As we say good-bye to 2014 and hello to 2015.  I would like to start on a positive note by sharing one of my favorite songs, and sharing the favorite photos I have shared over the past year.  Thank-you all for sticking with me.  I am hoping 2015 will be my best writing year ever.  Don't forget to come see me at the Tuscon Book Festival in March!!!  And remember, keep reading!

We have a battle going on in the educational system right now.  Battle, gee, I don't know about you, but I am so sick of a group of people getting together and deciding what is best for me and my family.  So today I ask: You people who seek to take away my right to home-school my child, and to those who seek to force me to give my child the same test your public school child takes: How would you like it if I got a group of people together, got a big corporation to back me, and we forced you to home-school, shut down the public school system, or have your public school child take one of my child's tests?  (I bet you wouldn't like that, but you feel safe because you are the majority, and as we know, right now, in America, the bully wins).
     I dare guess that your child will fail our Science test, our Italian test, and some may even fail our Language Arts test.  If your child isn't taking Italian, of course they will fail, why?  They aren't learning it.  And if they aren't learning the Science I am teaching my child, of course your child will fail it, but what about the Language Arts test, surely they could pass that.  And hopefully they will, after all, it is simply to find a book that sparks their imagination, to read it on their own, then tell me about it as we walk. 
     I would never infringe upon your right to send your child to strangers who teach your child what they deem the child needs to learn, so why do you insist on taking away my rights?  Right now the educational system is teaching our children to be good little ants and serve the queen, right now the educational system is teaching our children what it means to be a good citizen.  Right now our educational system is teaching new math systems.  Well guess what:  I am teaching my child how to be an entrepreneur, to run for office, and an old-old math system...actually 3 different math systems...oops...you know what, I am even teaching her a 4th system: Common Core Math.  Why am I teaching her common core math, because we find it amusing.
     Now I don't want to compare my child with yours.  I think each child is unique and offers up a unique take on the world.  What you don't understand is that these people pushing the One-Size-fits all method, don't really care about your child as a child, they think of your child as human capital.  They think your child is a cog, and they want that cog to know exactly what the other cogs know so that they can compete globally, and if this is the goal of education, and you like this goal: So Be IT.  But please, let each parent decide what is best for their child. I won't lobby to shut down public schools, if you stop lobbying to take away home-schooling and to force parents to take your tests.  Remember, tests don't really show aptitude, they show that the child studied what you told them to and can spit it back out.  

<<<< I saw this picture in the creative commons section, listed under "dark" and I said: Well sir, I like that.  It struck a cord deep inside me.   Shall we talk about the Darkest Hour?
The darkest hour is just before the dawn.  Meaning: There is hope, even in the worst of circumstances.  Yes, lovely; but to me I can't help shiver and quake.  Why?  We have not seen the darkest hour.

When I was 17-years-old, I did the unthinkable.  I was presently locked into the State's system and like a rebel, I chose to runaway.  Did you know it is a crime for a child to runaway.  To me, this says I am nothing more than chattel who must be minded after and told what to do, think, and say.  I had been moved into a "dorm" so to speak.  Basically it is a transition area where a bunch of teenage girls are herded together and have to earn points to be able to move out, you know, be an adult.  How do you get points? Buy a car, have a job, read a book, nothing that drastic, and actually a nice idea, I mean you don't want to throw foster kids out on their ass the moment they turn 18 do you? 

Well, whatever, I didn't like it there.  I had a job, I could support myself, and so I left.  Bad idea, well at least to the State.  I however supported myself with a job and was not a burden on taxpayers.  When I turned 18 I decided, well, I no longer have to be on the run, so I went to court the day the Judge would decide if I would be released from State's care.  Big, big mistake.  The judge literally yelled at me, called me a child and even said to me: "What you think you are so cool?  So cool because you fooled all the cops?"

Yikes, the man was more angry that I eluded police. How hidden could I be?  I had a job.  I paid my taxes. I lived only a mile from the police.  Did they come to the door where I was staying?  Yes, yes they did.  Did I hide, yes, yes I did.  Why?  Why would I break a law?  Because I was a free human being, I was doing no harm to anyone, in fact, I was being a good little citizen. 

How did it end?  Well after being yelled at I stood up and asked: Am I a criminal?  I was in a situation that was not right for me.  The girls were cruel.  They stole from me.  And love, compassion, there was none your honor.  It was like being locked in a prison, but being able to leave to go to work or school.  What was my crime?  Why was I put in this place in the first place.  I was 17.  I had a job.  I could take care of myself.....Needless to say the judge was not pleased, he placed me on a good-faith thing until I was 21 that said if I broke one law, even got caught smoking, I would go to jail for a year. 

Did I make it?  Of course I did, I didn't want to go to jail, so for the next three years I lived in utter fear.  It's a sickening feeling folks.  A feeling you should all share as we have so many laws now that anyone of you could end up in jail, and over the slightest pretense.

But what does this have to do with: Hope?  And the Darkest hour?

My darkest hour, my darkest hour?  My darkest hour was at age five.  My darkest hour was running into the darkness.  My darkest hour was running in snow, bare foot, and freezing.  My darkest hour did not deliver the dawn.  The dawn would not come for another 15-years. 

Sad story Elicia, but what does this have to do with anything?  Simple: We are living in dark times my friend.  Sure we must have hope, after all, things have gotten better, at least I think they have.  We at least have the illusion of freedom, but as more and more laws pass, I fear that we haven't even begun to imagine just how dark it can get. 

