I hear it all the time: You better wake up sheeple. (I hate this term, it helps reinforce ignorance)...But today I ask the asker: What if they do not know they are asleep?  What if they do not know how to awaken? And what if...What if you are not truly awake either?
   It is hard to know if you are on the right path, especially considering the fact that we, well most of us, were educated in the very system designed to keep us in line.  What if some of us were allowed to "freely" (I use this term with great reserve)think simply as a diversionary tactic.  "Keep the masses fighting and you will keep the masses under control"  Are you awake?  How can we know for sure?  I ask this question because I believe that even those who do not question authority truly believe they are well educated and informed and the reverse is true, simply questioning authority doesn't guarantee that you are awake...or not merely some sound plan constructed to contain the masses.
      So how can we do it?  We know that we have reached a fever-pitch and something is about to happen.  We must unite...but how do we unite when we can't agree on some of the most simple things like: Do you believe you Own your own Body? ....Yet I digress.  I propose the following, for the next little while we all go back to the very basics of learning.  We ask:
      Who, what, where, when, how, and the all important WHY?
       Example: You want to expose GeoEngineering.  ....You must first explore what it is...(ingredients and all)...  Basically you go down the list: What is it? Why is it used? How is it used? When was it used (is it used now)? Where is it used?  And who is using it.
       The why and who get a bit hard. But try...and have proof to back it up. ... AND...GULP...might I suggest you read both sides of the story...This is true for EVERY subject.
        You want to understand a disease...same processes....  For anyone that makes the blanket statement about vaccines: We are living longer than ever; start with that very statement and work on answering: Who, What, Where, When, HOW, and why. 
      Don't be blinded by what we have been taught.  We KNOW intrinsically that something is not right...so why not...Instead of looking and listening at all the noise...You really answer the question for yourself. I myself am working on it all the time....Working on my very toughest question of all:
     Am I just a construct of the structure our human history has had since before the time of the Egyptians?  Am I a necessary evil to keep the fighting alive or have I truly come to my own conclusions? 
      That is all....Though I do hope you take my challenge.  Thank You for visiting!!!!



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