Yesterday Raven and I were talking about time travel, last night I dreamed that I went back to 1898, though I wanted to go to 1998, and this morning I woke up to have the first suggestion on Youtube be: About Time Travel. (This is probably how superstitions begin).     To time travel, you must understand what time is.  We know that clocks tick at different rates at different places.  Scientists say that we must think of Time as dimensional. (To this they say if you change the past, you just create a new parallel time line. Yet the scientists who work on time travel do it to manipulate space and time in order to control our (or their) destiny: But if you are simply creating a parallel time line...are you really controlling your destiny...or simply creating a new world?)
     This is a long and complex issue, and really, today is not the day for me to get sucked into Time study...as when I do I can end up spending hours and hours and hours on it.  So instead I thought, why not ask you, the reader?  What is your Favorite Time theory?
      My favorite is that time is layered, like a cake, or like rooms situated next to each other as in: The Past, Present, and Future are all Happening Right now.  Why do I like this one best?  In a way it comforts me, it makes me believe that the small child I once was, is not alone, I am walking with her, and though she can't see me, I am there to feel with her, just as the old wise woman I will become, walks with me now, comforting me in ways to let me know it will all be okay.  (Yes I based my opinion off emotions...and yes I realize that is unscientific of me...So what?  Sometimes I am emotional...LOL ;) ...A wink and a smile.. )
     Okay ladies and Gents: Be sure to give me your favorite, Comment below (remember only a name, any name, and comment is needed for it to post) As always have a beautiful DAY!!!



08/30/2016 5:10pm

Scientists are working really very hard on the theories of time. But I think that time can’t be reversed. Because changes in the past can cause a drastic change in the future that will upset the balance of nature. There are also many facts that prove that changes in time are no good.


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