I know that your brothers and sister greeted you with open arms. Your mother held you like she once did and all the pain this world gave melted away.
    I ache for your wife and children knowing their loss is great.  Today I will remember you and all those who have been lost and though this picture is painful as everyone has now passed, I will smile from the memories and life you all shared.  I love you Scott, Below is a family video from long ago when you and my father were still with us.     

I will be adding more photos once I have access to them...I corrupted my memory by dropping it.


This post give us message that we should must spend time with our families. But nowadays a large number of people busy in daily routine life and they have no time for our family. I think that is very bad habit we should avoid this habit and spend well time with family and make life more beautiful.

11/28/2016 3:58am

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