To you, who is reading this, I hope you have never had the pain of being homeless.  I only say this now because it is an important part of my life that has built a bond between my mom and I that can never be broken.  It is hard, and a bit scary, being homeless, but I cannot, nor do I want to imagine what it is like with several children in tow.

One particular year was very hard, it happened to be the year Thelma & Louise came out.  So this song seems most appropriate to post.  We fought tooth and nail to make it here and here is a wonderful place to be. I am so lucky to have both a Mother I can count on and a very dear Friend, one of my best friends.

Thank you MOM!!!  The road has been long, but oh the stories we have formed.  I love you.

Until we find the bridge across forever
Until this grand illusion brings us home
You and I will always be together
From this day on you'll never walk alone



08/17/2016 1:21pm

There are no any words to describe the importance and the love of a mother. She is the one who is responsible for every breath her child has. Being a homeless is a disaster in itself, with no mother around to care for. Anyone would shiver with the idea of his mother mot around. Amazing article.


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