While I strive to encourage diversity and dialogue, whether it be a full blown debate...there is something I can no longer take.  If someone resorts to name calling I am no longer going to address them and simply delete their comment, on any and all of my social outlets. 
     I was called a Nazi last night because I disagree with a sexually explicit book being in an elementary school library.  Had I not been called a Nazi, I would have loved to debate the issue, because talking about things can help others come to a solution. 
     I find being called a Nazi most offensive because of the implications surrounding it, and it doesn't help that I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  Nazi's killed children!  Nazi's believed in Eugenics! Nazi's discriminated people based on the color of their skin!  Nazi's discriminated people based on their mental capacity!  Nazi's experimented on people!  Nazi's starved millions! The list goes on and on...and honestly, if Nazi's are as the history books teach...I am appalled and disgusted by them, so really...being called a Nazi is similar to calling me a Demon. 
     If you want to be taken seriously, then please refrain from childish behavior.  In the meantime, this is my last response to clear TROLLS.  If you want me to listen to you...speak with intelligence, speak from your heart...and avoid the name calling, this isn't the playground.
    In the meantime....All you Trolls of the world who resort to name calling and the dehumanizing behaviors that are associated with it....Why don't you learn about the 8 steps to genocide:  Click Here



01/20/2015 1:47pm

Idea generation enables the individuals to give respect and to earn respect to the society and by the society. In addition to that, it also generates the self-respect and self-esteem in individuals.


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