As a big: THANK-YOU!!!  Sponsored by: EliciaClegg.com.  We are giving away a hand-draw, One-of-a-kind, Signed Artwork by rising star Jesica. This is the original cover art for Elicia's sixth novel, first novella,Fool of Death...

You must not believe what you see and only half of what you hear, lest you become a Fool of Death.

Please, like and share if you feel so inclined.  Enter Below, contest will run From 2/13 to 2/26.  And: May the odds be ever in your favor (Shout out to a great book: The Hunger Games.)

UGH there is an error in the Giveaway sign up process.  I apologize I will fix and let you all know when you can actually enter.  Glitches...Everywhere I turn: Glitches.  ;)



02/17/2016 7:08am

Direction grows the estimation of a man. It makes him shimmer and shimmer like a gold. As gold never rusts away and shines in dust additionally, an educated individual is regardless. He shines in troublesome times and in a social occasion of people moreover.


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