I know that your brothers and sister greeted you with open arms. Your mother held you like she once did and all the pain this world gave melted away.
    I ache for your wife and children knowing their loss is great.  Today I will remember you and all those who have been lost and though this picture is painful as everyone has now passed, I will smile from the memories and life you all shared.  I love you Scott, Below is a family video from long ago when you and my father were still with us.     

I will be adding more photos once I have access to them...I corrupted my memory by dropping it.
This morning, as I was preparing this weeks lessons and making a list of things that I had to get done.  I showed my Raven this picture and said: "Wouldn't this look so beautiful in our backyard, next to the flower patch I am going to grow for the honeybees?"
     Raven responded with enthusiasm, "That would look great!"
     I continued, "I bet we could collect a bunch of old bricks from people and build it, maybe, but it kind of looks hard."
     She then looked at me with a smile, "Mom, you built a Walipini by yourself.  If you can build that, you can build anything!"
     OH!!!!  I must say I was beaming.  My daughter is proud of me....for my hard-work and dedication to my dream of building an Underground greenhouse.  I know it's a little silly, but man...I am starting off this day radiating with confidence.  Thank You Raven!!!   

I am kind of burnt out on politics and the world in general.  So I thought I would do something different today.  There is a Collective Commons area for Photographers to "Share" their pictures in exchange for credit.  So I thought I would pop in the word Smile and Happiness...and share the pictures I enjoyed.  Today I just need to Stop, Smell the roses, and SMILE!
There was literally thousands and thousands and thousands of Pictures of Happiness and Smiles..And that is a GREAT THING!!!!  These were some of my favorites.  As always...Have a lovely day!  Thanks for Stopping by.  And if you get interested...check out some of my Novels.
So I open up my file: 150 P.I. . When I am working on a book I usually have a small paragraph I have written about the intent of the book...a mission statement so to speak. It reads:
     “The Hand of God is not found in vengeance, nor in the enslavement of the people by governments and overly aggressive entities who prescribed to the notion of The Greater Good, for there is no greater good, nor is there a lesser evil.  The universe was created in colors, not in black and white. Be mindful; because laws, rules, and taxes were forged with a black and white ideology.” *Elicia Clegg
     And just like that I find the passion to write return.  My Question: What images conjure up in your mind when you read that statement?  Does it make you mad?  Do you agree or disagree?

Have you ever read a book where in the beginning you are really enjoying it, you consume the pages, going full speed, only to be disappointed halfway through when you think, "Gee, it's like the author doesn't care anymore."
     I've had this happen a few times, and every time it happens I think: What happened to the passion? What happened to the excitement and thrill?
     I find that in writing a good story, one must be true to the characters and always ignite raw emotion and situations where the character's character is tested.  I find I am hitting a roadblock with Devil on the Windowsill.  It's like something is missing, but what? Ah, the joys of writing.  It may be I have too much on my plate right now, and somehow my creativity is being sucked out.  What's really weird though is that I see the characters so clearly, I know their stories, their struggles, but somehow, in the book, they just aren't meshing well.
     This is okay, I am going to set it aside for a week or two and start back writing on 150 P.I.  as I tell any budding author...you must write everyday.  Thanks for stopping by.  XO ELICIA

Informed Consent, Why is the public, at large, so against it?
   Before we begin I would ask you to think about this, don’t answer right away…but really give it some thought:
   If a parent has a teenage son who gets the mumps, and subsequently becomes sterile… Should that parent have every right to vaccinate all her other children against mumps?
     A parent who has a teenage daughter, who gets the HPV vaccine, and subsequently becomes sterile…Should that parent have every right NOT to vaccinate all her other children against HPV?

     I think yes on both...Please Here Me OUT!!!

