We learn brainwashing techniques in order to avoid: Mind Control.  If you don't control your mind, you have no control at all.  There are no sources for this Article/Vlog...as I am using my own thoughts, and past stories I have heard...so there you go.   The manipulator uses these methods to gain control of you.  Let's change that.  Today we take a deeper look at Us vs. Them.  Remember: Brainwashing means: a process by which ideas are implanted in the mind.  Syn: Indoctrination.
Mind Control: Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person's basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs. It is a means of ending Individual Thought. It is 2 + 2 = 5.

Without freedom of speech we are in danger of creating a situation where everybody may disagree with something, but everybody also believes that everyone else does believe it so they say nothing, they do nothing, and a great atrocity occurs.  A simple example of this comes by way of a story most of Gen X and Baby-boomers are familiar with.  The Emperor Has No Clothes.  The story goes that everyone knew the emperor was naked, but were afraid because everyone else acted as though he did have clothes. This happens all to often in our world when we let "group think" take over the rational mind.  While the Emperor was simply humiliated, it illustrates the danger of suppressing speech.
     Think back to the Witch Trails.  Do you really believe everyone agreed with it?  How different might the world be if we had not killed hundreds of thousands of "witches"   ....   I could give a hundred of examples, but I am sure my readers already know most of them.
     Raven and I were reading a history lesson on the Christian Crusades.  A Viking had been converted to Christianity and went on these Crusades.  At a point, in the middle of a battle, women and children were being slaughtered but the Viking stood up and stopped the slaughter.  We all have it in us, the ability to stand up for what is right (and sometimes what is wrong), however, without FREEDOM of speech, all can be lost. All will be lost, and I will not be a part of the destruction of the ideals of freedom.
     I invite you to watch the youtube video below and also, when you have a minute, visit the following website to understand what is happening on College campuses around out great nation.  Our future leaders are learning that free speech is bad, segregation is good, and everyone should simply do as they are told.

My husband and I have been in an epic philosophical battle for the past year over a particular subject.  The subject is something I hold to a high standard and is one of my core beliefs.  The individual is superior to the Collective. It started off as discussing the Common Good, Greater Good, and the like.  But as time went on, we understood that it came down to an old philosophical argument: Which is Superior (for the betterment of humankind) Individualism or Collectivism?
     What does this have to do with Yin and Yang being Superior.? Yin and Yang represent the positive and negative of life. It can also be seen as a difference in thought and ideals.  All too often we want someone to be on our side, we hang out with people that think and believe just like we do, thus we find ourselves in a rut.  (Side note, this is why I am so strong in my belief of freedom of speech, without debate, we cannot grow)
     Well...We could grow...We could learn...It's just harder when we get in that rut, thus making Yin and Yang a Superior way of life, listening, seeing, and attempting to understand both the dark and light.
     Here is an example of Yin and Yin, vs. Yin and Yang (You could also say Yang and Yang vs. Yin and Yang).  Let's say Jan and Ron are married and they happened to belong to a cult.  They are so use to this cult, and all their friends like this cult, that it isn't until Jim Jones tells them to drink the Kool-aid that Ron starts to question whether or not they should be in the cult.
     Take that example again.  Ron is not in a cult, let's make it even better and say that Ron is an atheist (the extreme left and right). Let's keep Jan as a member of a cult.  Let's say they date for 5 months and are so engrossed in each other that they don't even think to talk about religion until it is too late: They are in Love.  This first conversation might end in a bad way, Jan cries, Ron is upset, but they come back, because they are in love.  They start talking, each one wants to understand the other, so they begin studying, and before you know it, both know more about each others ideals.  Now of course it could end the same way, Jan drinking the Kool-aid, but I think the chances are low.
     This is NOT about religion, or atheism or any of that.  It is about 2 different ideologies coming together to help each person grow and learn, because either way, both know more about the world and can see different people's perspectives a bit more.  This is basically what is happening with Steve and I, we keep learning more in hopes, I think, of swaying the others stubborn mind.  (YEAH FOR STUBBORN PEOPLE!)
     Anyway, I hope this tiny little example helps you be open to listening to other people outside your box.  We live in an extreme world, and in the very least, listening to the other person gives you more knowledge, and as we know...Knowledge is power, it can protect us in a dire situations.  Simple example: Being stuck out in the woods in the middle of the night with no fire in freezing temperatures...you learned, in the past, how to build a fire without a match...you start a fire, with this knowledge, you live another day.  (Also, I am sharing a video on Collectivism vs. Individualism, for those who might not be aware of this Epic Philosophical Showdown)   Thanks for joining me.  If you liked this Article, Please Share it.  :) *E

