I posted this "community share" picture as an example of Bait-and-switch.  You thought this was going to be about something cool, but it isn't.  ;-)
     Definition: First, customers are "baited" by merchants' advertising products or services at a low price, but when customers visit the store, they discover that the advertised goods are not available, or the customers are pressured by sales people to consider similar, but higher priced items

But I was thinking...what if Bait-and-switch has morphed into something more pliable, something that can control both the public and help promote and hide other people's actions.  What would it be called then?
     My news-feeds were bombarded with the Jared Story...You know the subway guy who plead guilty to sexual activity with minors (16 and 17...so I am on the bubble with that) But...The child pornography.  This sparked my interest as those paying attention know there is something so dark and sinister going on in Hollywood (general term for show-business) and in High Government.  Remember:
The Real-Life ‘Whistleblower’...  Remember how she came forward to expose the UN's involvement with Sex Trafficking.  Oh wait, that went away...now didn't it.  If not you can read about it here.  
      Well today, yes, just one day later, there is the BIG story that the Josh Duggar Cheats on his Wife. (here). The news feeds are blowing up.  People are so angry, and they are boastful.  Yes, very boastful.  The people so love it when the Religious Fall From Grace.   Now this of course makes me sick.  ONE: People weren't as angry about him molesting his sisters, TWO: No one is talking about the child pornography thing...really it is just about Jared, being famous, getting busted. 
     Is this where we have gone?  Yes, yes it is.  But why?  I think they have designed it that way.  When something bad happens, the child pornography, they already have something big in the bag.  I may be crazy to think this, or paranoid, but it sure seems that way.  Is it the old Red Herring?  Or are we, society, getting too smart for that, and now that we know that they use magician tactics to keep us focused on one thing or another.....What can we do to change it?
     To my friends who already know about the old: bait-and-switch and red herring and Magician tactics:  Have you thought that they know that we know?  So what are they doing now?  Of course they have Trolls and Astroturfers and Natural Advertising....but does it go deeper than that?    Are they using something on those who have their eyes wide open?

     Anyway.  I hope that these things open more and more peoples eyes, and in the end, in the very least, we are at least understanding that NO ONE is PERFECT...Thus we need to stop treating people as such. 



08/22/2015 2:52am

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