Please see the videos below about new Censorship by Youtube, Google, and Facebook. (Soon to be Drudge Report)

Before we begin I would like you to think about the following thought that came from Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.   He is reading or writing and talking about the absurdity of war, the biggest being the following:
     "The young men are not allowed to write FUCK on their airplanes because the word is seen as obscene."
Think about that for a moment.  Fuck, which is a word, is more obscene then what these young boys were forced to do? More than 1 million people died, more than 538,000 civilians were killed.  To sum up:

Killing 500,000 civilians Good.
The word FUCK bad.

How do we fight this?  How do we fight censorship?  I have a solution and would like to hear your thoughts on it.  We Report Everyone!!!!  Everyone...Censor EVERYONE to the point that it is ridiculous.   Tell me What you think.  Below is a video about the censorship rules  (PLEASE!!!!  Let us find some solutions.  Comment Below to help us solve this problem!)
        OH...And if you think I am being an alarmist, I am including a video that says calling a woman beautiful can now be seen as Harassment.  It will be the one on the right. (It is a video that shows the ridiculousness of the 3rd wave feminists, by the way, I am sure Youtube will be taking it down soon enough under their new rules.)

This is a list of my favorites that I follow on Youtube, I am writing it so I can find them again:
  • Bearing
  • Blaire White
  • Corbettreport
  • Hunter Avallone
  • Julie Borowski
  • Liam Scheff
  • Lionel Nation
  • Mil0 Yiannopoulos
  • NonstampCollector
  • Pat Condell
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • PoliticalIslam
  • Press for Truth
  • SchoolSucksPodcast
  • Steven Crowder
  • StormCloudsGathering
  • Undoomed
  • Veritasvisuals
  • Vladimir Jaffe
  • WeAreChange


08/21/2016 1:35pm

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. Such issues are sometimes problematic and people face so many issues. It is good to share your feeling on it to discuss the issues for a perfect solution.

08/26/2016 11:57pm

In this page i see many videos of speech and get many precious points from it. I thankful to you because you share interesting speech and in this way i pass our free time. So i request to you share more videos of speech because now my friends also visit this page.


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