Mind Control Techniques.
Knowledge is power. 

Though the following information comes from many sources, Michael Powell's summation of this interesting subject, is the bases for this short presentation. Some you probably already know, but others might be new.  Let's hope there are some new ones. This will be a short preview, why?  Well as I was going over them I had the Ah-ha moment on several groups controlling us right now.  So each one needs its own presentation...at least I think so.

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09/18/2016 11:58am

Can I use them to rule of my own mind in theory?

09/19/2016 8:24am

The science proves that the brain is the main part of the body, which controls the activities. The hypnotisms are the method, which can control the mind and change the thinking patterns. In ancient the same hypnotism used as a magic and amused the people. The brainwashing and the other things may happen in result of the disturbance of the mind.


Personally I totally agree with author opinion about this subject and I think that it would be really interesting to create such discussion with other this website visitors. Anyway thanks a lot one more time for the great and informative publication


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