Did You know: Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, and at least23,000 people die each year as a direct result of these infections. Many more people die from other conditions that were complicated by an antibiotic-resistant infection. (CDC).
    But why?  Why do we have super-bugs?  Resistance occurs when an antibiotic is no longer effective at killing or limiting the growth of bacteria.  It can occur naturally (innate ability or genetic mutation), or can be acquired through previous exposure to an antibiotic or through contact with another organism that is resistant (transfer of resistance). There are several ways that bacteria can resist the effects of antibiotics.  Some bacteria develop the ability to neutralize the antibiotic before it can harm them, others can change the antibiotic attack site so it cannot affect the function of the bacteria, and still others can pump the antibiotic out of the cell or prevent the antibiotic from getting into the cell (antibiotic awareness).

Thought of the day:  If "over use" of antibiotics has made some bacteria so strong we no longer have a way to kill them; then what are vaccines doing?  This is a very scientific question....One that I am not alone in asking. 

The following are sources of information.  They to are asking What are Vaccines doing?  And they are finding that maybe...just maybe over vaccination is doing the same thing as over use in antibiotics.
(listing sources first so I don't lose my audience by the sheer mention of vaccines):
  1. smh.com.au:  DANGEROUS new strains of whooping cough bacteria are evading Australia's vaccine against the disease and entrenching a four-year epidemic that could spread overseas, Sydney scientists have found in research that raises questions about the national immunisation program.
  2. msn.com:   A vaccine that has dramatically curbed pneumonia and other serious illnesses in children is having an unfortunate effect: promoting new superbugs that cause ear infections.
  3. psu.edu  Center for Infectious Disease Synamic:  An acellular whooping cough vaccine actually enhances the colonization of Bordetella parapertussis in mice; pointing towards a rise in B. parapertussis incidence resulting from acellular vaccination, which may have contributed to the observed increase in whooping cough over the last decade.
  4. lww.com:  Selection of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Vaccine Escape Mutants in HBV-Infected and HBV/HIV-Coinfected Patients Failing Antiretroviral Drugs With Anti-HBV Activity
  5. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov:  44 contacts of hepatitis B virus carriers, including infants of carrier mothers, became HBsAg positive despite passive and active immunisation according to standard protocols.
  6. news-medical.net: Live Virus used in Polio Vaccine can Evolve and infect, warns TAU researcher.
  7. dailytelegraph.com.au: The bacteria that causes whooping cough has mutated, eroding the protection provided by the vaccine now given to children, scientists warned yesterday.
  8. MotherJones: "Vaccines aren't supposed to cause disease. But that appears to be what's happening on Australian farms. Scientists have found that two virus strains used to vaccinate chickens there may have recombined to form a virus that is sickening and killing the animals."  ** I included this one because of the article below...All these animals were vaccinated 100% rate...thus anti-vaxxers cannot be the cause.
Now to show BOTH sides of the story...I actually found a person who is...Surprise Surprise...blaming people who do not get vaccinated.  (Which is like blaming the person who never got an antibiotic right?)  Here is where you can read her article.

     From Prevent Diseases: "It is becoming evident that Vaccines are causing an unprecedented number of mutations creating superbugs and potent viruses and bacteria that may eventually threaten future generations and humanity itself. Evidence continues to mount from the scientific community who now admit that certain vaccines are in-fact causing both viral and bacterial mutations. Ironically, the same researchers assert that "better" vaccines are needed to offset the rise in persistent mutations.Life-threatening pathogens are capable of evolving rapidly and developing genetic decoys that serve to disguise them from even the most powerful drugs. University of Oxford researcher Rory Bowden found that pathogens switch genetic material with other bacteria, but predominantly for the part of the genome responsible for making the cell coating, which is the area targeted by vaccines."

     What do you think?  After knowing what anti-biotics did...Could we be setting up the perfect storm?  Do you think that more vaccines is the question?  Will we get to a day that we have to have 3 vaccinations per disease:  You know one for the original, one for the mutant, and one more the super-bug? (We are already at 49 doses for 14 diseases by age 6) Will we get to the point where we will have to vaccinate for everything...and in the end (Knowing that Vaccines are not 100% effective) Will the vaccine program become just a poor knock off of original immune system?  But instead of the original: Some dying from a disease...we will have some die from the disease because vaccines do fail...and some kids sick from the "side-effects" of the vaccine.  (Vaccines, as the WHO and CDC say: are unavoidable unsafe.  With each new Vaccine added...Your chances of severe adverse reaction occur. 
     My advice:  The scientific community has to STOP FAST TRACKING vaccines.  The scientific community needs to DEMAND for independent safety and efficacy studies.  We need to stop vaccinated against things that are NOT air-borne, if we can "avoid" the illness by not exchanging bodily fluids...then we should focus on education. Maybe we need to rethink vaccines that had a low "death" rate and low "side-effect" rate: like Chicken Pox....the vaccine is also in question because of the increase of Shingles...Chicken Pox is less dangerous than Shingles by far.  The scientific community needs to STOP treating vaccines like "god" this is not a religion, if a vaccine is causing mutations...You better study it...After all...its your future too.
     My advice to the general population:  Time to stop blaming each other.  Time to stop the witch hunting against people who do not vaccinate. Vaccinations are a very important and deeply personal decision, especially when a family member is forever changed by a vaccination.  We need to unite....Because in the end: We all want healthy children... Let us not fight each other...Let us focus on solutions to this ever growing problem.

Yes disease is scary.  Life is scary.  But do we really need to "help" diseases?  Are we really in a better place today than we were a few years ago? Just because people "live" longer...doesn't mean they are healthier or even happier.  And as we know...It just came out that This generation of children are not estimated to live as long as their parents...So we are actually working backwards...aren't we?
  (And all the while...parents are losing the right to refuse vaccination...and not just parents...Adults left and right are being "coerced" into vaccination)

As always have a beautiful day.  XOXO. 



10/19/2015 3:22am

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