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     Hello, this is a repost of my long version of: "The So-called Morality of Using: It's for the Greater Good."  You can watch the short version on Youtube: Here.

    Shall we start by asking a question: 1 person every five minutes dies from Prescription Drugs each year in America…

And YET:  We are forced to have medication???????  Where is the justice here…Where is the sanity? Seriously?

Remember everything I say, everything I write, is my opinion, it is my conclusion of what I have read or seen.  I believe it is up to YOU, yes you…to formulate your own opinion, to formulate your own truth…For as we have learned, truth can be an illusion, truth can be a simple matter of perception.

Marcel Proust said:  The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes…but in having new eyes…

My eyes are opening and I see things that I wish were not true.

The Greater Good is being used all the time to justify everything today…and I do mean everything.  To this I say: there is no such thing as a greater good, or even a greater evil…there are certainly levels of evil…but evil is evil…right?  A man kills a baby…evil…A man kills millions of babies…very evil…BOTH ARE EVIL.

In philosophy they will have you argue the statement: Can there be a greater good?

Example: 100 people are standing on a cliff, you can save 80 if you push off 20…It was a greater good…RIGHT? NO….you killed 20 people….but it was to save 80….you cannot rationally say it was a greater good…perhaps you could say: it was a lesser evil. Maybe.

For those who would like to really get into the philosophical side I would check out and study: Utilitarianism.

In order to discuss this…we must first see the darker side of “greater good”

Let’s move onto something darker…

Don’t Worry…I am not getting to vaccines…Yet…But must bring up the first Supreme Court case that was used to justify forced Sterilization:

Jacobsen V. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905): Gave the authority of state legislatures to assign “police powers” to health officials to enact quarantines and enforce mandatory vaccination laws to prevent epidemics.”

This law was used to uphold an appealed case: Buck v. Bell (1927)…also I need to add that during the 1800’s the Supreme Court confirmed that police power could be used by the state to promote: health, peace, MORALS, education…and good order of the people.

When Buck v. Bell reached Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, he concluded That the STATE had every RIGHT to sterilize a 17-year-old Girl.

He said:

“Society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.  The principle that sustains COMPULSORY VACCINATION is Broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.  Jacobson v Massachusetts.  Three generations of Imbeciles are Enough!!!!!”

And some of you thought “Forced Vaccination” was a Good Thing?  A Greater Good Thing?  You never dreamed it would be used to sterilize someone…right?

So let us back up to that poor girl, I will give you a brief background of Forced Sterilization…Which was UPHELD by the ability of the Police Powers of The STATE to FORCE you to do what they think is in the Best Interest of THE GENERAL HEALTH OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION…

Welcome to the Borg.

Carrie Buck was a 17-year-old girl from Charlottesville, Virginia.  She was the Lucky Girl Picked to be the FIRST to be FORCIBLY STERILIZED for THE GREATER GOOD OF THE PUBLIC.

The story goes: Carrie had a child, but was not married.  (The court didn’t give a shit that she was actually rapped…yes rapped) The court only cared about the following.  Carrie had a child, she was not married.  Her mother Emma was a resident at an asylum in Virginia.  Officials determined the following: Her and her mother shared hereditary traits of feeblemindedness and were sexually promiscuous. Because of this, Carrie fit into a new law and would be the “probable potential parent of socially inadequate offspring.”

At her trial several witnesses offered evidence of Carries’ inherited “defects” and those of her mother.  Dr. Albert Priddy testified that Emma Buck (the mom of Carrie) had “a record of immorality, prostitution, untruthfulness and syphilis.” In his opinion (Because like we do now…Doctors are God’s and the only people entitled to an opinion when it comes to someone’s health is at stake) Said: “These people belong to the shiftless, ignorant, and worthless class of anti-social whites of the South.”  And further said, EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN’T EVEN MEET Carrie, the daughter: That Carries was feebleminded and a moral delinquent.  (HOLY SHIT, SHE WAS RAPPED!!!!!!)

Then the final nail in the coffin for this poor girl Carrie: Sociologist Arthur Estabrook and a Red Cross Nurse examined the baby, Vivian, and concluded that she was “below average” and “not quite normal” And the judge naturally thought: Gee, Carrie should be sterilized to prevent the birth of other “defective” children.

Justice Olive Wendell Holmes Jr. also said:  It is better for ALL the World, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind>>Three generations of imbeciles are enough.

Flash Forward: In the USA about 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome. (1 in 700)  …..  Would these mothers and father agree with the above notion that their babies are Unfit to be alive?  Absolutely NOT!!!!!!  That is disgusting.

In the USA about 1 in 88 children, 1 inn 54 boys has Autism.  This costs a family an average of $60,000 a year to provide for their children’s needs.  Seeing how we all are REQUIRED to have health insurance…If and when the burdens become so great…are the same people who live by “The Greater Good” notion going to zero in on them???  Are they going to sterilize 1 in 54 boys?  Probably…

You might say: Really Elicia…You are being ridiculous and a conspiracy idiot. 

