Have you ever had a day filled with problems only to realize that if the problems didn't happen, you might be dead?
     Picture it.  I am younger, 23 or 24, and I am working all the time.  I have a job that I tend to come in a few minutes early for and leave a few minutes late, and I don't take breaks.  Not a problem, normally, until this place is put on notice that they have to pay overtime if someone goes over 40 hours a week.  It normally added up to only about 5 hours extra a check, but it was good for me because it allowed me to get Deavan little extras.  Needless to say I was called into the office one day and sent home that Friday, 5 hours early and told I couldn't do that anymore.  I must say I was very upset, crying on the inside, but I complied and left early.  I got into my car and sighed, but thought, hey, I have some time to myself.  WOW.  I decide I will get some food. 
     I have to go a different way home to get this food. 
     This is the important part.
     As I pull into the place I am going to get food, my Steering Column breaks.  I cannot steer my car.  I am lucky that I am almost stationary because I can easily put on the brake and call a tow-truck...Which was even MORE money.
     At first I am a bit angry, my luck seems so bad, but then I start thinking.  As I am waiting for a tow-truck to pay the 50.00, I don't have, and just lost from work as well, I calculate the miles I have driven.   I also envision where I would be if I had left work at my normal time which would not allow me to stop and get some food.
     IF I had not been let off work early, I would have been on the highway, about 1 mile from my exit.  This stretch of land has a huge curve, and in theory, I could have been turning my wheel at 65 m.p.h. when my steering column went out.  I would have smashed into the bridge, or flown off the side of the road and smashed into cement barricades.  After figuring this out, I was so emotional I had a friend drive with me to confirm the calculations.  I was right.  I would have been on the turn when the steering wheel went out.
     In the end, did this save my life?  I can't be sure, but I think it did or at least prevented me from a horrific accident.  After that I saw life a little bit differently.  I didn't instantly get mad over "bad luck" because I started to think that sometimes, bad luck happens to prevent something even worse. 
     Thanks for stopping by!!!  I shall catch you on the FLIP SIDE.  xoxox  Elicia



10/20/2015 11:58pm

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