Today’s challenge: challenge your own assumptions.  Ask a question that you are forbidden to ask either by your internal thoughts, or by those around you, and attempt to find that answer.  Why?  In this, sometimes mad world, we get so caught up in fear, we let it drench us in stench, drench us in hatred, and in this we create an even worse world.  And I am not simply talking about religion.  I am talking about all of it: Scientific, Conspiracy, Parents, Partners, Death, Life, Love, Fear…every thought and feeling.  Sometimes, we must ask new questions if we are to think new things. 
“Begin challenging your own assumptions.  Your assumptions are your windows on the world.  Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”

“Never believe fully in anybody else’s belief system. […] I don’t care who it is.  Don’t swallow their belief system totally.  Don’t accept all of their bullshit totally.  The second rule is like onto the first: don’t believe totally in your own BS.  Which means that as Bucky Fuller said, ‘the universe consists of non-simultaneously apprehended events.  NON-simultaneously!  The universe consists of non-simultaneously apprehended events?  Which means any belief system or reality tunnel you’ve got right now is gonna have to be revised and updated as you continue to apprehend new events later in time, non-simultaneously. […]But once you have a belief system everything that comes in either gets ignored if it doesn’t fit the belief system, or it gets distorted enough so that it can fit into the belief system.  You’ve got to be continuously revising your map of the world.”  Robert Anton Wilson
Maybe citizens of the United States are too far removed from War to think clearly, ethically, and morally about it.  Now before you get mad, please hear me out. I don't like war, but I am not passionate about stopping it, at least not in the sense I would be if say: I had a son, who was drafted into a war zone. 
     But this all changed this morning.
     As you all know, Raven is homeschooled, and lucky for me, she will not read this, and I prefer her to not read this and ask for people not to talk to her about this, as I am hopeful nothing will come of it.  What am I talking about?  One of her best friends lives in Turkey.  Raven sleeps while the girl is at school and when she gets home from school, Raven is awake, so they chat online for an hour or two before the girl has to eat dinner.  Well as you may or may not know is that Turkey shot down a Russian Airplane.  Hearing this terrified me.  But why?
     What happens if Russia and Turkey go to war?  What happens to this little girl that brings joy into my child's life?  This is when the realities of war set in.  This is when war got personal, and my heart sank.  Sure, I always wanted peace, but now I cry out, Please, Please: Peace!!!  Peace!!!  Their are children all over the world dying for what?  For what?
     So today, I ask that any of the older generations to PLEASE share your stories online.  Remind the younger generation how you felt when your brother, neighbor, uncle, or father was shipped off to war and never returned. I honestly believe that no one wants war, but until we understand what War really is: Killing of Innocent People, I don't believe we will ever stop it. And stop it we must!  Another World War will kill most of us.  It will kill millions of innocent children. 
     Thank you for stopping by, and please, if you can, share your stories.  Remind people why we should not go to war.  This madness has to end. 

Would you act differently if you found out (knew 100%) that you were connected to 7 other people; your life influences  them, and their life influences you?  Example: One persons skills allows the others to get better at it. (Imagine a runner, the more he grows, the easier it would be for the other 7 people, but so too is the opposite, if he uses drugs, over eats, is destructive, it hurts you and the others)
     Now don't twist the question into believing this question is about We-Are-One, and we must sacrifice for the greater good type question. (My readers know that I am: All for one, one for all, the Greater good is NOT like that).  It is straight forward, and fictional.  Imagine.  You are connected to only these 7 strangers, for a total of 8, you don't know them, but they are out there.  So again: Would you act differently if you knew you were connected to 7 other people and each action affected them, just as theirs affects you? 

To start this "rant" I would like to first define family:  2 or more people living together, working in harmony and love to create an environment that can nurture a child and help that child grow into a Free Thinking adult who is capable of navigating life. I also believe that in order to achieve this type of environment, one adult should have access to stay with the child until the child is old enough to go out into the world alone.  As you can see, the world we have created is preventing families from even existing.  And it is only going to get worse.  (Remember, I don't care if the parent staying home is: Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandpa, long as they are a loving adult)   
     People are naturally altruistic.  We do not like to see poverty, people hurting, or war, and the Elites know this and use it against us. 
     Definition of Elite: A select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.  A size of letter in typewriting.  For the purpose of this "rant" my definition of Elite: Those in power who seek to control the masses through manipulation.  (Special note from the Author:
The biggest lie being told:  The general population is too stupid, too greedy, and too selfish to create: A system for and by the people.  Don’t believe it.  80% of us would gladly volunteer our time to help others. We don’t need more Ism’s.  We need to value our worth and not let the government and big business stand in the way of helping our fellow man.  But, mark my word, this number is growing smaller by the minute.  Adults are actually turning infantile and are incapable of sustaining life without BIG BROTHER. )

     "Modern education's focus is on the elimination of individualism in favor of collectivism, creating a society of predictable automatons that are incapable of thinking for themselves, doing and thinking only as they are told by the so-called "experts".   Do you believe this statement made?  No, well then, let me try to sway you.  Either way, I am glad you are here and at least value yourself enough to seek out the truth behind the lies.

