In light of all the sad news, I thought I would share something a little sweeter today. 
    During the weekdays I walk with Raven, and on the weekends Steve does.  Well Sunday, after a long walk, they got home and Steve asked Raven a question.
    Steve: "You know I walk you now for your health, but one day I will need someone to come and make sure I walk for my health.  Will you come and make sure I walk every day?"
      Raven: "I will dad, I promise." 
      She followed it by giving him a big hug....and from the look in her eyes she really meant it.  It filled me with such joy.
     In these moments I am reminded that even though your past may have been fraught with pain...the future is wide open...you are in control and can have the life you always dreamed of.
     That's it folks.  Have a beautiful day!!!!



Todd Solar
08/12/2014 2:42pm

That was really nice... Raven will take good care of her daddy... and you too Elicia... the very proud mother. I am glad you and Steve have a great relationship with each other and Raven.. and your older daughter too... Nice to hear and see news of the inspirational variety... Good things... Thanks for sharing... Yeah... it is nice to read up lifting real life adventures...

08/12/2014 6:23pm

Todd you are becoming one of my best friends. You are so nice, and always take a moment out of your day to share with me. Thank you!!! People don't realize how nice it is to hear friendly words from the outside world. :)

05/10/2016 9:49am

This was exactly the thing I needed and want thanks you for such a beautiful article. We should enjoy every little joys of our life and let the sadness behind us so that we can make this world a happy place to live.


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