You will give up your Hate Speech...Resistance is futile.

Remember how I say: The same argument you use to take away another persons rights, will be used against you...Well here you go...it begins. 

Most people that support the notion of ENDING Hate Speech, also do not like the big banks and the 1% and the fact that the banks were bailed out, I know this because most of the ending Hate Speech, liked Bernie Sanders, and Sanders wanted to end the bankers...Right? (Which is the one thing I liked about the man)

Definition Time:
from Oxford Dictionary.

  • Free: not under the control of another, at liberty. autonomous.  unrestricted, not restrained or fixed, not imprisoned.
  • Speech: faculty, act, or manner of speaking
  • Hate: dislike intensely. dislike.  be reluctant.
  • So free speech is the act of speaking in a way that is not being controlled by another.
  • So hate speech could be defined as the act of speaking in a way that is disliked intensely.
So what am I talking about?  The CALL to END HATE-SPEECH of the Bankers.  I kid you not!
Take a look at the following and tell me what you think.  It's time to put a stop to all the banker bashing.
Also I will include a couple of videos below that correlate with this video.  (Now remember kids, it always starts in the media, and then goes to the schools, and before you know it, if you disagree with any big Corporation, you will be guilty of HATE SPEECH!!!!)

Free Speech is absolutely necessary to a civilized society!!!!

Please see the videos below about new Censorship by Youtube, Google, and Facebook. (Soon to be Drudge Report)

Before we begin I would like you to think about the following thought that came from Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.   He is reading or writing and talking about the absurdity of war, the biggest being the following:
     "The young men are not allowed to write FUCK on their airplanes because the word is seen as obscene."
Think about that for a moment.  Fuck, which is a word, is more obscene then what these young boys were forced to do? More than 1 million people died, more than 538,000 civilians were killed.  To sum up:

Killing 500,000 civilians Good.
The word FUCK bad.

How do we fight this?  How do we fight censorship?  I have a solution and would like to hear your thoughts on it.  We Report Everyone!!!!  Everyone...Censor EVERYONE to the point that it is ridiculous.   Tell me What you think.  Below is a video about the censorship rules  (PLEASE!!!!  Let us find some solutions.  Comment Below to help us solve this problem!)
        OH...And if you think I am being an alarmist, I am including a video that says calling a woman beautiful can now be seen as Harassment.  It will be the one on the right. (It is a video that shows the ridiculousness of the 3rd wave feminists, by the way, I am sure Youtube will be taking it down soon enough under their new rules.)

This is a list of my favorites that I follow on Youtube, I am writing it so I can find them again:
  • Bearing
  • Blaire White
  • Corbettreport
  • Hunter Avallone
  • Julie Borowski
  • Liam Scheff
  • Lionel Nation
  • Mil0 Yiannopoulos
  • NonstampCollector
  • Pat Condell
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • PoliticalIslam
  • Press for Truth
  • SchoolSucksPodcast
  • Steven Crowder
  • StormCloudsGathering
  • Undoomed
  • Veritasvisuals
  • Vladimir Jaffe
  • WeAreChange
My wish today is to just pass along the message of Manufactured Consent.  If you get time I will post a long video below that will explain it, and of course a shorter video as well.  We must question things or we will be controlled.  Don't be the submissive 80% that goes along to get along.  It is okay to disagree with others, we have nearly 8 billion people, we can't all be the same.
  "The government and corporations love me so...for the media tells me so" I've been singing this in my head this morning, it actually make me sad.  BUT...the big but..it doesn't have to be true.  Once you free your mind by asking questions, you will be able to see through the crap they are constantly shoveling down our throats.
“It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies.” ― Noam Chomsky

