Anyone else really bad at grammar?  I have compiled a list of 457 words that I commonly confuse with others.  Example: stationery vs. stationary, conquer vs. concur, since vs. sense, etc. etc.
     But I have, as of late, been asking: Why am I so bad at grammar?  I went to college, I did all the work, and yet I still have a hard time with sell and sale. Come on, that is a simple mistake, almost as bad as you're and your. The good news is that I have a great book: Painless Grammar, and it really is helping, I now understand the difference between lie and lay....but I know I have a long way to go.
     About a week ago I stumbled upon an interesting book: Why Johnny Can't Read. An interesting quote from the book, written in 1955, said: "I will admit that the book is doubtless and quite unscientific . . . but then, Uncle Tom's Cabin was not exactly a documented sociological treatise. When a public problem exists, it has to be presented in a way the public cannot only understand, but take notice of. And the fact is that, with all too few honorable exceptions,
American education has gone to hell in the proverbial handbasket. . . . We are raising a generation of the barely literate. "
     I thought gee...am I a little Johnny? I can read, I can write, but I make elementary mistakes.  So I pulled out some old college papers and found several elementary mistakes. I realized, after reading most of the book, I am just a little Johnny.  How do I know.  While I was in school they rolled out the new "sight words"...we didn't learn phonics...just simple memorization. 
     Why did I write this blog today:  To let parents know that you can help your kids....and to let adults know that you can fix your education...by reeducating yourself.
     Once I finish reading the book I promise to share what I have learned.  In the meantime, might I suggest, for those who want to learn, two books: Why Little Johnny Can't Read and what you can do about it, and Painless Grammar by Rebecca Elliot, Ph.D. third Edition. 
     As always, have a beautiful day!!!  Xo Elicia



07/19/2016 9:00am

Not all of us are perfect in grammar. If we do check our written passage with some grammar checking tool then mistakes still exists. It doesn’t matter how good you can write. Everyone check the things with their perspective, so chances of mistakes are quite high.


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