There are many things I love and enjoy, but one thing also keeps me sane.  I love writing.  I always have.  I enjoy making up characters and seeing how their lives unfold in a story.  I hope this comes out in my writing.  Today I am super happy because Jesica Stoops and I have been talking about doing some special edition covers...and with an artist who draws as though she is taking a picture, this means the sky is the limit.
     What do you enjoy?  How do you stay sane in this crazy world?  I ask because last night I had a near meltdown, okay it was a little of a meltdown.  I was tired, my body hurt from working on my Walipini, my garden, cleaning the house, taking care of everything...blah, blah, blah....not bitching really, I just kind of lost it.  You know how it is when you go...go...go...go...go...well, sometimes that go...go...go, can really get you into a situation, at least in your mind.  But today I woke up, said, you know, I think I will take a break and get a little writing done...And guess what...It made me feel a lot better...all the noise from the daily-grind went away.
      So again, what about you?  How do you handle stress?  Do you sing? Write? Draw? Maybe watch a good movie?
     As always, have a beautiful day.  XOXO 


05/04/2016 10:51pm

Very well written article! But its cover is little bit scary as its showing a woman having rashes on her face and even on her entire body. It is clearly presenting that she is in trouble or having a complicated life.

02/13/2017 12:53am

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