I know you are probably tired of hearing about me digging...but alas that is what I am doing...yet again.  BUT today was different.  I spent 8 full hours digging with a machine, no music, just a continuous motion all day long.  Something odd occurred. After I was done digging I washed up and went to the store to grab some things to make dinner.  It was so weird, I felt like I was walking in a dream.  Has anyone experienced this before?  I have never done this type of work before and so I wonder, was it somehow hypnotizing?
     Sorry I don't have more.  Good Night and may love and light surround you.  



07/10/2015 4:26am

Education not only benefits us but also is important for the sake of development of the nation. No nation can develop without education because it teaches us the management skills which help us in managing different things.


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