To that I respond: Sterilization of the people in Institutions for the mentally ill and mentally retarded continued through the mid 70’s.  At one time or another 33 states had statutes under which more than 60,000 American’s were forcibly and without their consent: Sterilized!!!!!  AND REMEMBER: The Buck v. Bell precedent allowing for sterilization of the “feebleminded” has NEVER been overruled.

Let Look at a ridiculous Scenario: Which I believe can come true.

The CDC is now considered the MOST credible scientific data hub in America…What does that mean to you?  If the CDC doesn’t say it…It aint true. (yes I used aint to demonstrate my anger)  STAY TUNNED I WILL BE DOING A comparative narrative on the Early religious leaders in 600’s to the government and science leaders of today)

The leading cause of Death in America is:

1.       Heart disease

2.      Cancer

3.      Chronic lower respiratory diseases

4.      Stroke

5.      Accidents

6.      Alzheimer’s disease

7.      Diabetes

8.     Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrois

9.      Influenza and Pneumonia (A two-fer to keep the numbers high…have to have them up here)

10.  Intentional self-harm

OKAY:  So right now they push the Flu Shot because it saves lives.  (STAY TUNNED I have a separate vlog/blog that I will post soon on a 100 year study of the Flu shot and influenza…it will blow your mind…or not)

SO…Let us move up:  ACCIDENTS…120,859 died from accidents.  That’s three times the level of that pesky influenza bug…oh wait I mean…um both influenza and Pneumonia….We must stop this…

But they can’t: not really, you trip, you fall, you can die.

Okay…What can we control on this list…

Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and Intentional self-harm.

For the GREATER GOOD: We must do the following:

Everyone will now be required to take an anti-depressant.

Everyone will now be required to stop smoking, eat healthy, and exercise every day.

We will only allow each person to have a certain amount of calories a day. 

Now again you say I am being ridiculous.


Let’s look at Fluoride.  Now in order to keep this pointed in the right direction, let us PRETEND that it does prevent dental caries.  And let us pretend that it is just the same as any other vitamin or mineral we put in our body.

To this I pull out my handy dandy Notional Book written by: Jennifer Turley Ph.D and Joan Thompson, Ph.D, M.S., R.D. and C.D.  (side note Doctor Turley is an awesome lady who did in-depth studies on vitamin E)

They list Fluoride under the trace minerals: which also includes Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Chromium, and Copper.

From the Book:

Fluorides DRI, UL, and RDI (daily recommended intake, upper limited, and Recommended dietary intake) For adult males 4 mg’s per day.  For adult females 3 mg per day.

ME: Did you catch that…there is a different dosage for males and females.

The tolerable Upper Intake Level for both is 10 mg’s per day.

On average if you were to consume only 8 glasses of tap water a day: (8 x 250 = 2ml and you have 1ppm or 1mg/liter…you would get 2mg of F in 8 cups….which would be fine, I suppose…HOWEVER.

Fluoride is found in Sea Food naturally not to mention that it is now in just about every product you can find on the market.

You cannot know how much fluoride you are ingesting unless you test it.

Examples: Taken from USDA.gov (because I like to use their information to fight against them)

The following gives you the Mean mcg ….

  Sample day:


2 pieces of bread (2 * 49)

Hash browns (not homemade) 44

Fruit juice orange                        57

1 egg                                                5


Pizza                                               31

Raisin cookie                               69


Frozen novelty (sugar free)        89


Mash potatoes and gravy               84

Pork roast                                       42

Diet Soda                                         78

If you drink your 8 glasses and ate the above…You are within the limit.   Please note that even the book says: High intake of fluoride, over many years can lead to skeletal fluoroisis chalky or brittle bones: Osteoporosis effects 10 million Americans with another 34 million at risk of osteopenia, or low bone mass, which can lead to fractures and other complications. Of these 80% are women>>> WHY? Maybe it’s because of over exposure to fluoride after all…woman should have less than men….

Now keep that in mind….because this gets interesting: 30,000 calls are made a YEAR to US poison control concerning acute fluoride exposure in children…Interesting. And the sad fact is that there is enough fluoride in a small tube of toothpaste that can kill an average-weighing child under the age of nine.  Crazy…Kill? WHY?  Because EVERYTHING everything you put in your body has an upper limit…and it depends on your Weight!!!  Take a 90 lb woman and a 200 lb man…give them the same amount of valium…and watch the woman die…the man didn’t…why…HELLO…This is medicine…you cannot have the same amount for everyone!!!  Yet somehow…fluoride has got the green light under the so-called Greater Good.

There is even an UPPER limit on WATER.

