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     I wrote an article back in February entitled: Fictional: Moral Dilemma Question. You can read it here. Not a real important article, just a question on whether or not killing someone is okay. 
      This article is about a comment.  "
I am facing some difficulties about that hypothetical question, i think only experts and highly experienced professional person can give a perfect answer about that particular question."
     Sure this comment was left by an advertiser.  I mean, I am not stupid.  Your name: Rush Essay Review. Are you seriously fooling anyone?  But...the big but...The comment struck a nerve in me.  First: a perfect answer is subjective, regardless of whom gives it.  Second: I loath stupidity, but what I loath more are people thinking they are stupid and that they are not capable of any original thought.   It's one thing to be born stupid, it is quite another to believe you are stupid when you are not.  (They, whoever they are, have programmed some to believe this.  How sad. )
      My response to this comment:
Why would you think that? Are you as a person not allowed to have your own thoughts or are we to defer to people who went to school longer? What if I told you that you could come to a conclusion whether or not you had a degree, would you believe me?

     My thoughts on this crazy trend of deferring to authority: If you can't trust yourself how can you trust someone else?  Yes, I wouldn't perform surgery on myself, but I would at least, in the very least, research said surgery, research said surgeon and decide for myself if I needed it.
     Trust, but verify. 
This is an old Russian Proverb. 
Why should you trust, but verify?   Sometimes people don't know they are lying. 
Sometimes an untruth has been said for so long that it seems to be the truth. Also, trust yourself, but also check yourself.  Sometimes we remember wrong, no harm in a quick double check. 

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     Please also see the Following Youtube Video:

     Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada 

A post circulating on Tumblr, sums up the importance of reading in such a
simple way.  I wanted to share it with you all. 

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Are we Chattel, Children, Citizens or something else?  I don't know about you, but I didn't escape the ruthless control of my father when I became an adult simply to be turned and treated like a child by the very people who are suppose to represent me.  Government: You work for us!  We don't work for you!
     What am I talking about?  Executive Order: Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People.  I read it, and if you have not, please do so, so you can decide for yourself.  It is short and to the point.  HERE.
     Let us start by defining Behavioral Science: A scientific discipline, such as sociology, anthropology, or psychology, in which the actions and reactions of humans and animals are studied through observational and experimental methods. 
     Next question, what is behavioral science used for?  I searched and found an interesting article under management at Boundless . com.  It's interesting because it is used to not only understand the human mind, but help them to unify and control the work or other environments.  You can read about it HERE.
     What concerns me, and hopefully concern you, is the following statements made.  "can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people."  Okay...Okay, so far...so good.  BUT:  "
the Federal Government should design its policies and programs to reflect our best understanding of how people engage with, participate in, use, and respond to those policies and programs."  Wait, what?  Let us replace some of the words with their meanings so we don't get cheated by Doublespeak. I will underline the words that I define.
      The government should (plan or sketch, build etc.) a policy or a program to (mirror) our (The Federal Government's)understanding of how people (We the Citizen's they serve) (hold fast, or bind by a promise) with, participate in, use, and (react) to those policies and programs.
     Hmm...this might be good...I mean the majority of people don't want to go to war, don't want many government control, actually, based off many surveys the United States People are ready to get back their freedom, not all people, but most people.
     Of course, we cannot define a Policy based off one carefully constructed sentence.  Especially when you think: How do they come up with a policy based off how people are going to respond to it?  Do they first test the water?  Do they send out article after article into the mainstream media and based off readers response decide on that policy?  I hope not, after all: What about AstroTurfers?
     So we continue reading and we find out that the Executive Order is about: (At least this is my interpretation, please read it yourself so you can make up your OWN MIND!!!!!)
  • Use manipulation, oh I mean social science, to extend public welfare.
  • Use Social Science to reevaluate all current programs...Basically get those on board who are not on board. (E.G.: Make those who think that the Affordable Health Care Act is bad for us, like it...etc...)
  • Grow the societal use of welfare programs by making it easier to get these items
  • Use Social Science to control the American People on: Health Care, Education, Saving for Retirement, and Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy.

