe it is not the collective herd that is bad...but the Fear driving them. (Which is kind of why I don't like collectives in the first place)

So is it FEAR that drove all the collectives?  If so, does that make the future more terrifying? (Some fear porn for you) ...  So I ask, does fear drive our society?  Is fear the superior emotion?  The master?

 I would say: With a heavy heart: YES to most people, about 70 to 90% of people let fear control them.  

BUT...Maybe I am wrong, I hope I am wrong.  

I want to leave you with this question:  Can we ever have a positive collective, on a grand scale, that acts out of love rather than fear?  Works out of cooperation and does not kill sacrifice their fellow man?  This would mean everyone had the right to life, even if you feared their existence.

I'm torn on this.  Though love is superior, love is stronger, love will cross oceans and dig to the center of the earth... Too many people do not understand love, whereas I would say 99% of the people understand fear. 

Thanks.  *E   Like and share if this resonates with you.