I'll let you in on a little secret...I have a favorite character in my books.  Sure I love most of them equally, each adding their own life to the story line, but one, one stands out and shines above the rest.  This particular character is why I have been delaying the publishing of Devil on the Windowsill...I finally allowed myself to add this character...and found I wasn't doing him justice.  Yet that all changed the other night when I was struck by inspiration. 
Joey has been a character I have had in mind since I was about 17, a long time to have a character bottled up inside.  I have attempted to write his story many times, but the life seems to become a jumbled mess and I don't get his true character description right.
     So my thought of the day: Is simply an apology to my readers.  I know it has been awhile since I have released a book, I ask for a little more time....I have been working on Devil on the Windowsill for about a year now...and one of the characters for about 20 years.  If time is on my side and I can work on my book a little bit more (with homeschooling, and building a walipini, my time is spread thin) I should have the book ready to go in about Three Months...Sorry so long...But on the plus side: I have 150 P.I. in the shoot as well and that will be released this year also.  :)
     Thank you all for all your love and support.  I strive to bring real characters with real depth.  Big Hugs and Kisses.  Elicia



Secret and the charctors are two different and unique things. Those people can make their life great. All those people who have different charactors can make their life good and they can become famous.

03/10/2016 4:33am

My cherished character is very important and enjoyable. The light aspect and vain of the life is sometimes moor pivotal and productive. If the effectiveness is ensured and measured, the skills are advanced and consumed. It is very necessary and altered for the bright and exact settings.


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