Never underestimate a small act of kindness.  It was my ninth grade year, I was fourteen, turning fifteen, and I was locked in this deep dark world of emotional pain (no I did not have a chemical imbalance, in fact, I had every reason to be sad, but this is not about that).
     Needless to say, many of us have challenges growing up in a world that can seemingly be filled with real Monsters and well, I just couldn't shake it.  I woke up like a zombie, I had no reason to smile, and this morose mood was very evident.  But all of this was going to change with one small act that kept me going for five long years (The worst years of my life).  :)
     It was my birthday, and I was called to the office.  Not that again, yes the dreaded office call that I was use to (hey, what can I say, I had a bit of an insubordinate streak, today they might call it O.D.D..thankfully, in my day, it was just called being a teenager.) And there it was.  The most beautiful bouquet of roses, in an elegant vase, and it was addressed to me, me! (It may be cliche, but I am a sucker for flowers).
     The ladies in the office were all giddy and they pressured me to open the card, open the card and find out who sent them to me.  To quote, exactly, yes I remember it 23 years later, how?  I read that card many, many times.  And this card saved my life, many, many times.:
     "In later years, when we meet as equals, I pray you feel the same for me, as I for you.  Love--Your secret admirer." 
     My heart thumps even now.  It was as if life was poured back into me, and I smiled.  Someone loved me, me. Elicia. I couldn't believe it, but there it was, someone out there loved me.  The ladies of the office got all googly eyed and awed and gave me a hug saying how wonderful it was that I had a secret admirer.  Sure, when I got home my father was mad, but who cared, there was a man out there that cared about me...and this simple act saved my life.
     It may sound a bit silly, but I didn't think a man would ever love me, and over the next few years, with my ups and downs, I would pull out that card, and remind myself that someone did love me.
     Would you like to know who sent me the roses?  I found out when I was twenty.  Well of course you want to know.  Who wouldn't.  Well, it was my mother, and while this may seem weird, it was actually the kindest thing she could have done for me.  At the time I needed to know that one day someone would offer me a love that transcended time...It was the perfect thing to do...and I was amazed that she kept her secret for all those years, possibly because I gushed about it so much. And though I must admit, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't some wonderful prince charming, I so loved her for pulling me out of that funk I couldn't seem to shake.
     Well that is all for today my friends.  Remember, love is very powerful, and kindness can do wonders.  Peace out.  Catch you tomorrow. :)



05/20/2016 3:37am

The things we do for love sometimes may seem too small in our eyes and minds. But that is not the same in the eyes and minds of those on the receiving end. A small act of kindness is like the whole world to someone. A small act of kindness is all someone needs to make his or her day as bright as the sun. We should not hold back acts of kindness. Whenever possible we must try to show kindness to people.


As a rule we seldom meet pleasant moment but when it is happen we feel myself inspired and joyful. You must live this period and try to increase your level of "ability of kindness". I hope you be able to success.

06/02/2016 6:44am

It isn't silly at all. When you get these gifts it maybe because you very lucky and dignified in that office. I anticipate this "act of kindness" you will send out somebody too.


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