    Now whether or not you are For or Against Welfare, whether you are for or against a low-carbon economy, you must take a look at what your government is saying about you.  They are going to "educate" you to do what "they" deem is best for "them"  

    As an adult: I plan for my retirement.  As an adult I paid for my education (which if you go instate to a state school isn't expensive and will not bankrupt you).  As an adult I have had health insurance since I was 18.  As an adult I am keenly aware of my health and what I need to do.  As a person who has breathed in the toxic chemicals the corporations continually dump into the air, yes I would like a little less pollution (This means all sorts of pollution, from earth killing chemicals poured on plants to spilling crap into water, to stealing water, to...well you get it)

    What I don't need is the government helping me plan for retirement: Might I remind the public that it is the government who STOLE, oh I mean borrowed the Social Security that many counted on for retirement.  I don't need the government to STEAL my retirement.  I don't need the government telling me how to be healthy...why?  Since they got involved in health American's are sicker, fatter (no offense people), and on more drugs than ever before.  I don't need the government to take care of my college level education.  They already have 13-years, we are behind many countries, and you want to give them 4 more years?  And as far as POLLUTION?  Seriously? 

    In my mind, this is just a ploy to condition the public into paying a tax on Carbon (the corporations who pollute will be excluded) and if you don't like it...they will use brain washing...oh I mean social science...to make you LOVE IT.  Let us all be honest: our government is bought and paid for and the very idea of trusting them is not only ridiculous, it is insane. 

    Alright, that is all.  Please let me know what your conclusions are on this executive order.  And if you haven't had the chance, please read my last article onDOUBLESPEAK.  :)

“There are no potholes in the streets of Tucson, Arizona, just "pavement deficiencies." The Reagan Administration didn't propose any new taxes, just "revenue enhancement" through new "user's fees." Those aren't bums on the street, just "non-goal oriented members of society." There are no more poor people, just "fiscal underachievers." There was no robbery of an automatic teller machine, just an "unauthorized withdrawal." The patient didn't die because of medical malpractice, it was just a "diagnostic misadventure of a high magnitude." The US Army doesn't kill the enemy anymore, it just "services the target." And the doublespeak goes on.” ….  Excerpt from Doublespeak by William Lutz

Let us begin with the definition of Language: use of words as a method of human communication.  Faculty of speech.  Style of expression.  System of symbols and rules for writing computer programs.  Any method of expression.

Next we must look at Communication: act of imparting, esp news.  Information, communicated.  Oxford Dictionary said to see also: information and transmission.   Syn: make known, impart, confer, transfer, hand on or down, share, pass on or along.

This article is based off William Lutz’s studies and a summary of his work: Doublespeak.  It is imperative, if we are to retain any hope of saving communication and language, that we ALL learn how to spot and beat this mess created by DOUBLESPEAK.

 William Lutz set out to define, analyze and document doublespeak.  He found that it had nothing to do with bad grammar or syntax, but rather: “It is instead a very conscious use of language as a weapon or tool by those in power to achieve their ends at our expense.  While some doublespeak is funny, much of it is frightening.”

Questions to ask in order to spot doublespeak:

  • ·         Who is saying what to whom?
  • ·         Under what conditions and circumstances?
  • ·         With what intent?
  • ·         With what results?
  • ·         The golden five: Who, What, Why, When, and How?

Four Levels of doublespeak:

Euphemism: An inoffensive or positive word or phrase used to avoid harsh, unpleasant, or distasteful reality. 

Example: “passed away” “restroom”  “sleeping with” or “involved with.”  These are not meant to mislead anyone about the meaning behind them, when we say: restroom, we know it means bathroom. 

It is when euphemism is used to mislead or deceive, it becomes doublespeak.

Example of Euphemism doublespeak: In 1984 (a coincidence?) the US State Department declared it would no longer use the word killing in its annual report on the status of human rights in countries around the world.  Instead, it would use the phrase “unlawful or arbitrary deprivation of life.”  Its purpose for using this phrase was to avoid discussing government-sanctioned killings in countries that are supported by the US. 

