So yesterday, around 4 pm, that would be....hmmm...16:00 hours, I got sick, really sick.  Let us say: Saying I was burning the candle at both ends is an understatement...I was burning a bright and painful fire at both ends.. . ;) .... What...Ladies don't get sick, and certainly don't admit to it.  Well there it is.
     How does this match: Failure to Communicate.  Well...If you know me, you know that I am all about freedom of body and mind, and sometimes I take it too far.  Fast forward to 6:45, I am pale, sick, and think I am dying.  I tell Deavan (mom of this story) and Steve (pop-pop of this story a.k.a grandpa of this story) that I am going to bed.  The look of dread falls over both of them.  Why? I not only have to teach Raven (Deavan's sister, Steve's daughter) in the morning, I have to watch Drascilla, a13 day old baby--MOM: Deavan, from 4 to 10.  Why? So Deavan can go to school and Steve can stay at work. They both begin talking about me behind my back (okay, they weren't talking about me behind my back, but that is how I, Elicia, overreact, when it comes to my ability to do things).  Steve and Deavan get into a slight disagreement about what to do in the morning, Steve tells Deavan she needs to find someone to watch Drascilla, and though I am dying, at least in their minds, she trust me more than anyone...I mean this is a compliment, right?  Steve, is not so sure.  They don't come to a solution, and everyone goes to bed angry, except me, I go to bed sick, Raven, she goes to bed happy, as she always does, and Drascilla, well, she did what babies do.
     Morning comes.  I get up, feeling like crap, but its okay.  I already went to Germ Watch Utah, found what was circulating, found out when I caught it, how I caught it, and how I can avoid giving it to the baby.  I go to Smith's, and it is abnormally busy for a Monday at 10.  I am careful not to touch anything without my cloth I brought, and buy gloves and face mask.  I help a man looking for something (People seem to think I know everything and where everything is...and they are right.. ;-) )  And I come home.
     After I successfully, with mask and gloves, walk Raven, teach Raven, and get ready to watch the baby without getting her sick Deavan said to me, "Daddy said I needed to find a babysitter." 
      Being the person I am, I said, "Oh he did, did he?"
      And this is where the miscommunication beings.  I, being mindful of the baby, studied and figured out what I had, meanwhile I feel like Deavan and Steve are conspiring against me.  So naturally, after I watch this beautiful little girl, and make sure I don't touch her with my yucky skin, the two workers come home and I get angry at both of them.  Poor Steve looks confused while Deavan, after listening to me speak about me feeling hurt that I didn't care about the baby, said what needed to be said: "Oh, Sorry I was worried about you while you where (going to the bathroom) while simultaneously (vomiting), and then went to bed at 6:30, next time when you are sick I'll say: Why you going to bed early you lazy ass.  Gee, so sorry I gave a shit about your health."
     I had to apologize to Steve, because let's face it, I was a bitch to him and accused him of NOT loving me, even though he was loving me.  (I said he didn't love me because I was the best person to watch the baby, thus I should watch the baby and if anyone stopped me that meant they didn't love me...I know, I know, Girl moment...no offense girls)  And then I thanked Deavan for helping me put it into perspective.
     To sum up for those confused by my confusing blog post:
     I love Deavan so much.
     I want to protect Deavan's baby as if she was my own.
     I have a problem which means I don't like anyone watching my children but me.
     I studied what I had, I knew I could prevent it from spreading by: washing my hands, not touching my face, wearing gloves, and a mask.  Thus when they thought I would get the baby sick I thought they were testing my integrity (How selfish of me...seriously...very selfish...it should have been about the baby)
     I felt like Deavan and Steve didn't love me because I wasn't able to watch the baby.  (yes, yes, I realize that they actually do love me because I was too sick to watch the baby and they didn't want me to get sicker)
     I only had a simple "Common Cold" bug...and with washing hands, and not touching the baby with my hands (seriously, hands are disgusting) I could avoid getting her sick.

     In the end, everyone was hurt, but we all made up and all said: Elicia, You need to chill out.  Moral of the story:  Talk to each other and ask questions...AND have a back up plan!!!
      Thanks for stopping by:  Catch you on the flip side. (Obviously I am not too sick, after all I am writing this...maybe just to prove a point...or maybe because...I slept too long today and now I can't fall asleep ;-))

    Love and Hugs.



11/27/2015 12:52pm

Thanks Elicia for sharing this post here. We all feel the same when we are in such time with such feeling and the condition. We all need to be motivated so that we can find the best ways to get relief from our pain.

03/19/2016 2:12am

Keep doing awesome would like to see more blog entry on the site. I have not been this thrilled by a blog entry for a long while! You have it, whatever that implies in blogging.


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