Are ghosts real?  If so, what are they?  This question often comes to my mind.  Are they simply an apparition of the mind, just a way of the brain playing a little trick? I suppose this could be true.  I have watched many a documentary on ghosts, but never really seen concrete evidence; yet I believe they exist.  This brings us to a new thought: What are they?  Some people say they are demons others, lost souls...but what do you think? 
     I play with this one a lot, especially when I am writing books...If you have read Castigate My Sins or Soul Distortion or Running with Chaos, you know I have many different theories on ghosts.  Last night I was working on Devil on the Windowsill and working out some issues with the Soul Snatchers, and I thought...Gee...Could they be real?  Could there really be creatures walking around attempting to push your soul out of your body and steal it, the body, not the soul? 
     Nevertheless, regardless of them being real...they do pose an interesting take on the world.  I had one friend suggest they may live in alternate dimensions, and somehow the beings can be slightly seen in this dimension.  I have other friends warn me it is the Devil playing tricks on us, and some still that don't believe in ghosts at all. 
     What do you think?
     As always...Have a LOVELY DAY!!!!
     XXOO, Elicia



bob smith
04/30/2014 6:33am

When I was 9 I lived in a haunted house - one of many I have lived in. On more than one occasion I awoke to a man standing in the wall behind my head who told me that he would trap my soul and replace it within my body with his soul. At that point he would grab me and drag my consciousness down through the bed, the floor and the ground beneath laughing hysterically until I would pass out. Good Times!

Elicia Clegg
05/01/2014 7:51am

Holy CRAP!!! That sounds horrifying...very, very scary.


We should know that we are living in a country where we all have the rights to live the life according to our desire. We all have freedom over here. We should not take this thing for granted.


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