Another Example: The Pentagon refers to bombs and artillery shells that fall on civilian targets as “incontinent ordnance.”  And in 1977 the Pentagon tried to slip in funding for the neutron bomb into an appropriations bill by calling it:  Radiation Enhancement Device.  And the current word: Collateral Damage: The U.S. military states the term is used in regards to unintentional or incidental damage to non-combatant property and non-combatant casualties, (Or death to a person or destruction of property that was not the original target. Notice their definition of it is also doublespeak) <<Those are prime examples of doublespeak, they are a deliberate attempt to mislead. It is language designed to alter our perception of reality. 

Jargon: The specialized language of a trade, profession, similar group, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, etc.  (And in my humble opinion, the makers of Common Core)

Jargon does serve a useful function within a group.  It can act as a verbal shorthand that allows the people in the group to communicate clearly, efficiently, and quickly. 

When Jargon becomes doublespeak: When words and sentences or communication becomes pretentious in nature (I know better than you because I am a Doctor, Lawyer, etc...) and it begins to obscure and give an air of authority and prestige to the person, communication ends and doublespeak begins. It is also doublespeak when they make the simple appear complex.  (Again, from me, and just my opinion, I think about many of the new educational practices and new ways for doing once simple tasks like 12 +15)

Examples: Smelling: Organoleptic analysis.  Glass: Fused silicate. 

Jargon doublespeak is especially bad when members of the specialized group use it to communicate with a person on the outside. 

Example: May 9, 1978: National Airlines 727 crashed. The airline made 1.7 million on after-tax benefit, they needed to disclose where the 1.7 million came from to stock holders, so they wrote: “the involuntary conversion of a 727.”  The general public is normally not familiar with legal jargon, thus the use would be considered doublespeak: an attempt to mislead.

Gobbledygook or Bureaucratese
: The piling on of word, after word, after word, the longer the word, the better.  They want to overwhelm the audience with these words.  (There really isn’t a “positive” side to this one)

Example: 1974 Allan Greenspan testifying before the Senate: “It is a tricky problem to find the particular calibration in timing that would be appropriate to stem the acceleration in risk premiums created by falling incomes without prematurely aborting the decline in the inflation-generated risk premiums.”

Example: Vice President Candidate Dan Quayle, 1988 presidential campaign on strategic-defense:  “Why wouldn’t an enhanced deterrent, a more stable peace, a better prospect to denying the ones who enter conflict in the first place to have a reduction of offensive system and an introduction to defense capability?  I believe this is the route the country will eventually go.”

I am sure we can all think of many more examples, namely, many of the bills now shoved down the throats of the United States Citizen.

Inflated Language: The way of making ordinary: extraordinary.  This one is normally the easiest to spot.

Example: Not really meant to mislead: mechanics: automotive internists, elevator operators: vertical transportation corps, used cars: pre-owned…etc.

Example of Doublespeak through inflated Language: “We are initiating a career alternative enhancement program.” What it means: firing workers.  “Negative patient-care outcome” or the patient is dead. “Rapid oxidation” is a fire at a nuclear power plant.

Example of serious doublespeak through inflated language: “pre-emptive counterattack.”  US attacks first.  “Engaged the enemy on all sides”: troops ambushed. 

In the end we must remember that Doublespeak is designed to corrupt thought. It has become so common that many do not notice it.  They don’t react, and they don’t protest.    We are now living in a time where doublespeak has allowed for people to avoid responsibility and has made the bad seem good, and the negative positive.  If this continues, which it will, it will destroy the very function of language.  How can you fight for your “rights” if you think they are just “privileges?” How can you have “freedom” if you don’t even know what freedom really is anymore? 


Please share and list examples of Doublespeak below, and please share with others examples of doublespeak. 

As always, thank you for stopping by.  Catch you on the flip-side. 

