Sub Title: Justice, Sloth, and Greed

Sub, Sub Title: I am in a very dark place, from which I do not know how to return.

I am in a very dark place my friends.  I ask today: Do we deserve what is happening?  Should we be punished for our ignorance? Are we ignorant? Are we lazy?  Are we overwhelmed?  Are we programmed?  Are we part of a collective too great to fight?

The song swirling around in my mind this morning, as I bombard my newsfeeds with Vaccine information and Informed consent is: Midnight Oil’s: Beds are Burning.  No this post is NOT about Vaccines…I just wanted to set the stage…roll a few eyes…show their ignorance, greed and sloth, show those who would roll their eyes at the very idea of me having the arrogance to mention vaccines that they too are part of the problem, they too have made their beds.  “We have made our bed, it’s now time to sleep in it!”

Here is the video:
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Hepatitis A (Havrix and Vaqta)
    Hep A Havrix: Aluminum Hydroxide, Amino Acids, Formaldehyde or Formalin, MRC-5 Cellular Protein, Neomycin Sulfate, 2-Phenoxyethanol, Phosphate Buffers, Polysorbate
    Hep A Vaqta: Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate, Bovine Albumin or Serum, DNA, Formaldehyde or Formalin, MRC-5 Cellular Protein, Sodium Borate

       (remember only you can decide what is best for your child...but for legal reasons I have to say: Only you and your doctor can decide what is best for your child.  Sad world we live in folks.  Education is the key to freedom.  I am not telling you to NOT vaccinate...I am just telling you to educate yourself)
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“Two soft pads, which felt slightly moist, clamped themselves against Winston’s temples. He quailed. There was pain coming, a new kind of pain. O’Brien laid a hand reassuringly, almost kindly, on his.   
   “This time it will not hurt,” he said. “Keep your eyes fixed on mine.”    
    At this moment there was a devastating explosion, or what seemed like an explosion, though it was not certain whether there was any noise. There was undoubtedly a blinding flash of light. Winston was not hurt, only prostrated .... A terrific painless, blow had flattened him out. Also something had happened inside his head. As his eyes regained their focus, he remembered who he was, and where he was, and recognized the face that was gazing into his own; but somewhere or other there was a large patch of emptiness, as though a piece had been taken out of his brain.”
   ***George Orwell, 1984: Chapter 3
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Call me old fashion, but I just don't think giving mind altering drugs to children under the age of five is a good thing...Maybe it was the entire: Just Say No To Drugs thing...or maybe it was Drew Barrymore taking that pledge with the Reagan's that she would be drug free (I know she was high at the time...lol)....But seriously folks...Do you think it is right (hell do you even think it is ethical) to give children Mind Altering Drugs Under the Age of FIVE?  What would happen if someone walked up to your four-year old and gave them a line of cocaine?  They would probably go to jail for child-abuse, right?  AND YET: 280,000 babies (0-12 months) are prescribed mind-altering psychiatric drugs (I can't even imagine the sickness of someone who would diagnose a BABY with Behavioral Problem!!!  It literally makes me ILL!!! ) Oh and another 198,000 children under the age of five are taking ADHD drugs. (Remember, these drugs are in the same class as cocaine).  Then of course we have Tens-of thousands of children 0-5 on Antianxiety medication....because under five is really stressful.
     From 0-5 more than ONE MILLION CHILDREN are on psychiatric drugs in the USA.  Over 286 drug regulatory agency warn and cite dangerous and LIFE THREATENING side effects of the very drugs we are giving these one million children.
     So my thought:  WTF?  Seriously?  Someone explain this to me....because I don't understand.  I have read the literature, I have seen how they diagnose these disorders.  I have read the package inserts of these medications, I have watched documentary after documentary on these poor children.  For the love of the children....We have to learn more about this stuff.  Because when you really look at the "risk" vs. "reward"  I really don't see how anyone could give a child UNDER THE AGE OF FIVE these kinds of drugs.
     Sorry to be a Debbie Downer Today....Just don't understand and wanted to get the message out there...because I...like many of you...Was surprised to find out that 1 million children under the age of 5 are being drugged: To put in perspective, the estimated population of under five is 20 million...that means we are drugging 4.9% of our children under FIVE!!!!! 
     Have a Great day my friends....Chin up!!!  Remember Knowledge is power!!!!  We the PEOPLE need to take our POWER back. :)

Originally Posted: 01/08/2014:
Before we get going allow me to paraphrase and quote David Selig, a conservative commentator, when asked if the drug companies should be held more responsible for the deaths of people after taking the drugs:
   “You (the person asking why drug companies shouldn’t be held criminally responsible for the deaths of people) are blowing things out of proportion. How are we going to define killing somebody? You have a guy taking a medication, he’s a big fat slob, he goes jogging and has a heart attack. Some shyster links that medication to his death, then they say that they (Pharmaceutical Company) didn’t do adequate testing or research.  Then they trot some little fat kid out that’s been stuffing his face with McDonald's and they say McDonald's killed him. Come on, that’s not right.”  Then he further says: “Who’s the victim? What about the assumption of risk? Every medication is a tradeoff and you know it!”