Saturday and Sunday, before I was struck down with this horrid illness.  (Just kidding, it was short and I am now operating at 80%)...I was cleaning my back yard, and even though I was tired, my skin full of scratch marks, I was at peace with the world.  Something about yard work makes me calm.  But then, I had to drive to the local garden shop and had to deal with road rage people.
     Question: If you had god-like powers, would you do anything petty?

     To explain: the rules.  You have god-like powers, but let us pretend that in order to live on earth with meager humans you have to keep it hidden, and no matter how much you want to save the world, you can't you are bound by laws of the universe, laws greater than even you.  (Come on this is imagination time).  You are however allowed to use your magic, so to speak, but in a limited way.  You know, you save a dead dog hit by a careless driver.  You secretly heal the old woman down the street
, and every once in awhile, when you are tired, your yard is suddenly perfectly pruned.   So you get it right: These are the rules.
       Now we go back to the Question: Would you do anything petty? 
       I would.  This question comes to me every time I get cut off in traffic.  I took a right hand turn, had plenty of room, and I see a white sports car coming up going at least 60 mph in a 40 mph zone.  I turn on my blinker to get in the left lane because I have to turn left.  Well the same man who was closing in on me tried to get over, without his blinker, at the same moment I did, he jerks his car to the right, I quickly pull into the left, he then, because we can see inside a car which I believe some people forget, starts screaming at me.  He turns beat red and zips by, only to be stopped at the very next light, with me to the right.  He is still screaming, his anger out of control, and when the light changes he zips away.
       Now in my youth I may have been like this man, I may have lost my temper, started screaming and yelling like a two-year-old being denied that third cookie...but I have learned to remain calm: How: I imagine being God-like, I imagine that I pop out of my car and into their car and say: "Well that wasn't very nice what you just did.  You should learn to control your temper."  Then, after they are scared, I pop back into my car and happily drive away, knowing that the person would be confused. 
     I know this may seem like a silly question, but I think in life, sometimes you need to find creative ways to handle people that are angry.   In the end, I have come to understand that it takes two to argue.  When someone loses their temper with me I try to remain calm, after all, one day, that same man that loses his temper so easily is going to give himself a heart-attack.  Life can be beautiful if only we slow down and learn to cherish both the journey and the destination, not simply the destination.  :)
     As always, have a beautiful day!!!!  Elicia
  And thank you for stopping by.     



05/14/2015 5:11am

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07/03/2016 11:30pm

Controlling your temper is a must in all situations, especially on the road. What I mean by on the road is that when you are driving you must always be patient because people are not perfect we all do make mistakes. So simple mistake that didn't harm you must not get to an acts that are inappropriate, yeah, they are the one who did wrong but as I've said we all do make mistakes. For me, I don't usually shout at someone who made mistakes on the road, especially when I'm not harmed by the incident. But yes, I am telling that person to just be careful so that next time he will do the same. For me patience is the key when driving because it will really give you a lot of pain.

12/27/2015 7:12am

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02/03/2017 12:01pm

I would. This question comes to me every time I cut off in traffic. I took a right turn, had plenty of space, and I see a white sports car coming up at least 60 mph in a 40 mph zone.


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