BUT…because of the so called greater good…and keeping the kid’s teeth white and free of cavities far outweighs the risk when you look at the GREATER GOOD.  (Women if you drink 6 diet sodas a day…You can get Fluoride poisoning…this is not my opinion…this is a fact…LOOK IT UP)

Sorry…don’t mean to get off track. Quick solution: I doubt they will take fluoride out of the water…so eat as many Whole and Raw (washed of course) fruits and veggies as you can…Stay away from Processed drinks…and for the love of goodness…If you are going to drink soda…don’t drink the sugar free soda…I don’t know why but according to that .gov website diet soda has double the fluoride…double.

Now onto how this Greater Good thing is playing out:

Under protocols set forth…if the state deems it necessary and says there is a state of emergency they can and will force you to take medication against your will.

So I ask you….Is this idea of the greater good actually a moral virtue or is it down right evil. Seriously…You may say NO…WHY…Because they use propaganda to propagate their agenda…I don’t even know what their agenda is…OH YES>>>>MAKE MONEY

Today the CDC and the Government use the term:  The benefits outweigh the risk. Interesting…In school they are teaching your Kids scientific terms like: Good and Bad…in science…In science.

Last thing I want to say to give you an example of how they use propaganda and FEAR to make you go along with this notion of The Greater Good.

 If a parent has a child who gets strep throat and the child dies…the media will lynch them…And they go so far as to want to FORCE medication. People get mad…emotions run deep…And sometimes the parent is on trial for medical neglect.

Here are some things to consider however:

There are roughly 11 million cases of strep throat a year and about 1,200 deaths.

Strep throat can be treated by antibiotics.

Chance of death from strep throat: .0001, chance of death from two different antibiotics .00006 and the other .00002.

As you can see the parent has two choices: .0001 death rate or .00002 death rate.

Many think this is a no brainer: Give the child medicine because the risk is smaller…True….but do we have a RIGHT to force them to do it.  What about the child who dies from taking the medicine…

I don’t see anyone being held liable for the murder of the child…WHY…because medicine isn’t considered a murderer…but a loving parent who is well intentioned is?

So I will end right here because I think we have a lot to think about.  I think we all need to start opening our eyes to the possibility of things…..Take the example above…What if the mother’s father died from an antibiotic?  Wouldn’t they be less likely to give it to their child…even if the child was adopted?  Think about that…Things are not black and white…The world is very gray in place.

Before you open your mouth and start blaming a parent for not wanting to go along with what the Medical Establishment is saying…realize that each parent has a story.  You don’t blame the medicine for killing the child…so why are you blaming the parent…especially if the parent did everything else in a loving manner.

It our bodies….Not the States….BUT they have taken over and I fear the worst…Yet we can change this…By opening our minds and realizing that imposing your will on someone else is a very slippery slope.  Maybe one day you will find yourself in the same situation.  I did.

My brother died from Medicine his doctor prescribed after his skull was fractured from a pressure cooker explosion. He did not O.D.  he took the exact amount the doctor said…this was a strong man…I mean he survived this pressure cooker smashing into his skull…breaking his teeth out…breaking his jaw…and then the pressure cooker broke through the ceiling.  Yet a little pill killed him.

So next time you make a joke or call a parent cruel or medically neglectful for not vaccinating or not taking medication for their children…Look at the COLD hard facts.  100,000 people a year die from taking medications.  Medicine IS not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL….period.

There is no greater good in medicine…

We will talk more about this greater good….For now…I ask One Simple Question:

Do you think it is right to impose your will on another person?

This is Elicia….Have a Great day.

If you’re bored…check out one of my 5 novels…You can read excerpt on my website: EliciaClegg.com/library



11/10/2014 4:09pm

Elicia, I just happened upon your Tube posting, and was quite impressed with the ethical issue you grappled with in your video. I tend to think that there IS a greater good to be accomplished by certain edicts pronounced by the courts, but I don't think that it should involve a choice to give or not give drugs to an individual, or to remedy a perceived threat the Court may decide would threaten the gene pool. But I DO think that in the case of a potential epidemic, that the State has an obligation to put the rights of an individual who could be infected below the rights of the general public. This case was particularly evident with at least 3 people who had visited the Ebola-stricken nations in Africa, and refused to quarantine themselves from others. The Court actually upheld the last nurse's right to be out and about, instead of the reverse, but I think the Court should have erred, in caution, for the public, being that Ebola is such a horrible disease to contract. It's obvious that these voluntary quarantines don't work, so if there were ever a greater good to society, it would be for the State to protect us from dolts like that!
Good luck with your projects!

Elicia Clegg
01/13/2015 2:45pm

Now I do not have a problem quarantining people for the safety of others. This can easily be done in someones home. With Ebola, what would that be: 21 days? If I catch a cold, I stay home. I think everyone should. If I got measles, or mumps, or EV68: I would stay home, I think that is a fair and balanced way to handle these situations. The longest one would be "isolated" in their home would be what? 30 days? This is way more ethical than forcing medication on someone. Especially when medication is not 100%, Isolation in the home cannot hurt a person, medication can. Thanks for visiting and your kind and honest words.

04/22/2015 3:49am

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