     We live in a time where medicine has become: this but not that…And we really need to rethink this position.  Today I would like to talk about Informed Consent and how I don’t believe we, the patients, really get the chance to have informed consent.
    Why am I talking about this today…well I lose online friends all the time, it’s something I have got used to.  But yesterday I lost a family member…She said she still loves me…but is no longer my friend. Well it hurts.
    So I am going to talk about Informed consent as a means of helping people understand me better and where I am coming from.
    If you follow me on Social Networks you know that I post things about vaccines, medication, and in particular: psychiatric medication. 
    But I don’t post this as a means of saying: Hey world, Don’t Take medication, don’t vaccinate…don’t do anything with the doctors…
      When in reality this is NOT why I post information. ...

Please Click Read more...or watch...For source information and to see Vaccine Components Clink Read More and Go to the Bottom of the Page. Thanks.

Today we look at the number one prescribed Medication in America: Hydrocodone/acetaminophen, a.k.a: Vicodin, Lortab, ect...
    This will be a Five Part Series where I break down the Top 5 prescribed medications.  It is my intent to educate the public as a means of helping to stop the spiraling down of our society.  We have to remember that medications are needed, I don’t want to see anyone in pain, I don’t want someone to die…but I also don’t want someone to innocently take one medication…experience a so-called side-effect…get prescribed another medication…then another…and before you know it they are taking 12 pills a day…when in reality they might have been able to find a safer route.
    This study begins by way of an innocent post shared on my timeline
     My younger sister posted on my timeline about the dangers of psychiatric medication, and how some side effects were suicide.  A comment left about her comment was: This sounds bad but sometimes the benefits outweigh the side effects, including death.
     Ah….Just like a well-trained dog…We all chirp back: The benefits outweigh the risk…as if the risk is some kind of illusive thing…that never happens.
      We seem to be a nation that simply parrots back what we are told.
      So say it again…like a good little American: The benefits outweigh the risk.
      But do we really look at the full spectrum of risk? No we don’t.  One cigarette isn’t necessarily a risk…it’s just one…it’s when it becomes a daily thing that it becomes a risk!
       Medication is becoming a daily risk.
      So let us get into the meat of what is happening in America: We are a druggy nation…but why? Why is it that if you were to evenly spread out all the medications American’s take…even to babies…do we have 12 prescriptions a year.
     It is my intent to figure this out. Why? Because I fear a future where every adult and every child is on a psychiatric medication or other medications for that matter.  I know you may think that is a stretch…But sadly it’s not. And you will soon see…and you know…deep down American’s really are starting to ask this question…We’ve seen that T-shirt that starts with one medication and ends with many.    
     So let us begin with the top five prescription medications.  This article however will only cover the top one:
     With our further ado, the top FIVE PRESCRIBED medicine (I am sure over the counter knocks these out of the water.)
             Please Click READ MORE.  You can also find the Youtube version below.

<<<<----- November Webb, originally from Soul Distortion, now in Devil on the Windowsill.
As I think back to last night, The Harptones: “Life is but a Dream” comes to mind.  Though it is a nice song, when placed properly into a horror movie, it can be downright scary.

Last night I was plagued with a nightmares, one after another.  In my dream I was December Webb, and my sister: November Webb was out to kill me.  The nightmare began with me waking up from a dream.  As a teenager I ran to my mother's room and climbed into bed with her after telling her that I had just had the most horrific dream. After calming me down I fell back into sleep, but I couldn't shake the sensation of being watched.  After tossing and turning, I woke up to find my sister, November Webb standing at the end of the bed.

She was covered in blood and reaching out to me while calling out:

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, and in the dream I yelled out.  It was at that moment that my mom shook me awake and told me it was just a dream.  After blinking my eyes several times and looking at the edge of the bed, I realized I would not be able to go back to sleep.  I kissed my mother goodnight and decided to go get some water and maybe turn on the television until I could drift back into dreamworld.

I got up, walked down a very long hallway, stepped into the kitchen, and grabbed water. 

I hear, “Sister…Sister…” in a haunting tone.