OH: Last thought.  George Carlin has a great way of getting the message of doublespeak across.  And yes, I am starting to think that the no longer using the word he and she and instead use ze is a form of doublespeak.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, please see this article: HERE.

So yesterday, around 4 pm, that would be....hmmm...16:00 hours, I got sick, really sick.  Let us say: Saying I was burning the candle at both ends is an understatement...I was burning a bright and painful fire at both ends.. . ;) .... What...Ladies don't get sick, and certainly don't admit to it.  Well there it is.
     How does this match: Failure to Communicate.  Well...If you know me, you know that I am all about freedom of body and mind, and sometimes I take it too far.  Fast forward to 6:45, I am pale, sick, and think I am dying.  I tell Deavan (mom of this story) and Steve (pop-pop of this story a.k.a grandpa of this story) that I am going to bed.  The look of dread falls over both of them.  Why? I not only have to teach Raven (Deavan's sister, Steve's daughter) in the morning, I have to watch Drascilla, a13 day old baby--MOM: Deavan, from 4 to 10.  Why? So Deavan can go to school and Steve can stay at work. They both begin talking about me behind my back (okay, they weren't talking about me behind my back, but that is how I, Elicia, overreact, when it comes to my ability to do things).  Steve and Deavan get into a slight disagreement about what to do in the morning, Steve tells Deavan she needs to find someone to watch Drascilla, and though I am dying, at least in their minds, she trust me more than anyone...I mean this is a compliment, right?  Steve, is not so sure.  They don't come to a solution, and everyone goes to bed angry, except me, I go to bed sick, Raven, she goes to bed happy, as she always does, and Drascilla, well, she did what babies do.
     Morning comes.  I get up, feeling like crap, but its okay.  I already went to Germ Watch Utah, found what was circulating, found out when I caught it, how I caught it, and how I can avoid giving it to the baby.  I go to Smith's, and it is abnormally busy for a Monday at 10.  I am careful not to touch anything without my cloth I brought, and buy gloves and face mask.  I help a man looking for something (People seem to think I know everything and where everything is...and they are right.. ;-) )  And I come home.
     After I successfully, with mask and gloves, walk Raven, teach Raven, and get ready to watch the baby without getting her sick Deavan said to me, "Daddy said I needed to find a babysitter." 
      Being the person I am, I said, "Oh he did, did he?"
      And this is where the miscommunication beings.  I, being mindful of the baby, studied and figured out what I had, meanwhile I feel like Deavan and Steve are conspiring against me.  So naturally, after I watch this beautiful little girl, and make sure I don't touch her with my yucky skin, the two workers come home and I get angry at both of them.  Poor Steve looks confused while Deavan, after listening to me speak about me feeling hurt that I didn't care about the baby, said what needed to be said: "Oh, Sorry I was worried about you while you where (going to the bathroom) while simultaneously (vomiting), and then went to bed at 6:30, next time when you are sick I'll say: Why you going to bed early you lazy ass.  Gee, so sorry I gave a shit about your health."
     I had to apologize to Steve, because let's face it, I was a bitch to him and accused him of NOT loving me, even though he was loving me.  (I said he didn't love me because I was the best person to watch the baby, thus I should watch the baby and if anyone stopped me that meant they didn't love me...I know, I know, Girl moment...no offense girls)  And then I thanked Deavan for helping me put it into perspective.
     To sum up for those confused by my confusing blog post:
     I love Deavan so much.
     I want to protect Deavan's baby as if she was my own.
     I have a problem which means I don't like anyone watching my children but me.
     I studied what I had, I knew I could prevent it from spreading by: washing my hands, not touching my face, wearing gloves, and a mask.  Thus when they thought I would get the baby sick I thought they were testing my integrity (How selfish of me...seriously...very selfish...it should have been about the baby)
     I felt like Deavan and Steve didn't love me because I wasn't able to watch the baby.  (yes, yes, I realize that they actually do love me because I was too sick to watch the baby and they didn't want me to get sicker)
     I only had a simple "Common Cold" bug...and with washing hands, and not touching the baby with my hands (seriously, hands are disgusting) I could avoid getting her sick.