     UNESCO: The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.  You thought a Federal Take over of the Education System left parents without a say, well you've not seen anything.  Imagine a Group that control education around the ENTIRE WORLD. Why should you care?     UNESCO, in 1949, put together a 10-part Series for teachers, entitled: Toward World Understanding.  To quote: "As we have pointed out, it is frequently the FAMILY that infects the child with extreme Nationalism.  The school should therefore use the means described earlier to combat family attitudes."  Vol. V  (My interpretation: State good, Family Bad.)

     While ignorance and hate MAY start in the family, what roll has daycare, pre-school, elementary school, etc...added to this? 

     Let us move forward.  Benjamin Bloom, a PHD who REVOLUTIONIZED lesson planning for the American Classroom stated: The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the student
     (We, the adults of this world believe that education should teach people how to think, not what to think, and it most certainly should not be used as a way of changing thoughts, feelings and actions.  The only reason to change people's thoughts, feelings, and actions would be when they are being destructive.)
     Why does Bloom matter?  Bloom believed that the first four years of a child's life were the most critical.  He helped establish the Head Start Program in the US. He is also called the father of Outcome based education.  (The means justify the ends)
     Now while you may agree with his view on changing the thoughts, feelings, and actions of students...You must ask yourself: Well if it is not my values that are being shared with the child, who's is it?  (You can go to the extreme here and say: If those in charge believe in child marriage, pedophilia, and war: can they push this? Of course they can, if they get your child early enough).

     UNESCO Today: "Building peace in the minds of men and women."  Sounds great to me.  How can anyone argue against that?  Exactly.  That is how it all works.  They sell us on a concept we all want, then they usurp it. 

     If you look here you can read the 1945 Constitution, which US is part of.  They state that the way to build peace is: "
That a peace based exclusively upon the political and economic arrangements of governments would not be a peace which could secure the unanimous, lasting and sincere support of the peoples of the world, and that the peace must therefore be founded, if it is not to fail, upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind.
For these reasons, the States Parties to this Constitution, believing in full and equal opportunities for education for all, in the unrestricted pursuit of objective truth, and in the free exchange of ideas and knowledge, are agreed and determined to develop and to increase the means of communication between their peoples and to employ these means for the purposes of mutual understanding and a truer and more perfect knowledge of each other’s lives; "

    While I agree with the idea of peace, I always fear terms that require a control over education, and they seek to educate us all.  "Moral Solidarity of Mankind."  Who decides what is Moral?  And why is it that we are handing over billions of little minds to a small group of people? 

     My biggest fear about UNESCO is that it is achieving the take over of Education, education that seeks to destroy the family and create people who only think that authority has the right to think and feel.   UNESCO is behind Common Core, source information can be found in this Article: here

    Now I know, I know, they are just standards and a test, a simple little test, right?  I've posted before about tests being used as a means of inserting propaganda that the parent will not know about, thus cannot combat. I've written before and asked: Why can't the parents see the test even AFTER the student has taken it?  Now I ask this question: Why was a TN Legislator stopped from taking the test?  "
  He was told: ‘Nothing is wrong with the standards. There is no reason for you to review them in the classroom. We thought you were coming because of glitches.’ Even if that were the case, why was I welcomed if it was about glitches, but when it became about standards, they slammed the door closed on an elected official?”  Please read the Article HERE.

     But don't give up Hope.  There are some solutions.  The easiest, if you don't agree with it, don't participate in it. We have to think outside the box.  We must be the voice for our children.  We must, in the very least, teach our children how to recognize propaganda, skewed information, and give them the ability and encourage them to Ask: Who, What, Why, When, How.  We also need to teach them to use definitions of words to understand what it is that they are being taught.  You must also teach them how to handle "focus" questions. 
Example: Focus Questions for
1st grade students.  The teacher asks: 1. Why do we follow rules and respect authority? How can citizens work together to solve issues?  What are some important symbols  of our country and why are they important?
       I've actually been looking at these questions, taken directly from Teaching Lesson Plan, and I am kind of stumped. Asking a 1st grader: Why do we respect authority?  Authority? Some would think this is a good thing, but should you respect Authority that doesn't respect you? 
       I think I shall end this here, I will post some videos that might help.  But honestly, I would love feedback on how we can help those stuck in this school system.  I home school, but I know that some people can't, so what do we do?

I also invite you to watch the following playlist:
My wish today is to just pass along the message of Manufactured Consent.  If you get time I will post a long video below that will explain it, and of course a shorter video as well.  We must question things or we will be controlled.  Don't be the submissive 80% that goes along to get along.  It is okay to disagree with others, we have nearly 8 billion people, we can't all be the same.
  "The government and corporations love me so...for the media tells me so" I've been singing this in my head this morning, it actually make me sad.  BUT...the big doesn't have to be true.  Once you free your mind by asking questions, you will be able to see through the crap they are constantly shoveling down our throats.
“It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies.” ― Noam Chomsky