I am so screaming right now. Apparently I am leaving comments on the internet saying positive things about Genetically Modified Crops.  I assure you, that is NOT ME!!!
     Please watch the youtube video below.  This post is going to have a list of articles and resources I mention in the video. And yes I have changed all my passwords...however I would love to know who is "shadowing" me.

Monsanto Ad Backfires
Self-Education: Willful Ignorance, Doublethink, Propaganda
Propaganda is legal in American Schools
Silk Road Case
Justin Carter
Antibiotic/ Antimicrobial Resistance
U.S. Food Makers Sue to Stop Vermont from GMO Labeling Law
GM Corn Damages Liver and Kidneys 
Meat Raised on GM Feed is Different
Roundup Could Cause Birth Defects
Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility 
Damaging Effects of Roundup
GM Crops Do Not Increase Yields 
GMOs Inevitably Contaminate and Persist 
Industry Studies are Flawed

And Lastly the Infamous Comment



05/01/2016 10:22pm

That’s not me is the sentence of the motivational way of the human being. Which means that the first waited program will motivated with the other human being. It means that the human being can easy to get many things separately.


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