     In the end, everyone was hurt, but we all made up and all said: Elicia, You need to chill out.  Moral of the story:  Talk to each other and ask questions...AND have a back up plan!!!
      Thanks for stopping by:  Catch you on the flip side. (Obviously I am not too sick, after all I am writing this...maybe just to prove a point...or maybe because...I slept too long today and now I can't fall asleep ;-))

    Love and Hugs.

What a strange day.  I almost cried.  As my avid readers of my novels know, I have a love of cars.  Not the usual kind, but a more spiritual type.  Sounds weird, right? The story goes; when I was a very young child, I was afraid to die.  I didn't understand what would happen to the body, and my father said something to comfort me.  He said the soul is like the driver in the car, and when you reach your destination, you get out, you are still you, just without your body.  For some strange reason this made sense to me, and it stuck.
     Cars symbolize a journey to me and life is just that, a journey.  The car in the picture is my daughter Deavan's car.  It is now to a stage where it was more expensive to fix than to keep, so we shipped it off to where cars go to die.  As the man loaded it up, I snapped a picture, because for me it seemed like so much more than a simple car dying, it was as if the past was now gone and the future was here, which is an obvious statement; an obvious truth.  Deavan is no longer a child, and her teenage car is no longer here.  It made me reflect on my own mortality more now than ever before. 
     My child has a child. 
     It makes a girl think. 
     My projected retirement is at age 68, which would be in 2044...and oh boy, pop that year into the old computer and see what the future holds for us Gen X - Y bubble.  Sure, we know that Social Security will be gone, we count that as a simple tax.  But there is something more, it comes down to the generation who would be our caregivers: Z and Whatever they are going to call those born this year.  They are sicker and well, their life span is estimated to be less than ours.  I could cite different views on this statement, but I ask: Do we really need a survey to tell us this?  With social media I see it, more and more children are sick, people my age are getting cancer all the time, and I wonder:  What happens to Generation Z and Generation (?)  when they look around and see that only 1 in 10 of them are not chronically ill?  What then?  Are they to take care of Gen X, Y, and Z?  
     I sigh, because this is what is happening.  We see it day in and day out.  But the healthy, they will grow weary, tired of having to plow the field alone.  What will happen when they can no longer stand to do it?  When will the breaking point be achieved?  When will all of us say: Enough is Enough?
     I don't have the answer.  At least not now, maybe I will in time.
     All I can do is keep myself healthy, my family healthy, and hope, that others will do the same.  Yet might I suggest, just a small suggestion: Please start understanding that we took a wrong turn somewhere.  Though it is hard, and it takes work, maybe we should all sit down and ask: Why?  Why are our children sicker?  Why are we sicker?  What can we do?  Is there anything we can do? 
     Sorry...This seems to be a rambled post, but I wonder: Do any of you feel the same? 
     As always, have a beautiful day!!!