I turn around, November is standing there.  She smiles as me, then, like a creature from beyond, she moves quickly, grabs me, spins me around, and slits my throat, blood begins dribbling down the front of me....and once again:  I wake up, this time gasping for air and back in the real world.  I am Elicia, and I am in my own bedroom, my heart racing, and my mind saying, oh thank goodness, it was only a dream…nothing but a dream...la..la...la..la....Life is but dream. ;)

I tell Steve about the dream and he asked, “What did you do to that character?”

I said, “Nothing, as a matter-of-fact, I think I wrote November as a misunderstood person of vengeance.”

But now…that must change.  I see her in a new light…so back to the novel: Devil on the Windowsill, and a major rewrite will be done of November. That wicked, wicked girl.

As always, I hope everyone has a marvelous day!!  XOXOX  Elicia Clegg
P.S. if I get a chance, I'll do a quick Youtube video on what I think the dream means.

This picture means a little more now vvvvvvv

Anyone else really bad at grammar?  I have compiled a list of 457 words that I commonly confuse with others.  Example: stationery vs. stationary, conquer vs. concur, since vs. sense, etc. etc.
     But I have, as of late, been asking: Why am I so bad at grammar?  I went to college, I did all the work, and yet I still have a hard time with sell and sale. Come on, that is a simple mistake, almost as bad as you're and your. The good news is that I have a great book: Painless Grammar, and it really is helping, I now understand the difference between lie and lay....but I know I have a long way to go.
     About a week ago I stumbled upon an interesting book: Why Johnny Can't Read. An interesting quote from the book, written in 1955, said: "I will admit that the book is doubtless and quite unscientific . . . but then, Uncle Tom's Cabin was not exactly a documented sociological treatise. When a public problem exists, it has to be presented in a way the public cannot only understand, but take notice of. And the fact is that, with all too few honorable exceptions,
American education has gone to hell in the proverbial handbasket. . . . We are raising a generation of the barely literate. "
     I thought gee...am I a little Johnny? I can read, I can write, but I make elementary mistakes.  So I pulled out some old college papers and found several elementary mistakes. I realized, after reading most of the book, I am just a little Johnny.  How do I know.  While I was in school they rolled out the new "sight words"...we didn't learn phonics...just simple memorization. 
     Why did I write this blog today:  To let parents know that you can help your kids....and to let adults know that you can fix your education...by reeducating yourself.
     Once I finish reading the book I promise to share what I have learned.  In the meantime, might I suggest, for those who want to learn, two books: Why Little Johnny Can't Read and what you can do about it, and Painless Grammar by Rebecca Elliot, Ph.D. third Edition. 
     As always, have a beautiful day!!!  Xo Elicia

Today was the first day back to the Old Home School.  Teacher: Me, Elicia Clegg.  Student: My daughter, Raven Clegg, age 10, grade 5. If you follow me on google plus or facebook, you may have seen my little rant about trying to find "workbooks" and being a bit angry at book shops because they only had common core work-books...then of course I plugged Amazon and small publishers...because really the big publishers only care about $$$$$, and though Amazon only cares about $$$$$ they at least allow for small publishers and non-best-sellers to sell on their site.
   Flash forward to today.  I had to use College books for Math and Chemistry.  (We all know I was very excited for Chemistry because Chemistry paid for my college) But I was nervous because Raven, though very smart...is only 10.  Today, I not only had to teach her at a different level that I didn't think she was ready for, I also had to teach her how to use college text books and take notes. (Workbooks do this for the children)  And to my pleasant surprise she caught on.  In chemistry I broke down each chapter into a section.  So instead of say Chapter One...I did Chapter One section one, and did the homework with that section.
    Its only day one...but she did really well.  If she does well over the course of the next few months, I think I will start believing the fact that we are selling our kids short and once they have the basic knowledge...the world really is their oyster.
    As always have a blessed day...and I will let you know our progress. :)