Would you act differently if you found out (knew 100%) that you were connected to 7 other people; your life influences  them, and their life influences you?  Example: One persons skills allows the others to get better at it. (Imagine a runner, the more he grows, the easier it would be for the other 7 people, but so too is the opposite, if he uses drugs, over eats, is destructive, it hurts you and the others)
     Now don't twist the question into believing this question is about We-Are-One, and we must sacrifice for the greater good type question. (My readers know that I am: All for one, one for all, the Greater good is NOT like that).  It is straight forward, and fictional.  Imagine.  You are connected to only these 7 strangers, for a total of 8, you don't know them, but they are out there.  So again: Would you act differently if you knew you were connected to 7 other people and each action affected them, just as theirs affects you? 



11/10/2015 3:56pm

Good question Elicia. I'm now thinking back to certain decisions that I took previously, which I've always felt comfortable with because if I was in exactly the same situation I'm sure I would do exactly the same thing.

However, if I extend that thinking to include the consequential effects on 7 other people Well, I have a few doubts now. I might just act differently...

11/20/2015 7:59am

Nice post Elicia . It's so good and your thoughts are so impressive. I like that you are helping the people to find the best ideas for the betterment of the humans.

03/15/2016 6:31am

Great post! Personally, I would not act differently and change my lifestyle. However, I will be careful of what decisions that I will choose in the future so that not only will it benefit me, but to the 7 people whose lives are influenced by me and vice versa.


Maybe if I would be connected with other 7 or 8 people my deeds and actions had a proper and smart shape. In addition, many of us start think producive and interdependently. Thanks you for an interesting subject for my mind.


The good question for my mind. It is complicate question, because human biology doesn't accept these forms of connection. Even if I have this opportunity, my deeds will have positive side.

02/08/2017 12:42am

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02/25/2017 8:32am

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05/07/2017 3:30pm

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