Part 1 of ∞ (if indeed we are infinite creatures)

I’ve been thinking a lot about this Hamilton and Price theory on the human behavior of altruism (being kind)…and Price’s newer formulation which pointed toward an obvious implication. If the equation (on human behavior) demands the spread of altruistic behavior based on the need to survive, the need to protect the child, it also demands the opposite.  It demands that torture, rape, and murdering your neighbors is also a behavior based on the need to survive.

Immediately I get a little knot in my stomach, and so did Price, he spent his life trying to disprove the very mathematical formula he came up with.

Why?  Because it doesn’t answer the real question of human morality, or lack thereof.  Let us assume, morality is a simple word and not convoluted by arguments and a strict set of rules.  For this paper, let us say morality is simply: Do not impose your will on others-even if it is to save their lives-did I get anyone upset by this?  Why yes, you wouldn’t sit there and watch a baby starve to death…you wouldn’t let someone drown in front of you…that is not very moral.

See…it already begins. (please click read more)

We argue over virtues and what it means…and this cannot be summed up in a neat little mathematical formula, regardless of how much we would want it to be true.  I for one would love to know who are the cruel, overbearing, power hungry, torture loving persons.  I would love to round them up, and drop them on an island where they have to Fight for Survival…You know: Survival of the Fittest. I kind of laugh in a maniacal way when I think of rounding up the Federal Reserve’s Shareholders…rounding up these old men, drop them off on an island…round up the people who attend Bilderberg…drop them off on the island…and see if they can survive…Would they?  I doubt it…Why…they don’t really work…just their mind…and the mind…as great as it is…isn’t going to build a shelter. (Well there are a few health looking ones, I bet they could do it…but would he start to get angry…would the younger of this elite group start to get mad because they become the workers?  Not sure)

(Ah…You need both physical and mental to really survive…don’t you? We use to.  But now, it would seem that the elites are just about the brain…and not the body…a thing they should think about…what do you do if the slaves just stop being slaves?)

Anyway, I wrote a paper against Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest for an Anthropology class I had.  It was a paper that was abjectly different from another I wrote in High School, which embraced Darwin’s theories with such a fever-pitch I dare say it demanded eugenics be practiced. I thought stupid people really shouldn’t procreate…yet now…now I think: No one is stupid: That stupid is more of a situational thing…and that we are all capable of intelligence…You see I have come to understand that intelligence not merely found in the ability to write a paper, to read a book, or anything like that…no intelligence is much deeper… It is an action.

So why am I so different from who I was?

Time and experience. Time and experience changes these type of things.  (Side note: Is this why Eugenics and “THEY” the dark they who is behind the curtain, want to kill off old people?  I think so…but this is only my opinion.)

Ask yourself this: Are you who you want to be? Is there a quality about yourself that you would like to change?  Do you feel powerless to do so?

I believe You can change anything about yourself that you don’t like…I’m speaking of behavior…we are limited in some physical attributes…but really....our physical attributes are continually changing.

Remember Evolutionary theory is a science of averages and mathematical abstractions, but we each live a life that is unique and full of collisions with other unique beings.  Even physically identical twins have unique events and become unique people…it starts in the womb…and goes forward.

How did I change?  Well I didn’t wake up one morning and say: Gee, maybe people I once thought weren’t worthy of spreading their seed, are.  This pains me now to think I was that cruel and I was.

It took a long time, and many different events to change the way I was.  You see, whether you believe in the human spirit, or you believe that we are nothing more than a unit programmed, much like a computer, change is possible. Because studies have shown that certain kinds of abuse early in life can change neuron functions.  Because studies have shown that stress can change neuron functions.  Because studies have shown that love can and does affect the brain.

But do we really need scientific studies to show us this?  We intrinsically know we are capable of choice.  We can say: Hey today I am going to say hi to strangers, and smile and wave…these acts change our mood...and our mood sure has a lot to do with our behaviors…doesn’t it.

BUT…Yes the ever looming word but…in this case, it should not negate what I have just said…it should come as a counter…and something more to think about.

I like to think my words are directed toward the idea behind the Iron Giant.  You know the machine built as a weapon…but in the end he sacrifices himself to choose to be Superman.  Ahh…beautiful.

But: there is a gaping hole in my idea: Human sexuality.

My idea..that you can choose who you are…is just as dangerous as saying you can’t choose who you are…you can modify your behavior, but you are who you are born to be.  As in a Psychopath is always a psychopath, so medicate that bastard and move on.

If I say people can change…someone might start rounding up people who like the same sex and torture them with the belief that they can make them like the opposite sex.

If I say people can change…some disgusting pedophile might trick his psychiatrist into believing he has changed…and might go on to hurt even more children.

If I say people can change…murders can be free to roam the streets once more.

(People that think I am putting the gay people into the same category as murders and rapists, please don’t think that…I am actually trying to put people that torture you with shock therapy and drugs in the circle…not you)

It’s funny, how both religion and science has done such cruelty in this world because they have somehow justified it.  Now don’t get mad…Science: Come on, you know you have done some very wicked things, justified by the idea of sacrificing a few for the many (look at the history of psychology, look at Nuremberg trials, look at the little premature babies oxygen study this happened recently).  And religion….Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch trials, Female genital mutilation…

Do we see a pattern here on Virtues?  They are subjective…aren’t they?

Okay…We are back to the beginning aren’t we…still floundering around in the dark…and that is okay because remember: The more we know…the more we know we don’t know.  So what can we do?  Well we can try to live by the idea of not imposing our will on other’s, this works nicely…except when it comes to raising children…Yes, that’s it…Layers…we have layers…and maybe in that we can find the answers.  We cannot come up with one virtue for every stage of life…because each stage is different. So what do we do?  I don’t know, I can’t answer that for you, for me: I will…continue on this journey called life…I will continue to explore Why? What? Who? And all the rest.

I think what is important to remember is that we are unique creatures, all of us, even the assholes, and there must be a purpose…at least…I hope there is.  

So today, even though my little hypothesis is not perfect…and doesn’t work for all areas of the human existence…I will strive to not impose my will on others…and in the meantime…come up with a humanistic idea on how to treat those who are children, out of control destructive humans, and people I just don’t like.

That’s all I have today.  Catch you on the Flip Side! Thanks! 



01/28/2016 8:05am

From this we get that the behavior of the human beings affects the life of different people. They see that person with that point of view and think about them. They notice all the things the way which they talk and walk. So it is very important for the person to give attention to themselves.


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