My question today: What would happen if people really did care about education as much as they pretend to?  What would happen if we taught ALL children how to read, write, think logically, critically, the arts, physical education, nutrition, math and the real scientific method? What would happen if we taught children real risk vs. reward?  What if we taught journalist to be objective and simply report the facts?  What if every child went to college and got a MD, PhD, or some other high degree?
     What would happen to our society?
     What would happen to the haves and have not’s?
     These questions rattle around in my head all the time.  Not because I don’t want it to happen.  I very much do.  I even think I know the solution to getting each and every child a unique individualized education that would help propel each and every child to the level of intelligence I know they are capable of.   I believe our society would be better off.  I believe that robots would take the place of many jobs and give people the freedom to explore.  <<<<  But this of course cannot happen, and I think, if each of you search out the answer you will finally understand why our education system is broken….It was designed to be.  Why?  Because who will clean the toilet bowels?  Who will shovel the shit? 
     Who will do the work?  Certainly some will.  I very much enjoy doing yard-work, but…THE BIG BUT…let’s say that I have a small business.  I have 5 people (to make it simple) one must get the customers (the salesman) one must keep the books, pay the bills, etc (the accountant) and the other three must do the physical labor.  Now each of the five are equally important…so should all five get paid the same?  Here in you might find the solution to our ills in society.   The salesman might argue that he should make the most because he brings in the customers.  The accountant will say they should make the most because he keeps the business in the red and complies with the numerous tax laws.  The three physical labors will say us, I mean they are doing the work. 
     So who makes the most?  In today’s world: Accountant average: 72,500.00.  Salesman: 64,670.00.  And the worker at 14.00 an hour or 29,120.00.
     NOW: What if they all went to school together, all are intelligent, and all are able to do each other’s job.  (Yes there will be a slight variation, stronger people, more manipulative, more apt toward numbers)  Would there be such a wage gap?  Nope.  And again, therein lies the problem. While we can see a difference of pay could be reached on some level, we surely would not be able to say one should make 1.00 an hour while the other only makes .50.
     Of course I have oversimplified it.  We would have to take into account of property ownership, if there would be a loan (bankers what should they make).  Taxes, etc…but sometimes you must start small in order to see the big picture.
     So I ask: Are you someone that truly wants to educate the public?  Are you ready for a complete change in society and social orders?  (We can do this without being Socialist, or Communists) 
     I am ready. 
     Let’s do it!  Let’s create a real revolution!  Let’s get educated!  Let us use the lost tools of learning.  Let us be brave, bold, and explore the world. 
     We shall explore this more and give hints on self-education. 
     But today, I just wanted to get you thinking.  I wanted to find out if you truly want an education revolution, or if you are just another mouth piece for the power structure that is our society. 
     I would like to leave you with the following as it relates to our society more now than ever before:
     You cannot translate newspeak.  Even the parties’ slogans are changing.  How will you say freedom is slavery when the word freedom no longer exists? Wisdom, Wisdom, this is the point.  The whole aim of newspeak is to narrow the range of thought.  In the end we will make thought crime impossible because there will be no words to express it.  When newspeak is perfect and compulsory there won’t be any need for control, the evolution will be complete.

     If you would like, this is a long one, please check out the video below. 



Miguel Alarcon
04/24/2015 1:39pm

What you are proposing is just an utopia. If there is a way of measuring the capabilities of learning of each individuals brain we will see that no brain is the same and just because it is a brain and it is in a human doesn't mean it is capable of learning everything you want to shovel to it. Not everyone can excel in the measuring you are proposing, but that doesn't mean that not everyone can receive the opportunity to learn the same. Not everyone can be a doctor, a policeman, a businessman, a street sweeper, etc, but everyone has his own place in society. All we need to learn is to not make distinction among trades, professions or whatever other means people have to make a living. That is the real challenge.

Elicia L Clegg
04/24/2015 2:07pm

Thank you for your comment Miguel. What I am trying to demonstrate is exactly what you have said. Our society doesn't want to "fix" education because not everyone can be a doctor, someone must shovel the shit...Right? I think in the end, this is where we are failing. We have structured our society to believe that everyone wants to be a doctor, which is not true, or that everyone wants to be famous, which is not true. Some people like to farm, some like to build, etc. We can start out small and build up from there. I think it starts with understanding our society and understanding that if we want real change, we must all be educated...BUT...Not in the same way. There is nothing wrong with a child who doesn't want to learn quantum mechanics...so why force it? In the end, I think if we start talking about it, we might first find the problem, so that we can then find the solution. So the question is now: What is the purpose of education?

05/14/2015 5:12am

I am sure we don't need it at all! Thank you for the posting this article

08/04/2015 11:47pm

Education is for all. It is a basic human right. Sadly, societies are trapped into traditional form of education. With rising tuition fees, it takes a toll on each family to send a youngster to school. Ideally, education is something not only learned inside the four walls of a campus. It takes courage to go beyond the traditional paradigm of sending children outside a school system. There are only a few parents who are experimenting with non-traditional education and some have taken the cudgels and are teaching their children themselves, which is very admirable.

07/08/2015 3:08pm

In my opinion all these reforms are not for our better life but for earning more money indeed! I am sure we should write more online essays on this problem in order to make people see this problem

07/08/2015 10:53pm

Actually, that’s the big question really! If the journalism becomes just do reporting all the facts that they get without thinking what can be the result of their report to the people that’s a big trouble. Because I know being journalism, it’s a matter of balance thinking you should be like a two rock with the same weight that you think the effect and the cast of what you been reporting. If all people are intelligent, so what happen if the calamity comes they can’t think much easy and better idea to do, because they just intelligent not intellectual person.

08/04/2015 6:01am

I think standardized tests can only test on discrete bits of information. That's not what you really need to be learning. It's easy to find information these days- what you need to know is what to do with it when you get it. It's those higher level processes of synthesis, analysis and critique that standardized tests can't test. They can't tell if you can take information and express it fluently and effectively to particular audiences. They can't tell if you can apply the knowledge you have to real situations. They can't measure your creativity, your initiative, your time management or your perseverance- all of which are more important for you to be successful than knowing what the capitol of a country is, or who was the 25th president, or what a preterit is.

08/07/2015 2:03pm

Reforming anything that is not operating well is excellent. The issue with knowledge is always trying to determine what aspect of the program is damaged and what are the best methods to fix it. For the last several years we've been in a continuous condition of Reform.

08/10/2015 10:23pm

Check with your high school application essay, They usually have significant amounts of informaton, especially if the high school you're applying to has been joined by your other graduates.

08/12/2015 10:59am

Reform anything that is not operating well is excellent. The issue with education is always trying to determine what aspect of the program is damaged and what are the best methods to fix it. For the last several years we've been in a constant state of reform.


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