Technology is a double edge sword.  It has delivered a new awakening where people can find information and get the truth, and yet, it is also fraught with lies, lies so deeply rooted that I fear those who spout the lies believe it to be true.  We know this statement is true, how: Go to any social media outlet and read some comments on "hot" topics.  Abortion, Climate Change, Police Brutality, Taxes, CPS, Vaccination, Medication, Farming, Food, Education, and GMO to name but a few.  What do you see: Lies, manipulation, and possibly, if you are lucky, the truth: but how do you know which is which? You don't, not really. 

So what can you do?

You must rely on logic and reason.  You must learn to ask these simple questions: Who, what, where, when, why and how. You must also grow up.  You must be an adult!  I knew what was happening to me in the State Home was wrong, so I took the bull by the horns and walked away to ensure my sanity.  I was breaking a law.  I was owned by the state and I didn't have a right to take care of myself, and as absurd as this sounds, this is what is happening in the United States of America, right now. 

You must realize that the same argument you use to take away someone's rights, will be used against you.

Doctor's and nurses are learning this right now.  Parent's with school age children are learning this right now. In fact, as the days wear on, many people are learning that they really do not live in a society where: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness matters.

Now am I saying: Stop all welfare and change the laws back to the way they were.  NOPE!  Think about how many people would die if you shut off the government. 35.4% of the population is on welfare.  That is 109 million people.  Another 4 million work for the government, and not to mention people who work for the local government and states.  And what about the people on Social Security, you know, the elderly generation that paid into it but had their money stolen by the government?  In all reality, from what I can find, we have about 119,400,000 people working full time.  YIKES.  If we don't do something those who are paying for all the food, the energy, doing the work, will no longer be able to carry this burden. 

Time to wake up.  The USA is
   17 Trillion Dollars in Debt!!!!!  Who do we owe this money to: 2.1 trillion is owned to the Federal Reserves.  If you see my source;here, you will see that the Federal Reserves is listed under the Federal government, sorry the federal reserves is not the Federal Government.  Please do some research.  We also owe: 2.6 Trillion to Social Security.  (How did this happen?) We owe about 5 trillion to other countries.  We owe around 1 trillion to individuals, brokers, corporations and others.  (So really we owe 3.1 trillion to private bankers.) Oops sorry, we owe even more to private: State and local, banks, credit unions, mutual funds, private pensions, and insurance companies.

And it isn't getting better folks. Please see the following chart, here, it shows our federal government constantly spends more than it takes in. 

What can we do?

We need to hold ourselves accountable.  We must hold our nation accountable.  We must no longer bitch and complain.  Now is the time for action.  Now don't get me wrong: I am not telling you to take on the world, if you are one of the millions of working poor you have enough burdens.  So what can you do?  Baby steps.  If you look at our spending and debt, you can find little things that will help. Our medical spending is out of control.  Seriously folks.  If everyone that can get healthy, did, we would help ease our burdens.  If you are overweight, smoke, take dangerous medication: Maybe it is time that you found a natural and free way to fight these things.  Imagine a nation that all got out and walked 30-90 minutes a day?  This may sound stupid, and too simplistic, but in reality, it is the only solution right now.  No one person will be able to fix our nations problems, but each individual can, for the most part, fix themselves. And what is a nation but a billion individual people? 

Another step:  If you can get off welfare, food programs, or other things like this, please do.  Now I know everyone needs a little help now and then, but surely 35.4% can't be a good thing. 

Another step:  If you are in debt, do whatever you can to get out of debt.  Set a good example.  This is hard to do, I know that, emergencies happen, but if you are going in debt to drive a fancy car or to buy a fancy phone or to buy some more clothes, well, this is not a wise thing, this is especially true when buying a home, bigger isn't always better.  Remember: A nation is but a billion individual persons.  If we want our country out of debt, we must strive to set an example. If we want a healthy nation, we must get healthy.  If we want a country that is not corrupt, we must not be corrupt.  If we want to end abuse, we must not abuse...on and on. 

Remember: Even though you are but a drop of water in an endless ocean, an ocean is merely a collection of drops of water.

Okay, I will stop here, but I want to share one last thought, you may think it is pseudo-science, and that is okay: 
But I ask you to please ask the following and try to answer it for yourself.  Why did Elicia Share this under the topic of "It's always darkest before the dawn?"  And then, maybe: Ask Who, what, where, when, why, and how. 

Thank you.

What if we live and let live?  I know this is a hard concept for the do-gooders and control freaks of the world, but I have an idea.
Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. ~ C. S. Lewis

Solution: Instead of pushing your beliefs on others, I know you think you are doing it for their own good,  why not build a bridge full of information, and at the end of the bridge would be a safe house, for those who want to escape whatever it is you think they need escaping from. (The bridge is a metaphor)

Solution: Understand that no matter what you believe, if you impose your will on others, no matter what your reasoning, you are in the wrong.  (Rape is wrong, Pedophilia is wrong: Why, the person you are violating did not give consent, thus you are forcing your will on them)

Does this sound too simple?  Well of course it does.  Our education system, our news, our politicians, our leaders have programmed us to believe that easy solutions don't exist.  In order to help prove this system could work, I will wait until I have someone comment a problem that they think cannot be resolved this way, and I will do my best to prove it works.  Maybe it won't, maybe it will: But I think, in light of what is going on: We need to start coming up with some solutions.  Our world is literally crumbling around us.  I don't know about you but I am sick of war, I am sick of all the arguing on social websites.  I am sick of people spying on their neighbors.  Sick of it all. 

I will Tag this: Solution  all question will be answered as a blog post tagged under Solution.