Do pretty people have an unfair advantage? (the photo to the left is my lovely daughter Deavan, the photo was taken by a brilliant young photographer: Nikki Elliott)
     Its true, when it comes to the entertainment business: Marketing, Sales, Bar-tending, waitressing, acting, etc... They do.  But what about in the scientific community?  It would seem in this area, they have a disadvantage. I found, through my own experience when I was a young, vibrate girl, thin, blond, and well...pretty...most people thought I was stupid. 
     My thoughts: Yes pretty people have an unfair advantage in everyday things, but when it comes to the important stuff...they may have a disadvantage. Will this change?  I doubt it, until we start seeing beyond the face level, it won't...but don't worry.  Why?  As G.I. Joe said:  Knowing is half the battle.
What do you think?
As always, have a beautiful day!!!  XOXO  Elicia



Ryan Wimmer
03/19/2014 8:09am

I agree with you it seems that is the direction of the world. The " more attractive" you are for most jobs is what gets the job.


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