Post an article.  Read the comments.  Respond: "Really?"
     I wrote an article back in February entitled: Fictional: Moral Dilemma Question. You can read it here. Not a real important article, just a question on whether or not killing someone is okay. 
      This article is about a comment.  "
I am facing some difficulties about that hypothetical question, i think only experts and highly experienced professional person can give a perfect answer about that particular question."
     Sure this comment was left by an advertiser.  I mean, I am not stupid.  Your name: Rush Essay Review. Are you seriously fooling anyone?  But...the big but...The comment struck a nerve in me.  First: a perfect answer is subjective, regardless of whom gives it.  Second: I loath stupidity, but what I loath more are people thinking they are stupid and that they are not capable of any original thought.   It's one thing to be born stupid, it is quite another to believe you are stupid when you are not.  (They, whoever they are, have programmed some to believe this.  How sad. )
      My response to this comment:
Why would you think that? Are you as a person not allowed to have your own thoughts or are we to defer to people who went to school longer? What if I told you that you could come to a conclusion whether or not you had a degree, would you believe me?

     My thoughts on this crazy trend of deferring to authority: If you can't trust yourself how can you trust someone else?  Yes, I wouldn't perform surgery on myself, but I would at least, in the very least, research said surgery, research said surgeon and decide for myself if I needed it.
     Trust, but verify. 
This is an old Russian Proverb. 
Why should you trust, but verify?   Sometimes people don't know they are lying. 
Sometimes an untruth has been said for so long that it seems to be the truth. Also, trust yourself, but also check yourself.  Sometimes we remember wrong, no harm in a quick double check. 

     As always, thanks for visiting.  Please like and share.  Thanks!!!  XOXOXOX  Elicia Clegg.

     Please also see the Following Youtube Video:

     Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada 

So yesterday, around 4 pm, that would be....hmmm...16:00 hours, I got sick, really sick.  Let us say: Saying I was burning the candle at both ends is an understatement...I was burning a bright and painful fire at both ends.. . ;) .... What...Ladies don't get sick, and certainly don't admit to it.  Well there it is.
     How does this match: Failure to Communicate.  Well...If you know me, you know that I am all about freedom of body and mind, and sometimes I take it too far.  Fast forward to 6:45, I am pale, sick, and think I am dying.  I tell Deavan (mom of this story) and Steve (pop-pop of this story a.k.a grandpa of this story) that I am going to bed.  The look of dread falls over both of them.  Why? I not only have to teach Raven (Deavan's sister, Steve's daughter) in the morning, I have to watch Drascilla, a13 day old baby--MOM: Deavan, from 4 to 10.  Why? So Deavan can go to school and Steve can stay at work. They both begin talking about me behind my back (okay, they weren't talking about me behind my back, but that is how I, Elicia, overreact, when it comes to my ability to do things).  Steve and Deavan get into a slight disagreement about what to do in the morning, Steve tells Deavan she needs to find someone to watch Drascilla, and though I am dying, at least in their minds, she trust me more than anyone...I mean this is a compliment, right?  Steve, is not so sure.  They don't come to a solution, and everyone goes to bed angry, except me, I go to bed sick, Raven, she goes to bed happy, as she always does, and Drascilla, well, she did what babies do.
     Morning comes.  I get up, feeling like crap, but its okay.  I already went to Germ Watch Utah, found what was circulating, found out when I caught it, how I caught it, and how I can avoid giving it to the baby.  I go to Smith's, and it is abnormally busy for a Monday at 10.  I am careful not to touch anything without my cloth I brought, and buy gloves and face mask.  I help a man looking for something (People seem to think I know everything and where everything is...and they are right.. ;-) )  And I come home.
     After I successfully, with mask and gloves, walk Raven, teach Raven, and get ready to watch the baby without getting her sick Deavan said to me, "Daddy said I needed to find a babysitter." 
      Being the person I am, I said, "Oh he did, did he?"
      And this is where the miscommunication beings.  I, being mindful of the baby, studied and figured out what I had, meanwhile I feel like Deavan and Steve are conspiring against me.  So naturally, after I watch this beautiful little girl, and make sure I don't touch her with my yucky skin, the two workers come home and I get angry at both of them.  Poor Steve looks confused while Deavan, after listening to me speak about me feeling hurt that I didn't care about the baby, said what needed to be said: "Oh, Sorry I was worried about you while you where (going to the bathroom) while simultaneously (vomiting), and then went to bed at 6:30, next time when you are sick I'll say: Why you going to bed early you lazy ass.  Gee, so sorry I gave a shit about your health."
     I had to apologize to Steve, because let's face it, I was a bitch to him and accused him of NOT loving me, even though he was loving me.  (I said he didn't love me because I was the best person to watch the baby, thus I should watch the baby and if anyone stopped me that meant they didn't love me...I know, I know, Girl moment...no offense girls)  And then I thanked Deavan for helping me put it into perspective.
     To sum up for those confused by my confusing blog post:
     I love Deavan so much.
     I want to protect Deavan's baby as if she was my own.
     I have a problem which means I don't like anyone watching my children but me.
     I studied what I had, I knew I could prevent it from spreading by: washing my hands, not touching my face, wearing gloves, and a mask.  Thus when they thought I would get the baby sick I thought they were testing my integrity (How selfish of me...seriously...very selfish...it should have been about the baby)
     I felt like Deavan and Steve didn't love me because I wasn't able to watch the baby.  (yes, yes, I realize that they actually do love me because I was too sick to watch the baby and they didn't want me to get sicker)
     I only had a simple "Common Cold" bug...and with washing hands, and not touching the baby with my hands (seriously, hands are disgusting) I could avoid getting her sick.

     In the end, everyone was hurt, but we all made up and all said: Elicia, You need to chill out.  Moral of the story:  Talk to each other and ask questions...AND have a back up plan!!!
      Thanks for stopping by:  Catch you on the flip side. (Obviously I am not too sick, after all I am writing this...maybe just to prove a point...or maybe because...I slept too long today and now I can't fall asleep ;-))

    Love and Hugs.

Still on a writing break, however, this made me so mad that I had to share it with you all...lest you believe it is true.
     I was driving to the grocery store and happened upon a talk-radio station.  The voice wasn't familiar, thus I assume it was a stand-in.  Nevertheless, he was an idiot, and as you know, I don't think people are stupid, so he must have done something very wrong.  What was it?
     He was complaining that social media, you know the World Wide Web that has brought us closer (and further apart) the thing that gives free education, and a lot of bull$hit, is destroying us all.  And pray tell how?  Because losers are allowed to speak their voice, in fact every small, stupid, loser, crazy, nut job, is allowed to have a voice, and it makes it so...wait for it...no one can be popular very long.  What?  Popular?  After he has said that not being popular is destroying our world he prattles on about how Michael Jordan wouldn't have been popular in the age of information.  He of course justifies this by bringing up the popularity of the Canadian Prime Minister with a rating of I think (I'm just going off memory here) 56%...and he seems concerned and confused.  He said: How can the Canadian Prime Minister NOT be popular?  What does Canada even do?  It's not like they are America, the Superman of countries that has to go bail everyone out of trouble.   UGH!!!  At this point I had to turn off the radio, lest my mind turned to mush.
     One:  Everyone deserves a Voice.  Everyone Matters...Not just some pompous ass on the radio.  Two:  If people are unpopular, who cares, unless their politicians, and I think we all know why they aren't very popular.  One does not like someone that is fake and lies.   No one likes someone that constantly makes promises and does not keep them.  Three: What in the hell does popularity have to do with censorship?
Four: Google what the Prime Minister is doing to lose his rating.  and Five:  The Superman of countries?  Really?  Now I have just as much pride in the United States as the next person, but Superman?  I remember that Superman was helping to get rid of the Military Industrial Complex.  I remember watching Superman take nuclear weapons and throw them into the sun.  Superman would not drone children and call them collateral damage.  Superman was about freedom and justice, two things we have seen the politicians take away from us.
     So to all you: Losers, Crazy people, and the lot: Keep speaking up, obviously we are doing something right, if not, some jackass on the radio wouldn't be pissing and moaning about the ordinary man having a voice. 
      That is all.  Thanks.  XOXOX Elicia.

