Sub Title: Justice, Sloth, and Greed

Sub, Sub Title: I am in a very dark place, from which I do not know how to return.

I am in a very dark place my friends.  I ask today: Do we deserve what is happening?  Should we be punished for our ignorance? Are we ignorant? Are we lazy?  Are we overwhelmed?  Are we programmed?  Are we part of a collective too great to fight?

The song swirling around in my mind this morning, as I bombard my newsfeeds with Vaccine information and Informed consent is: Midnight Oil’s: Beds are Burning.  No this post is NOT about Vaccines…I just wanted to set the stage…roll a few eyes…show their ignorance, greed and sloth, show those who would roll their eyes at the very idea of me having the arrogance to mention vaccines that they too are part of the problem, they too have made their beds.  “We have made our bed, it’s now time to sleep in it!”

Here is the video:
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Now let us talk about Justice, Sloth, and Greed:

This morning as I reviewed the information about the Department of Health and Human Services: Did you know that the fox is guarding the chicken coop?  DHHS has the following power: Deny injury to compensation for vaccine injury.  License vaccines.  Take DRUG MONEY to fast track vaccines.  Share in vaccine sales PROFITS.  Make vaccine policy.  Promote vaccine LAWS.  Assess vaccine risks.  Monitor vaccine safety…..

The only thing I could think was: Maybe we deserve this?  Maybe we deserve to have sickness ravage and control our lives.   

After all the medical world has become nothing more than Sloth and Greed Dancing together.

Sloth & Greed:  Many people are too lazy to get healthy (this includes me).  They want a pill to fix everything.  Depressed, don’t change your life, don’t exercise, just take a pill.  Can’t control your temper?  Here’s a pill.  Murder someone?  Don’t take responsibility, blame it on your brain…you're crazy. Overweight?  Have a surgery.  Is your kid acting up, don’t be a parent, here: give them this pill…oh, not enough, well we have another, a side-effect, well that is okay: we just happen to have a pill for that too? 

Too sick to go to work, here: take some cough syrup and pills…take them…go spread your disease to your coworkers.  Chickenpox…oh no, no, you might miss ten days at work taking care of your kid…You better give them a vaccine…Oops….now they might get shingles…here…take another vaccine.

Bad breathe: Don’t change your diet, don’t brush your teeth…We are working on a vaccine for halitosis right now…just stay tuned.

Adults won’t get the Hep B vaccine willingly…no worries…we will pass legislation to require the vaccine be given within 12 hours of birth.

You can’t handle the stress of the world…so instead of drinking alcohol…which causes liver problems and kills brain cells…you want to smoke a plant…NO!  That is self-medicating, we can’t have that…Let’s pass a law and put you in jail if you don’t follow it….But don’t worry, we have some dangerous drugs that you can take…that’s just fine.

What?  You want a say in your child’s education…NO, NO…You're too stupid: WE WILL DECIDE WHAT YOUR CHILD LEARNS…WE ARE THE EXPERTS…I mean…You don’t trust yourself to educate them anyway, so only we should decide.

Your party didn’t win this election?  Really?  Because by my calculations…If all the registered Democrats voted in Utah…They would have won.  Seriously….take a look.  (I am not a democrat, I am not a republican)

This is the reality of the situation folks: You don’t have a right to say what NOT to put in your body while also being forced into putting things into your body.  At any time you can be locked up and have all your rights stripped away if the medical establishment says you are CRAZY: and remember with the new bible…oh I mean scientifically VOTED on DSM-5: almost everyone is crazy.

This is the reality of the situation folks: We are sicker, have less freedoms, more people in jail, more kids on medication, more adults on medication, less money, and more laws than at any other time in our American History. 

And what do we do about it?  For many: Nothing outside of angry little rants on facebook or whatever social site you choose.  For others: they simply ignore it, as though it isn't happening, as though it doesn't matter.  And others still: they, through programming, propaganda, and double-think: help push the agenda of those who seek to control us.  They shout: We need less freedom!  We need to take children from parents who don't give their children medication.  We need to force everyone to vaccinate.  We need to force everyone to mow their lawns, to buy insurance, to take medication, to do this...that...and the other.  We don't need education that frees the mind, we need education that makes good little worker bees. We must compete globally.  Don't bother to ask: What in the hell are we competing against or for? Control over the global market?  Is that our goal: Control?

If you are about freedom:  You might ask:
what can we do? 

It’s actually very simple.  You can be the change you want. Seriously.  Make a list, break it down into bite size moves, and take the first step forward.

I don’t like GMO’s because the biotech companies OWN the seed.  This is not sustainable and leads to a monopoly of complete power.  So I attempt to buy only organic and am struggling to grow my own food.

I don’t like the public education system, so I home-school. (If you can't home school yes I have solutions please see the following: Article.  Go about half-way down to: My solution.)

I don’t like people having excuses for their mental state: so I work every day to understand Why we do what we do and correct that behavior in myself.  I try to understand my sadness, my wrath, and my programming, and work toward fixing it naturally and holistically. This is not easy, but I work on it every day.

I am unhealthy, so I force myself to eat better and exercise.

I don’t think it is fair to spread disease, so I keep my child and myself home when we are sick.

I don’t like oppression, so I don’t vote for oppressive laws.

I lack knowledge, am poor at grammar, and get confused sometimes, so I try to learn something new every day.

I don’t like the two party system, so I vote for the PERSON not the party.

I don’t like greed, so I try to buy within my means.  I don’t drive a fancy car, I don’t live in a huge house, I don’t have a neat cell-phone, and I turn off the lights when I can.

I get overwhelmed by society, so I write novels to understand what I don't.


How will this work?  Just like how the opposite worked.  They told women that Cigarettes were torches of freedom, a few beautiful women started smoking, then more, then more, then more.  Never underestimate the power of a few…remember: It is only a few that rule the world right now….It’s time for a Guard Change…Its time to take down our rulers who don’t give a shit about anything besides profit and control.  And yes: We, the strong, that want change…will have to carry those who are too lazy or too ignorant to change it…But this is the burden and double edge sword of humanity.  If you want freedom: You must GIVE IT!!!! 

I would love for the following to be your New Year’s Resolution:  Break the Chains that Bind You! 

Sorry for being so grim....Please, try to have a beautiful day.  I love you.  You are my brother.  You are my sister.  And You are my Friend.  Thank you for listening. 



04/27/2016 5:30am

A very nice article full of truth and strength. I read it but it is as if I watched a video. You got me thinking about my own life weather, I deserve what I am going through. I thank you.

06/06/2016 1:12am

That’s a very nice way to vent out. The world has its own was of teaching everyone and how it teaches is mostly harsh. The thing is that is can punish you for anything you are too much. It can punish you for you for giving too much, or too little. it can punish you for being too hard working or lazy. Thanks for sharing this with me. there are twist in this world and we hope to overcome it or at least understand it.


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