Maybe citizens of the United States are too far removed from War to think clearly, ethically, and morally about it.  Now before you get mad, please hear me out. I don't like war, but I am not passionate about stopping it, at least not in the sense I would be if say: I had a son, who was drafted into a war zone. 
     But this all changed this morning.
     As you all know, Raven is homeschooled, and lucky for me, she will not read this, and I prefer her to not read this and ask for people not to talk to her about this, as I am hopeful nothing will come of it.  What am I talking about?  One of her best friends lives in Turkey.  Raven sleeps while the girl is at school and when she gets home from school, Raven is awake, so they chat online for an hour or two before the girl has to eat dinner.  Well as you may or may not know is that Turkey shot down a Russian Airplane.  Hearing this terrified me.  But why?
     What happens if Russia and Turkey go to war?  What happens to this little girl that brings joy into my child's life?  This is when the realities of war set in.  This is when war got personal, and my heart sank.  Sure, I always wanted peace, but now I cry out, Please, Please: Peace!!!  Peace!!!  Their are children all over the world dying for what?  For what?
     So today, I ask that any of the older generations to PLEASE share your stories online.  Remind the younger generation how you felt when your brother, neighbor, uncle, or father was shipped off to war and never returned. I honestly believe that no one wants war, but until we understand what War really is: Killing of Innocent People, I don't believe we will ever stop it. And stop it we must!  Another World War will kill most of us.  It will kill millions of innocent children. 
     Thank you for stopping by, and please, if you can, share your stories.  Remind people why we should not go to war.  This madness has to end. 



11/30/2015 7:21am

I understand how you feel Elicia.

So far at least, the fallout from that incident has been successfully managed by both sides. A war of words and sanctions for the moment...

Provided it doesn't happen again, the situation should stabilise...


Whole world is disturbed nowadays because of war and some people said that 3rd world war is going to start soon that is a very bad news and every governments should try to control this situation.

06/16/2016 8:10am

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