My question today: What would happen if people really did care about education as much as they pretend to?  What would happen if we taught ALL children how to read, write, think logically, critically, the arts, physical education, nutrition, math and the real scientific method? What would happen if we taught children real risk vs. reward?  What if we taught journalist to be objective and simply report the facts?  What if every child went to college and got a MD, PhD, or some other high degree?
     What would happen to our society?
     What would happen to the haves and have not’s?
     These questions rattle around in my head all the time.  Not because I don’t want it to happen.  I very much do.  I even think I know the solution to getting each and every child a unique individualized education that would help propel each and every child to the level of intelligence I know they are capable of.   I believe our society would be better off.  I believe that robots would take the place of many jobs and give people the freedom to explore.  <<<<  But this of course cannot happen, and I think, if each of you search out the answer you will finally understand why our education system is broken….It was designed to be.  Why?  Because who will clean the toilet bowels?  Who will shovel the shit? 
     Who will do the work?  Certainly some will.  I very much enjoy doing yard-work, but…THE BIG BUT…let’s say that I have a small business.  I have 5 people (to make it simple) one must get the customers (the salesman) one must keep the books, pay the bills, etc (the accountant) and the other three must do the physical labor.  Now each of the five are equally important…so should all five get paid the same?  Here in you might find the solution to our ills in society.   The salesman might argue that he should make the most because he brings in the customers.  The accountant will say they should make the most because he keeps the business in the red and complies with the numerous tax laws.  The three physical labors will say us, I mean they are doing the work. 
     So who makes the most?  In today’s world: Accountant average: 72,500.00.  Salesman: 64,670.00.  And the worker at 14.00 an hour or 29,120.00.
     NOW: What if they all went to school together, all are intelligent, and all are able to do each other’s job.  (Yes there will be a slight variation, stronger people, more manipulative, more apt toward numbers)  Would there be such a wage gap?  Nope.  And again, therein lies the problem. While we can see a difference of pay could be reached on some level, we surely would not be able to say one should make 1.00 an hour while the other only makes .50.
     Of course I have oversimplified it.  We would have to take into account of property ownership, if there would be a loan (bankers what should they make).  Taxes, etc…but sometimes you must start small in order to see the big picture.
     So I ask: Are you someone that truly wants to educate the public?  Are you ready for a complete change in society and social orders?  (We can do this without being Socialist, or Communists) 
     I am ready. 
     Let’s do it!  Let’s create a real revolution!  Let’s get educated!  Let us use the lost tools of learning.  Let us be brave, bold, and explore the world. 
     We shall explore this more and give hints on self-education. 
     But today, I just wanted to get you thinking.  I wanted to find out if you truly want an education revolution, or if you are just another mouth piece for the power structure that is our society. 
     I would like to leave you with the following as it relates to our society more now than ever before:
     You cannot translate newspeak.  Even the parties’ slogans are changing.  How will you say freedom is slavery when the word freedom no longer exists? Wisdom, Wisdom, this is the point.  The whole aim of newspeak is to narrow the range of thought.  In the end we will make thought crime impossible because there will be no words to express it.  When newspeak is perfect and compulsory there won’t be any need for control, the evolution will be complete.

     If you would like, this is a long one, please check out the video below.