I have two objects that I have held onto.  One is a blanket my mother crocheted when I was five, the other is this wonderful typewriter. 
     The story behind the story: I was twelve-years old and had just read my first book that I was not told to read and that I bought on my own.  V.C. Andrews: Flowers in the Attack.  I was fascinated, it was a way to escape the trials of my life, which at the time, was very dark and gloomy.  I had written a story before and remembered how marvelous it was to imagine you were someone else and in another place. 
     I was at the swap-meet and passed by this beautiful thing, it was only five dollars, exactly the amount of money I had.  I remember walking up to it and feeling like: This is it, this is my destiny. I marched up to the lady and said with conviction: "I am a writer and I would love to buy that."  She was amused of course, a little girl calling herself a writer...little did she know that I was right, I was a writer and this piece of machinery was going to set me FREE...and allow my imagination to flourish and grow.   Amazingly I used this machine to write both Vexation and Castigate My Sins....At the time they were titled: Exzavier and Stairway In-between Heaven and Hell, yet it no longer works.  Why?  I used it up until I was 21 when the ribbon got too expensive to special order.  I don't even know if I could find the ribbon anymore.  My husband, then friend, bought me a marvelous electronic typewriter...he thought I should get a computer, but there was something magical about a typewriter...the click-clack of the keys put me into a state of complete focus.
     Fun fact.  My first book wasn't published until I was 34 years old, I completed the book when I was 17....why did it take so long?  Who knows.  I still have my rejection letters, some are very cruel...but it doesn't matter.  What is important is that no matter what...If you want to be something...you can.  Sure I may not be Stephen King...not yet...but I have enjoyed my writing journey.  I am happy when I write...and in life...that is what matters...doing something you love.  As always I want to thank you for Standing By Me...Believing in Me...And being my friend.  My readers are very special to me!!!  :)



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