01/14/2014: Chemical Companies are Killing Us
The US Supreme Court upheld biotech giant Monsanto’s claims on genetically-engineered seed patents and the company’s ability to sue farmers whose fields are inadvertently contaminated with Monsanto materials.  That’s right Folks…If the wind blows a Monsanto Seed on your property and it grows…you are responsible for it… Which legally doesn’t make sense to me.  If your dog came on my property and bite someone…Who is responsible? 

   Logical Argument against GMO:  (Please click read more to hear my argument)

For the sake of argument, let us pretend for a moment that GMO’s are exactly the same as organic food.  (It is not…not by far…but for arguments sake…let us use our imaginations and pretend they are the same).

    In School they are teaching your kids that Genetically Modified Organisms are not only good…but a Scientific Miracle for 3rd world…they also say that farmers will increase yield.

      Okay…So remember…we are pretending GMO’s are the same.

      First and for most let us remember that the reason GMO’s were started were to make money.  All corporations, by law, must generate profit, no profit, no money, the corporation (now a person thanks to our beautiful government) will die.

     This is a fact: Corporations create seeds to make money. Period!!!!

       What they are teaching your children:

     There is this sad thing happening in 3rd world countries.  People are going blind because they lack ways to get vital vitamin A.    But, lucky for us genetic- engineering is doing something to stop this.  They are finding ways to make rice have this vital vitamin A.  (Or insert another similar arguments that will pull at the heart strings of our youth)

     Conclusion:  If you don’t like GMO, you don’t like children.  Is it fair that a child in a third world country go blind because you are being selfish?  You must be backwards….or some religious freak.

     NOW…here is my argument against this.

    GMO seed for vitamin A will be patented.  You cannot save seeds from the plant.  As in, the third world country buys seeds from a Chemical Company: Monsanto, Dupont, Dow, Syngenta, or Bayer.  They grow a crop…..They eat the crop…but cannot save the seed.  All seed must be destroyed. 

     Do you see the problem?  First off we live in a society that is waking up to the waste this type of thinking causes.  Not only will seeds become more and more expensive, we are also wasting seeds…wasting valuable seed.  (Waste not want not)

   This will make a third-world country dependent on a corporation.  This is not right…not by a long shot. They don’t care about the third world countries children.  They want exclusive rights over the seeds to make the population dependent on them.  How do I know they don’t care? 

     An example plant: Cantaloupe has 18,669 IU of vitamin A (vitamin A deficiency is what leads to night blindness).  One seed will yield a plant that will give birth to at least 3 cantaloupe, and in these cantaloupe there are 100’s of seeds.  1 seed = 3 plants = 300 seeds. 

      With Patented seed: 1 seed = 3 plants = 0 seeds…..

     Why not teach farming techniques to the third world country.  1 seed=3plants this year…Next year 300 seeds = 900 plants, Next year 90,000 seeds…and so on and so on. So again.  3 years one seed can equal 90,000 seeds.

     With Monsanto…or any other 1 seed, three years…1 seed each year that the country has to buy.

      With Technology today..The amount of money spent on making this patent seed could be used to save an entire 3rd world country and make it Self Reliant. 

       So see:  If you really love children…Then you will give them a seed that will grow into a lifetime of food…you will not give them a seed that is patented so they have to continue to buy that seed. 

     Now for the scary part.  Let us again go back to this poor third world country.  Let us pretend a Chemical Company (That’s what they are folks) GIVES them free seeds for 5 years….but let us also pretend that those seeds are TERMINATOR SEEDS.

     Let us say that there are 2 farms.  One are crops from an independent third world country farmer…one is the Government who got free seeds from the gracious chemical company that only cares about the people.

     The wind blows.  (I am correct to assume that the wind blows everywhere…right?)

     The Terminator seeds cross pollinate with the other farm. 

     Next year….The independent farmer’s seeds won’t grow.

     The chemical company wins…All farmers now have to get their seed.


     Now for the real argument against GMO:

     Roundup: a systemic herbicide produced by the U.S. Company Monsanto,it contains the active ingredient Glyphosate.  Roundup has been the number one selling herbicide worldwide since 1980. Glyphosate was patented as a broad spectrum chelator. It has been shown to destroy vital bacteria in the soil that gives the plant nutrients. It also promotes pathogenic life in the soil which then overwhelms the plant. 

    Ask yourself this: If vitamins in the plant give us health….could the opposite be true?  Could the toxins get in my body?  If yes…and it destroys vital bacteria…shouldn’t I be concerned?  Yes…Remember: for every 1 human cell there are 10 bacteria in your body.

     Studies on animals being fed GMO’s have shown that GMO’s lead to: reproductive problems, immune system problems, accelerated aging, organ damage, gastrointestinal distress, dysfunctional regulation of cholesterol and insulin…to name but a few.

     You can find a GMO time line here:

      But we need to start in 1998 to illustrate the above claims:

    According to the CDC: Fertility rates vary considerably by race, but in ALL instances (save Cubans) the fertility rate has declined since the 90’s.  (Don’t let that bullshit story on the news tell you that the Sixteen and Pregnant is why our teen pregnancy is down…It is down across the board)  14% of woman in America our now infertile.

    Immune System Problems: now affect up to 50 million American’s

Gastrointestal Distress: According to Medscape (an article titled: Burden of Gastrointestinal Disease in the United States) Hospitalization and Mortality from CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE infection have DOUBLED in the last ten years. Remember a lot of bacteria is in your gastrointestal tract…It is part of what keeps you healthy…GMO can kill “good bacteria”

Insulin:  Again according to the CDC: 18.8 million people in America now have diabetes mellitus, and millions have gone undiagnosed.  Since 1990 a sharp INCREASE was seen ACROSS THE BOARD: age, sexs, racial and ethnic groups.

Now ask yourself this:  What will you do when Monsanto owns all the seed.  You think having a KING is bad…try having a non-human bureaucratic, money loving corporation own the food supply!!!!!!!!!!  It doesn’t matter if they KILL people…because there is no one responsible.

     I have some solutions.  It is clear that the government has gone rogue.  They cannot be trusted to protect us. So is up to you and I

    First and for most: Educate yourself!

    Start saving and buying seeds that are non GMO…Lock them up…learn how to preserve them.

     Even if you live in an apartment…start planting small plants around the house that are food.  Tomatoes are excellent to grow in the house.  You can even buy special Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit trees that you can keep in your house.

  If you can: buy a greenhouse baby. Why do I say greenhouse? Because then you don’t have to worry about cross pollination with Monsanto Seed.  I am personally going to be doing the new underground greenhouse and I will let you know how it works.

   If you can…run for office.  This is the only way it will change…and for heaven’s sake…DON’T become corrupted or seduced by the money they will throw at you.

     Keep signing petitions....even though they seem futile, maybe, just maybe someone will have a change of heart in the government and actually listen to the people.

      Join groups.

     Educate your Children!!!!!  This is very important.  School is telling them that GMO's are healthy and good.

     As always…We can change the world…all you need do is take the first step:

Go out today.  Buy a pot (5.00) dirt (3.00) seed (1.00)….and start with one plant…its just that simple. :)  Seeds of Death.



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