Remember the question: If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?  Some of us laugh, because in the scenario to the left we would jump and enjoy doing it.  Alas, this is not about that.
     As you may or may not know, we have moved into a unique moment of history.  We are entering into the age of the SuperBug, and what makes it worse, we are the creators of our own destruction.  These antibiotic bugs are so bad Consumer Reports took the time to write up an article.   " Peggy Lillis’ and Zachary Doubek’s stories are all too common. Though antibiotics have saved millions of lives since penicillin was first prescribed almost 75 years ago, it’s now clear that unrestrained use of the drugs also has unexpected and dangerous consequences, sickening at least 2.25 million Americans each year and killing 37,000."  You can read the full article here:link
     Let that sink in for just a moment: 37,000 Americans, that is more than all vaccination diseases in America, excluding smallpox (which we no longer vaccinate for) Just look up CDC death rate for: Measles before vaccination (Or place which ever vaccine disease you would like.)  Sorry, I won't do the leg work for this as  I want to keep this short.
     Okay...You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with jumping off a cliff?  Let me explain:
     As you all know Deavan, my daughter, recently had an emergency C-Section.  The baby was fine, mommy is fine...but they have the Nursery that the baby is taken to to get bathed, Hep B vaccine, Vitamin K shot, and the Erythromycin in the eyes.  (Obviously we opted out of Hep B vaccination)
     This is about Erythromycin.  It is an antibiotic derived from streptomyces erythraus, and is used primarily to treat gram-positive and atypical microorganisms, such as streptococci, mycoplasma, and legionella.  The primary side effects are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea (the package insert also says that eye irritation is normal).  Many people know Erythromycin as the stuff they put in the baby's eyes after vaginal birth to prevent the baby from going blind.  More information:  Erythromycin is used in the U.S. and Canada to prevent ophthalmia neonatorum which can happen if the mother is positive for Chlamydia or gonorrhea.  Needless to say: Yeah medicine for helping babies. 
     To sum up: The baby only needs Erythromycin if the mother is: Positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea AND the mother gives birth vaginally. 
     Deavan was negative for all STI's AND she did not have a vaginal birth.  This means the baby had ZERO chance of getting opthalmia neonatorum.  YEAH...NO EYE GOOP.
     But: Here is that cliff.  The nurse brings out the cream.  I say: "What is that?"  She replies: "Erythromycin." I promptly say: "She was a C-section baby."  The nurse said: "It's procedural." 
     My stomach actually hurts at this point.  Why?  Procedural?  They do it to every baby.  I then respond, "Even though it is only for treating babies that are born to a positive mom of chlamydia or gonorrhea and a vaginal birth?"  Again she repeats, as if a robot, "It's procedural."
     I tell her no, and happily, at least in the state of UTAH (Yeah UTAH) a parent has a constitutional right to decide on their child's care. 
     This was a NO risk situation.  Deavan's baby had ZERO risk of the disease, so why would we risk: diarrhea, which can be dangerous to babies, if their was no risk for the disease?  Not to mention the small risk that she had an allergic reaction and went into shock.
     To play devil's advocate.  I could see the hospital pressuring the antibiotic if the baby was vaginally born, as we all know that one can get an STI very easily and it may not show up on the test for weeks...BUT again....The baby was not born that way.
     Why does this matter? 
     The word Procedural comes back to mind.  They give ALL babies an antibiotic regardless of a zero risk.  This, in a time of the super-bug.  The World Health Organization has proclaimed: This is a real crisis and that it will be killing more people than Cancer.  An estimated 10 Million deaths a year will result if we DON'T Stop it now!    By saying NO, to unnecessary use of antibiotics, I was helping...and I, hope you can do the same.  How?
       Per Consumer Reports:

Don’t push for antibiotics. If your doctor says you don’t have a bacterial infection, don’t insist. Ask about other treatments that can help you feel better, such as a pain reliever, throat soother, antihistamine, or decongestant.

Ask whether you can fight it off on your own. If bacteria are the cause but your symptoms are mild, ask about trying to fight off the infection without drugs.

Request targeted drugs. When possible, your doctor should order cultures to identify the bacteria that caused your infection and prescribe a drug that targets that bug.

Use antibiotic creams sparingly. Even antibiotics applied to the skin can lead to resistant bacteria. So use over-the-counter ointments containing bacitracin and neomycin only if dirt remains after cleaning with soap and water.

Avoid infections in the first place. That means staying up to date on vaccinations. And it means washing your hands thoroughly and regularly, especially before preparing or eating food, before and after treating a cut or wound, and after using the bathroom, sneezing, coughing, and handling garbage. Plain soap and water is best. Avoid antibacterial hand soaps and cleaners, which may promote resistance.

Final tip:  Just because it is "procedural" and "everyone is doing it"  doesn't mean that you need to do it too.  EDUCATE yourself.  Saying NO in our case was the only Scientific thing to say.  You don't put a band-aid on your skin if you don't have a cut, so why treat a disease that you have no way of getting?

As always, thanks for joining me.  Remember: You have the right to say NO!