They can't just outright take away free speech, but they have their ways.  Three strikes your out of the Social Ghettos. The giants are taking away freedom of speech: Twitter, Facebook, and Google, and it is what it is.  BUT:  Think about information and how necessary it is in order to create a better society?  What would happen if someone didn't dare speak out about Kings and Emperors?  What happens when Corporations will be allowed to control speech?  It always starts small, they like it that way.  They've already taken away most of our rights, in one way or another.  Now there coming after the last two: Voice and Guns
     Anyway, as person after person reports me for speaking out, you can be assured that I will always be here.  For now I have downgraded most of my Social Media Sites.  Facebook is done.  I have my Facebook Author Page, but for reasons surrounding the Book Publishing World, I need to have it, and can't risk using it for Free Speech Activities (How sad, its 2016 and we are devolving)  I was forced to cut most of my Google Plus people.  Twitter is Fine, because while I have Twitter, I don't use it other than a link from my Facebook Page.  My TSU is fine.  But that's about it. 
          Please watch the Below Video.  Fast Forward to: 11:45 to actually hear Milo Speak. 



You are right that because of the hate speech issues people specially organizations are more focused on the issue of hate speech and free speech. We can't get a better solution until we are able to differentiate the hate speech from the free speech. This is really a big issue and it is good to raise your voice.


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