Zap! Who has accidentally electrocuted themselves...or at least had a good zap of electricity course through their bodies?  Today I did something pretty stupid...Ahhh...Me and my clumsiness. :)
     Every morning I make a little drink to start the day: Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Bananas, and water...great way to start the day.  I gave Raven a larger glass than usual and put it on the opposite side of her desk.  True to form, the poor girl bumped it with her elbow and the glass and all the red liquid fell on-top of her surge protector.  No big deal, I tell her I will clean it up because it has fallen all over electric wires.  Deavan was talking to me while I am cleaning up everything up.  I see that I need to pull out the plugs, but fail to unplug the main plug....Yes its as if my mind...in the moment...doesn't realize that the raspberry drink is actually liquid...with water.  Well this lack of knowledge or hiccup is quickly remedied as I attempt to pull out a plug, my finger touches a wet socket. 
  ZAP!!!  Down I go...electricity coursing through me.  It was shocking...literally.  I jump up, stumble backwards, Deavan rushes toward me..."Are you okay?"
    "Nope!  I think I just electrocuted myself." And I stumbled back again, dizzy, stunned and thinking: Gee...I guess I should have thought that through.
     Lesson of the day:  Always unplug electricity, or shut it off, before handling wet wires.
     XOXOX ELicia



05/26/2016 12:54am

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